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Pic Stitch - The Best Photo Combine App

Combine your photos in different ways should be a fantastic experience. Stitch a series of photos from a single vantage point as a panorama, put a group of photos into a photomosaic, merge photos in different exposure as photo HDR and combine multiple photos as photo collage.

What should be the best way to combine photos together? Pic Stitch is the one of the best image combine app I’ve ever used. Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful editor that you could make your picture amazing.

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Key Features of Pic Stitch

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1. Up to 245 different layouts for both video and photo combination.

2. 15 different photo aspect ratios with customize photo borders.

3. Instant order prints to be picked up at Walgreens with QuickPrints.

4. A simple design with friendly User Interface.

5. Amazing photo fix filters, multiple photo editing features.

6. Share onto Facebook/ Photo Album/ Email/ Installed Applications.

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Combine Photos with Pic Stitch

Just download Pic Stitch for combining pictures if you have not installed the program on Android. Open Pic Stitch to select a layout style.

Select multiple pictures to combine into photo collage. Just make some adjustment for the position and the size of the picture.

Besides the editing features to add enhance, effects, frames of added photos, you can also adjust aspects or resize the combined photo. Once you finish the work, you can click on Export to share the photo collage.

With dozens of layout templates and customer borders, multiple filters and effects, Pic Stitch has long been one of the most popular photo combine software. Besides the #1 Collage Maker, you can also use Photo Grid, Moldiv, Pic Collage or InstaCollage for combining multiple photos into a great collage.

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Test & Review

Pic Stitch should be one of my favorite photo collages for combine photos. I can select different layouts and select the desired part to create collage with ease. I made lots of photo collages for my vocations and friends. The photo combine app is really awesome.


Easy to use with attractive photo layouts.

Use Photos from share app creations to popular social media.

Edit photos with embedded Aviary app.


Some layouts are not well designed, especially layouts for 6 or more photos.

No local printing should be another headache for the photo combination app.