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Custom A Desired Photo Collage Might be Easier Than Your Imagination

How to create a special photo collage for Instagram or Facebook? Usually you can use the default collage templates of the photo collage apps, which combine 4-12 images into a simple collage. Moreover, you can also add video files, elements and texts to make a stunning collage.

When you want to custom a photo collage, you can download some photo collage templates and further edit them within Photoshop or other photo editors. If you need to get a shape collage with you own drawing, WidsMob Montage should be the photo collage maker you have to take into consideration. Just find the ultimate guide about designing a photo collage from the article now.

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Part 1: Tips about designing a photo collage

What is a photo collage? It is not only a simple collection of photos placed together as a single image, but also in an artistic array. Whether you cut the photos into a certain shape, or trim out the specific images for replacement, photo collage is an art to glue photos together.

1. Whether you make photo collages online, or combine photos in a manually solution, you have to select the favorite photos beforehand.

2. Decide the number of photos is another important thing to design photo collage. Usually 4 to 9 images can fully express a theme.

3. Choose a photo collage template, heart photo collage for a family collage, Santa Claus for a Christmas festival collage, etc.

Photo Collage

Part 2: 7 best photo collage makers online

What should be the easiest way to make photo collages? It does not require any download for photo collage maker or purchase any subscription in order to make a photo collage online free. The part provides top 5 free online photo collage makers according to your requirements.

Top 1: PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free online collage creator with multiple collage layouts and templates. It is an all-in-one editor for photo designs and collages to make a photo collage online, to touch up pictures with ease, to fix photos and add beautiful filters and texts.

1. Upload photos directly from computer or online services like Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox.

2. Open API for developers to integrate them into website, then you can use photo collage online with other websites.

3. Frequent new content offerings, beautiful interface and ease-to-use features should be attractive for everyone.

PicMonkey is a free online photo collage maker offering ad-supported free features as well as a set of premium features “Royale” available for a subscription fee. Royale provides access to even more features and is a recurring, auto-renewing membership.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Top 2: FotoJet

FotoJet is a quick and free online collage maker, which helps you turn your photos into amazing photo collages. It allows for the creation of collages, posters, social media graphics, photo cards, fun photos and other designs with complete ease.

1. Freely edit all 500+ templates as well as enable them to create their own photo designs from scratch by adding photos, texts and clipart images.

2. Make photo collage online with full control over moving, resizing, rotating any object and setting parameters and effects for the added photographs.

3. Special designed templates for social media and photo card. You can access to Facebook cover, YouTube cover, Twitter cover and make a collage free for other templates.

Starting with price. FotoJet is free with no limitation, there is no upgrade option to update or unlock more templates, layouts and effects. It is a total free online collage creator.


Top 3: iPiccy

iPiccy should be another free photo collage online program you should take into consideration. There are lots of interesting and useful layouts and templates to create free photo collage online, you can also nicely organize the collages with the basic and advanced editing tools.

1. Uploading images from computer, webcam, via online image URL or directly from social media websites.

2. Choose the photos directly from your computer to make a photo collage online.

3. Publish the photo collages online directly to Facebook, Flickr and other social media site or save to computer with PNG or JPEG.

The online free photo creator provides all the power to edit photos and make photo collages without any charge. Just upload your photos to make an awesome iPiccy collage online in one click.

iPiccy Photo Editor

Top 4: Myalbum

Myalbum is one of the easiest free online photo collages with many funny photo effects. You only have to select some pictures, choose a layout, and then optionally apply a filter to create photo collages online. It takes a couple of minutes to build the whole collage with ease.

1. The free online collage creator provides some beautiful albums and templates.

2. It empowers you to choose from different collage layout and rearrange photos once they have been applied to a layout.

3. The special design to hover mouse over an image on your collage to position photos more appropriately in the collage squares.

Actually you can make photo collages free with a 5GB storage space. If you need to scale up to more space, you have to purchase more storage space for the free online photo collage maker.


Top 5: BeFunky

If you need to make photo collages online as a professional, BeFunky should be a nice solution. It not only provides the full screen mode to create photo collages, the natural interface, hundreds of templates, but also includes some free clip art images within the online collage creator.

1. Some unique photo collage templates are available with BeFunky only, such as the baby shower cards.

2. All the images can be edited by the editing features of the BeFunky in order to create a stunning photo collage free online.

3. What should be more attractive, you can resize to any custom height and width of photo collage by entering the custom pixel size.

It should be one of the best online collage makers with multiple features and designs. But not all the features are free for you. You have to pay to use some great features.


Top 6: Smilebox

Smilebox should be a great photo collage maker for celebration. The photo collage maker provides multiple animation and music reveal your personal message. Moreover, you can also find the most popular design on Smilebox without problem.

1. Diverse variety of formats, themes and styles, including 1000+ collages, invitations, cards, slideshows and more.

2. Custom the photo collage with soundtrack, sentiment, creative touches and more takes just in few minutes.

3. Search for the desired templates with keywords, themes, collage shape, usage and more other information.

The photo collage maker is nice choice for making photo collage with delight moments and ceremonies. As for the Windows version, you can use a 7-day trial version with a US$3.99 subscription every month.


Top 7: Photovisi

Photovisi is another online photo collage maker with popular collage designs. You can make photo collage in few clicks from hundreds of designs there is always something suitable for you. Usually Photovisi is a photo collage maker designs the covers for Facebook or other social media sites.

1. Unique photo editor covers with filters, frames, stickers and tons of other image editing capabilities.

2. Photo collage maker to get covers for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Tablet and phone background.

3. Export the photo collage with 4K resolution, which you can include some large images.

With the Photo collage maker premium version, you can use the program on web with different operation system in a high quality without watermark for just US$4.99 per month subscription charge.


Part 3: 5 best photo collage programs for PC/Mac

When you need to create some photo collages as profession, the online photo collage makers might not be enough. Here are 5 recommended photo collage programs for Windows and Mac you can take into consideration. Just check out the detailed information as below.

Top 1: PhotoVideo Collage

PhotoVideo Collage is more than a free photo collage maker, which is able to create collages from your photos, videos and music. There are multiple layouts for collage design as well as no frame around the video. You can also set the color texture, add the background music or audio effects of the photo collage maker. The most splendid feature should be the feature to play the video from inside the video collage simultaneously or sequentially according to your requirement.

It just brings the traditional photo collage maker to a new level. The multi-media collage maker can create beautiful and engaging photos with memories and favorite music. It is available on Mac computer with OSX 10.8 or above operation systems. You can get the Premium version with US$9.99.

PhotoVideo Collage

Top 2: PhotoScape

What should you do if you want to create free collage on your computer without Internet? PhotoScape is an all-in-one photo editor as well as free collage maker, which provide a bucket load of features such as layers, masking and advanced selection techniques. It enables you to combine photos and put pictures in horizontal or vertical organizations. The batch process just makes it easier to create photo collages with the free collage maker.

PhotoScape is more than free collage maker, but also a photo editor and photo viewer. There are nine tabs on the top left corner that stay static, allowing you to access or switch over to the most important function of the free collage maker. It should be a versatile free collage maker that you should have a try.

Photoscape Screenshot

Top 3: Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker is a fast, easy to use and powerful photo collage maker, which provides 140+ professional templates with another 130 extra templates free for downloading in Store. And you can also customize the photo collages according to your requirements with professional editing features. What’s more, you can also access to diverse resource to decorate photo collage of the program. Just share the photo collage to social media or save to computer within the photo collage maker.

The easy and quick photo collage maker is available on Mac with US$39.99. And the supported operation system is Windows 10/8/7 and OSX10.7 or later. You can always enjoy the photograph in creative ways with the photo collage maker of Pearl Mountain.

Picture Collage Maker

Top 4: CollageIt

It is another photo collage maker of Pearl Mountain. When you open the photo collage maker, you can able to access 15 templates. Then you can add photos, set the layouts, margins and frames to make photo collage. You can also start from a completely blank sheet. The photo collage maker offers great, simple way to create files automatically. But still allowing you plenty of control of the output files. The real time preview is easy to use for people of your experience levels and share to social media sites.

CollageIt is a photo collage maker available on both Windows and Mac operation systems. And you can pay the Pro version with US$19.90 subscription fee to take advantage of the program.


Top 5: Google Photos

Google Photos is a successor of Picasa, which inbuilt photo collage maker will hopefully survive the transition. Picasa or Google Photos is recognized as photo viewer or photo editor, but you might not know the inbuilt features for photo collage maker. There are six different collage types in the hands-on collage creation screen, which enable you to make photo collages in the “Collage” folder. The photo collage maker can also be used as a Chrome application.

Google Photo is available on both Windows and Mac. As a free photo collage maker developed by Google, you can find it as a Chrome application. It should be an easy option of photo collage maker.

Google Photos Collage

Part 4: 5 free photo collage app for Android/iOS

If you take some photos with Android phone or iPhone, you can also get some photo collage maker apps to design collages as well. The part lists top 5 apps for Android and iOS, you can learn more about the information for these programs as below.

Top 1: Instagram Layout

Platform: iOS & Android

Developer: Instagram

The free collage maker allows users to stylistically combine multiple photos into a montage photo or photo collage. By using Layout, you can composite up to 9 different photos in a simple way. As a free collage maker designed by Instagram, you not only share the image to Instagram or Facebook, but also quickly tag your Instagram friends into an image.

You can choose from many filters of Instagram to repair photo collage or get the aesthetics of photographic creation. Collage maker free can control the size of images by pinching; express ideas with photo collage in different angles and send them off in incredible design. It should be one of the best free photo collage makers for iPhone, especially Instagram lovers.

Instagram Layout

Top 2: BeFunky

Platform: Web, iOS, Android

Developer: BeFunky

The Free collage maker is available on both Android and iOS operation systems. The free online photo collage can also be used Windows and Mac. BeFunky makes stunning free photo collages with revolutionary new technology. And you can also find excellent editing features within the free collage maker to perfect the photo collage.

There are tons of templates, awesome effects and the simplest method of the free collage maker to create collages. You can choose from selection of striking, fully customizable layouts. What’s more, there are some special designs according to Pinterest, Facebook and other social media websites. The free collage maker can help you create outstanding collages. And you can also upgrade from free collage maker to Pro version for your Android device with US$2.00.

Befunky Screenshot

Top 3: piZap Photo Editor & Design

Platform: iOS, Android

Developer: Digital Palette LLC

Just as the name of the photo collage designer, you can edit the photos and design the collages within 7 days. The photo collage app has more than 367 fonts, 4530 stickers, 1700 royalty free stock images, 78 filters, 1451 collage layouts, 304 borders, you can also unlock the mobile and popular desktop or web apps to make custom graphic design.

Most of these tools and content are free to use and no sign-up is required. When you get new simple backgrounds and pattern categories under free stock images. There are more than 100 new MEME images with freestyle MEME layouts with the photo collage maker. In order to access all the features of the photo collage app, the price for piZap Pro annual subscription with US$2.99/month, or monthly subscription with US$5.99/month.


Top 4: PicsArt Photo Studio

Platform: iOS, Android

Developer: PicsArt

PicsArt is known for its excellent features and abundant creativity. It includes picture editor, photo collage maker, meme maker; clipart and drawing tools are all included. Moreover, you can also get a large number of patterns of collage or you can create the layout by yourself. You just choose the photo you want to edit and select your favorite form. Meanwhile, you can use some stickers to decorate your photo.

The photo collage editor has all kinds of frames letting you to choose. You can mix those pictures into a cool image. It offers hundreds of filters for pictures and powerful photo editing tools like picture blending, picture cropping, adding text and more. It brings lots of clipart packs, fonts, stickers, emojis, and collage template consisting an excellent photo editor.

PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshot

Top 5: Adobe Spark Post

Platform: iOS, Android

Developer: Adobe

Adobe Spark Post is able to design stunning graphics with fun and easy way. Just tweak the designed templates within few clicks. You can get a desired photo collage with animated videos, filters, magic text, text effects, magic layouts, text cutouts and more other elements for your photo collage within just few seconds. After that you can share the files to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites.

What should be special for the Adobe photo collage maker? Besides the thousands of impactful designed templates, you can also get the handpicked fonts and shapes to design a desired photo collage image. More importantly, you can also access over a million high-quality stock photos for free directly in the app.

Adobe Spark Post

Part 5: 9 websites to get free photo collage templates

If you have to find templates for family photo collage or wedding photo collage, you can use photo collage maker to design collages. What should you do if you are not satisfied with the default collage templates? The part explains the best 10 websites to get free photo collage templates.

Template 1: provides free photo collage templates from 3 images to 29 images. There are special photo collage templates free for calendar, holiday, love, kids, patterns, sports and animals. It also provides variety of free photo collage templates in digital photos, square, Facebook cover as well as editable text.

The free photo collage templates are used for square photos and ordinary photos. The templates are the most frequently used ones, which you can easily show the whole content of the photos.

Template 2: Fix The Photo

Fix The Photo is an online website for photo retouching, which includes features for photo editing and collage making. The free photo collage templates designed by the platform to arrange photos into a stylish and beautiful order, which you can combine the photos into minimalistic combinations or original stylish arrangement.

There are some basic photo collage templates for free, which you can download them for free before purchasing them. If you need some photo collage templates for calendar, it should be a nice option.

Fix The Photo

Template 3: Freepik

Freepik provides different free montage photos, free photo collage templates, vectors for PhotoShop and other photograph related material. It also collects the free photo collage templates from Shutterstock and other websites. There are some special designed free collage templates, which can inspire the creativities of photo collage ideas.

For Freepik collects more than 1000 different photo collage templates from various websites, you can find multiple templates for basic, shape and irregular and other types.


Template 4:

When you need to download free templates for collage, should be one of your best choices. provides different free photo collage templates, CMS templates, Web templates, eCommerce templates, special designed photos and other templates. Just enter collage or photo collage to search for the free photo collage templates from the website.

Just click the articles for the templates, and then you can download and share these free photo collage templates. The website provides hundreds of articles with all types of collage templates.

Template 5: PhotoMix

PhotoMix is a photo collage maker that enables you to create photo collages, scrapbooks and calendars quickly and easily. What is more, you can always download some free photo collage templates for different festivals and occasions. You can check the updated free collage templates from the website frequently.

Most of free photo collage templates are ordinary ones with basic design. If you have no idea about the collage template for the coming holiday, you can check whether you can find one here.


Template 6: Thealbumcafe

When you need to design frame photo collages, you should download some wedding photo collage or in-design photo collage for your house, The Album Café website should be the right website for you. Just choose and download the free collage templates from Freestuff menu, you can also check the new releases for the updated templates.

For the free photo collages templates of Thealbumcafe are used for decoration, you can download 20x20 collage set, simply chic, eye candy, fresh-n-clean and other templates.


Template 7: Flourishphotog

Flourishphotog is a website exists to be a source for pro photographers. There are plenty of free presets, free actions, free textures, free collage templates, free Facebook Timeline templates, photography E-books and holiday templates. Just click the download button to get hundreds of free photo collage templates now.

The websites contains different free collage templates from different photographers, you can learn more about the author and related information when you download the free photo collage templates.


Template 8: Audreyannphoto

Andreyannphoto or Live Snap Love is a learning hub for creative persons who want to improve their photography skills. And there are multiple free photo collage templates and storyboard files. The articles also provide methods to take advantage of the free collage templates for PhotoShop and other applications with ease.

As for different types of free collage templates provided by many photographers, you can access to some professional templates with various styles and shapes as the other websites.


Template 9: Gfxxtra

If you need to download bundles of free photo collage templates, there are different automated photo collages bundles in the websites; you can always download hundreds of free photo collage templates at a time. The free photo collages can be resized to any size with any resolution. All the free collage templates in the bundles are automated with PhotoShop action.

Gfxxtra should be a great website to enrich the free collage templates, you can download dozens of templates instead of searching for the desired free photo collage templates from the website.


Part 5: How to create a photo collage with any shape

In order to create a photo collage with any shape, such as the logo of your company or a drawing, WidsMob Montage should be the right choice you have to take into consideration. Just in simple, you can custom photo collage with any favorite photos with ease, whether it is a PNG or JPG file, you can create collage with desired solution.

1. Turn any shape frame into a photo collage frame in both JPEG and PNG.

2. Create some large size photo collages and mosaic photos as wallpaper.

3. Design photo collage with one image only or hundreds of photos as desired.

4. Adjust the tiles, color match, column count, tile size and more for mosaic.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage. Launch the program and click the “Select Background” option to choose the Whale PNG as photo collage frame. Click the “Next” option to continue.

Select Photo Collage Frame

Step 2: After that click the “Select Tiles” option to select the images as tiles. You can preview all the tile images, or even select the images you want to remove. After that choose the “Next” option.

Select Tiles for Collage

Step 3: Uncheck the “Match Color” option, adjust the tile mode, column count, tile size and other parameters. Click the “Generate Mosaic” option to create the photo collage with Whale as frame.

Photo Collage Frame


When you want to custom a photo collage, you can find dozens of photo collage makers online, for Windows, Mac or smartphone. If you are not satisfied with the templates, you can also download some special ones from the websites. In order to make a custom photo collage with your company logo or your own drawings, you can choose WidsMob Montage instead.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version