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How to Make Photo Cards

There are many occasions where people need to use photo cards. During the holiday, for example, people share holiday cards with family and friends. New couples send greeting cards to friends to say thank you. Sometimes, businessmen need to share photo cards to retain existing customers. Making a photo cards with your pictures is better than shopping photo cards in store. To recipients, a custom photo card is more worth to collect. And if you are a marketer, you can design the photo cards with new product photos. That is a good idea to marketing to existing customers. So, we are going to tell you how to make photo cards on Mac, Windows, online, or on smartphone.

Photo Card

Make photo cards on Mac

WidsMob Photo Converter is the best photo card maker for Mac computer. First of all, it has the capacity to make hundreds of different photo cards at one time. If you need to make multiple cards, Photo Converter could save you a lot of time. Moreover, it is able to edit the photos without quality loss. In a word, Photo Converter could help you turn photos to photo cards quickly and easily.

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How to make multiple photo cards at once

Step 1: Load photos

Download and install WidsMob Photo Converter to your Mac. Run this photo card maker and load all photos you need by clicking on the Import button. Or you can drag and drop the photos into Photo Converter directly.

Tips: It supports all photo formats.

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Step 2: Convert format

To print or share the digital photo cards, you have to choose a proper format on the pop-up dialog. JPEG is supported by all social media and PNG is suitable to print.

Change the value of Quality based on your requirements and click on the Open button to open the photo editor.

Convert Images ImageConvert

Step 3: Add words

Go to the Watermark tab. If you want to add words on your photo cards, you choose Text from the list and input what you want to say in the field. Photo Converter allows you to customize font style, color and other parameters.

Or you can add watermark on the photo cards by choosing Watermark from the list.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Step 4: Export results

Finally, press the Export button at bottom and then hit the Share button to send them to your friends on social media directly. If you want to print the photo cards, you have to hit the Save button and print it with your home printer.

Create photo cards on Windows

The Paints is the system photo editor on Windows. Although it is very simple compared to some professional photo editors, it could meet your demands of creating a photo card on Windows. If you do not like to install third part tools, you can use Paints as a photo card creator.

How to create a photo card with Paints

Step 1: Open photo

Locate to the folder contains the photo you want to use, right-click on the photo and choose Paints in Open With section. Or you can launch Paints in Start menu and go to File-> Open to import the photo.

Step 2: Edit photo

A standard photo card is around 5 inches by 7 inches, so you may need to resize your photo using Resize or Crop command on top ribbon.

Step 3: Decoration

To decorate your photo card, you can use the Shapes tool. Choose the rectangle shape and draw a border on the photo. You can change the Size and Color as you wish.

Step 4: Add text

Press the Text tool on top ribbon and click on the right position to evoke the text box. Then you can input the words in the text box and customize font style, color and size.

Step 5: Print

Click on Print in File menu to print the photo card immediately. Or you can Save to photo card to hard drive.


Design photo card online

If you do not have any ideas about photo cards, you can use templates. Some online photo design tools offer photo card templates to help you create photo card easily. is a powerful online photo card maker.

Step 1: Access in your browser, unfold More menu on the home page and choose E-cards.

Tip: offers extensive animated photo card templates.

Step 2: Choose your favorite template from the list to go to photo editor page.

Step 3: If you want to upload the photo from computer, you can click on the From disk button. The Enter URL button is used to load a photo from web.

Step 4: Input the some words in the Add text field and click on the Add button to apply it on the photo card.

Step 5: Finally, press the Share button to send it to your friend.

Make photo cards on smartphone

Today, more and more people take photos using their iPhone or Android phone. So, you may need a photo card maker for your handsets. PicCard is a dedicated app to help you design photo cards on iPhone and Android phone.

Step 1: Install PicCard app on your smartphone and launch it from home screen.

Tip: It is available in App Store and Play Store for free.

Step 2: Choose a template from the list to open it in editing screen. Then tap on the image icon at bottom to import a photo from your phone memory. You can resize and rotate the photo with gestures.

Step 3: You can add stickers on the photo card by tapping on Sticker icon. All the elements on the photo card are adjustable.

Step 4: Tap on the Text icon on bottom and add text on your photo card.

Step 5: Finally, tap on the Share icon on top ribbon to save it or share the photo card to social media.



Based on our introductions above, you might grasp the methods to make photo cards on Windows, Mac, online, or on smartphone. WidsMob Photo Converter is professional photo editor that is able to make hundreds of photo cards at the same time. It use advanced algorithm to edit the photos, so you do not need to worry about output quality. Paints application is a simple tool to create photo card on Windows. And if you prefer to templates, you can try and PicCard.

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