Top 10 Websites to Get Photo Collage Ideas

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What should be the best photo collage ideas for decoration your house? The article shows the top 10 websites where you can get eye-catching photo collage ideas. All your memories are in these photos, you can have a good mood whenever you see the photo collage. To decorate your house with a suitable photo collage, you can learn more detail about the ideas of photo collage now.


Part 1: Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media website full of different photo collage ideas. Whether you need to search for the photo collage ideas of birthday, decoration, journey, or the ordinary photo collage ideas about layouts, you can always find multiple ideas from the websites.

Some related websites might not only provide an idea of photo collage but also enable you to download photo collage templates. Of course, you can also download some suitable photos for your personal use from the social media website to create a photo collage accordingly.


Part 2: Homedit

Homedit is a website for interior design and architecture, which also provides some photo collage ideas about decorating your house. Instead of doing the normal task of throwing photos into a boring frame or photo album, you can design a great photo collage idea of the taken photos.

You can find some photo collage ideas with traditionally sleek, shabby boho, funky landscape, flirty shapes, modern tones, DIY touches, accent walls, retro magnets, vintage-flavored, Posh backdrops, and other collage ideas. It should be an inspiration for photo collage ideas for your interior design.


Part 3: ProCollage

ProCollage has created more than 2000 custom montage photos over 12 years. You can always find multiple photo collage ideas and samples about different ceremonies on the wall of the frame. If you are satisfied with the ideas of photo collage, you can DIY photo collage according or place an order from the ProCollage website. It should be one of the right places to get more photo collage ideas.

There are mainly five types of photo collage ideas, which contain blended collages, border/block collages, photo mosaic, pop art prints, and canvas prints. And there are different methods for compositing for each type of photo collage idea.


Part 4: PearlMountain

If you are looking for some traditional photo collage layouts or templates, PearlMountain can provide some photo collage ideas about the compositing methods. PearlMountain also designed several photo collage makers to help you create to make some traditional photo collages.

PearlMountain not only provides photo collages ideas about layout and templates but also photo calendars, greeting cards, photo frames, fun photos, comic ideas, poster ideas, and other related photo collage ideas and templates.


Part 5: Coolmomtech

Coolmomtech is a website that provides cool photo collage ideas about tasteful photo displays. You can find some excellent display photo methods beyond framing photos. Most of the photo collage ideas are easy and you can achieve them in a few hours with the help of a printer.

You can use a simple photo collage frame, hang a photo mobile, make photo wall decals, create customer photo wallpaper, print photos on ombre paint chips, make mini photo magnets, display a mini brag book, photo coasters, photo collage pillow, a big statement with a massive photo collage and other photo collage ideas.


Part 6: Diyncrafts

Diyncrafts is a website more than photo collage ideas, you can also find the methods to achieve these photo collage ideas. It should be the place you can come across the most creative, fresh, and fun ways to display your photos around the house as a great memory and landscape.

When you need to find some photo collage ideas bout handmade ladder, hanging chalkboard frame, ordinary photo collage, round cardboard frames, shadowbox magnets, wood and wire display, clipboard gallery wall, photo clocks, recycled door, heart collage, chalkboard wall, chalk paint wood board, geometric wiring, and barn beam shelves.


Part 7: Hercampus

Hercampus is another photo collage idea about the decoration, especially for dorm and apartment decoration of girls. You can always get some awesome photo collage ideas to show off photos in your new place without losing your security deposit. Just check out some creative ways to use photos in your beautiful bedroom.

There are many methods to DIY washi tape pictures, heart-shaped wall photo collage, photo letters, clip photos to string lights, photo frames, clothesline pictures holders, even DIY photo collage ideas for the clock, polaroid wall, and magnets.


Part 8: Trendir

If you want to learn more about photo collage ideas about the latest fashion, Trendir should be a nice option. Trendir is a website about fashion house decoration, which provides ideas for photo collages on the wall. You can use a sheet of hard paper, a canvas, or hung on the wire to showcase the photo collage ideas with your imagination.

It might have similar photo collage ideas as the other website, such as the heart photo collage, wall clock photo collage, photo collage in shape, photo wall with art, hang photos on a string, free-form photo collages, straight forward rectangular layout, fill the entire wall and other photo collage ideas.


Part 9: Listinspired

List inspired has a part of the Home Décor section, which provides some ideas for photo collage. It has multiple photo collage ideas to meet all your requirements. The article also provides about 35 creative DIY photo collage display ideas. You can always achieve the desired photo collage with ease.

Memory wall collage, mood board, embroidery hoop photo display, beeswax cluster, on canvas, family picture gallery wall, vintage windows picture frame, jar lid photo wreath, circle punch photo collage, rusted metal photo magnet board, and other photo collage ideas.


Part 10: Photo Art Omation

Photo Art Omation is a website full of photo collage ideas and related gifts, you can use your photos to design unique files with photo collages online. It enables you to personalize photo collages with up to 100 picture arrangements. Just learn more from the examples that can give you an idea of a photo collage of what your custom photo collage might look like.

There are various photo collage ideas about wedding, anniversary, birthday, couple, family, children, pet, nature, panoramic, Rubik’s cube, collage design, traditional, mosaic, blended, and other themes. You can always find the desired photo collage ideas accordingly.


Part 11: How to Create a Photo Collage with WidsMob Montage

To create a photo collage with any shape, such as the logo of your company or a drawing, WidsMob Montage should be the right choice you have to take into consideration. Just in simple, you can custom photo collage with any favorite photos with ease, whether it is a PNG or JPG file, you can create a collage with the desired solution.

  1. Turn any shape frame into a photo collage frame in both JPEG and PNG.
  2. Create some large-size photo collages and mosaic photos as wallpaper.
  3. Design a photo collage with one image only or hundreds of photos as desired.
  4. Adjust the tiles, color match, column count, tile size, and more for mosaic.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage. Launch the program and click the Select Background option to choose the Whale PNG as a photo collage frame. Click the Next option to continue.

Import Montage Background

Step 2: After that click the Select Tiles option to select the images as tiles. You can preview all the tile images, or even select the images you want to remove. After that. choose the Next option.

Add Tiles Montage

Step 3: Uncheck the Match Color option, adjust the tile mode, column count, tile size, and other parameters. Click the Generate Mosaic option to create the photo collage with Whale as a frame.

Generate Mosaic Win Download Mac Download

Part 12: FAQs about Getting Photo Collage Ideas

1Why do I make photo collages?

Photo Collage is one of the best ways to show more things in one frame. It is an inexpensive beautiful decoration for your house. It can also be a memorable gift you can present to your family or loved ones. It can bring back sweet memories every time you walk and see the wall of memories you have.

2How should I choose photos for my photo collage?

The first step is to start acknowledging your biases and to realize when and how they influence our actions. Then, we should run down a quick mental checklist to help ensure we have included as many types as possible. When searching for a photo, we should use the filters available and the right search terms.

3What is the advantage of wall collage?

Nothing shows off the artwork of your life better than a carefully planned gallery wall. Wall collage ideas range from a small favorite photo collection to an entire wall covered in images that illustrate your life’s story. Displaying your favorite photos, art pieces, and prints adds warmth and personality to your home.


To choose a desired photo collage idea to decorate your house, you can search for a suitable one from the website above. If you want to share more about your idea, you can add the information in the comments with us.

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