Remove Audio from Video

How to Remove Audio from Video on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Online

If there are so many background noise in your video, or you just want to remove some unwanted audio, you can remove the audio track and mute video. No matter you want to keep the video in silence or add new audio track, it depends on you. Well, this article will show you how to remove audio from video on multiplatform. You can successfully delete audio from video without losing quality in clicks.

Remove Audio from Video

Part 1: Remove Audio from Video on Mac

If you want to remove audio from downloaded videos, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, iMovie, FFmpeg, iMovie and more. Though some video mute tools are expensive or hard to use. Then what about removing audio from online streaming videos? Luckily, you can get one more choice to remove audio from online and offline videos.

It is WidsMob Capture that can help you record video without audio. You can record and download video with the original quality. The screen recorder is lightweight and easy to use. Thus, your computer will not lag, crash, freeze, overheat or suffer from other slowing-down problems.

1. Remove audio from video by screen recording without system nor microphone sound.

2. Screen capture any window or screen with custom area.

3. Add webcam video during screen recording.

4. No maximum time limit for video recording.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Free download and install WidsMob Capture on your Mac computer. Enter the registration key or start a free trail.

Step 2: Click Record Screen. There is a Screen Area icon in the first place from left to right. Click its three-lines More icon. Choose from Full Screen, Fixed Region or Custom Region to set the specific area to record video.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 3: Choose Preferences from the WidsMob Capture drop-down list on the top.

In the General section, you can set hotkey preferences and output folder.

General Capture

Or you can navigate to the Recording window to set mouse effects and adjust video frame rate/bitrate.

Recording Capture

Step 4: Remember to disable the Audio icon, which looks like a microphone. It really matters to remove audio from video on Mac.

Step 5: Click the red REC icon to start recording video without audio. You can pause and resume to skip unwanted video clip.

Customize Capture

Step 6: Click Stop Recording to finish the process. You can save or share the recorded video with no sound.

Download for Mac Version

Part 2: Remove Audio from Video on Windows

To mute audio from video on Windows 10 without third-party software, Windows Movie Maker can be your good choice. There is a built-in volume controller. You can remove audio and keep video on Windows for free. Here is the tutorial to mute a video on Windows using Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1: Add your video to Windows Movie Maker.

Step 2: Highlight the video you want to mute.

Step 3: Select Video Tools. Click Edit to access the Video Volume button on the top left corner. There is a speaker icon you can see.

Step 4: Drag and move the slider to the left to remove sound from video on Windows.

Step 5: Now save and export your video without background music and any other sound.

Remove Audio from Video Windows

Part 3: Remove Audio from Video on Android

For Android users, you can use Timbre, VLC Media Player for Mobile, Video Sound Editors and more as your free video mute app. This section will show you how to mute a video on Android using Timbre. Because there is a direct Mute icon in Timbre. You can use any other tool to delete audio from video on Android as well.

Step 1: Free download Timbre from the Google Play Store. Then run the silent video app.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Mute in the Video section. You will be redirected to Gallery automatically. Tap which video you want to remove the sound.

Step 3: When you are in the Remove audio section, tap the red Mute icon on the right side.

Step 4: You will be notified with “The audio stream of … will be removed and saved as …”. Just choose Save to save the muted video on Android.

Step 5: A new notification pops up. You can choose Yes to preview the silent video if necessary.

Remove Audio from Video Android

Part 4: Remove Audio from Video on iPhone

iMovie is a free video editor for Apple iOS and Mac users. During this time, you can mute a video or fade audio in iMovie on iPhone. By the way, you can continue editing on your Mac computer as well. Now, let’s see how to remove audio track from an iPhone video.

Step 1: Download and install the iMovie app on iPhone.

Step 2: Run the Photos app. Browse and find the target video.

Step 3: Tap Edit, and then choose the three-line with dots icon near the bottom.

Step 4: Select iMovie in the popup. If you cannot see it, you can tap More followed by Turn on next to iMovie. Later, choose Done to move on.

Step 5: There is an audio icon on the top left corner of iMovie. Tap on it to remove sound from video on iPhone or iPad.

Step 6: Tap Done to save changes and export the video without sound.

Part 5: Remove Audio from Video Online

If you want to keep your video silent, you can also use an online video mute tool. It is supported to mute down a video without watermark or quality loss. Moreover, you can delete audio from some parts of your video as well.

Step 1: Open pixiko on your browser. Choose Get Started.

Step 2: Drag and drop a video into the main interface.

Step 3: Select Volume to access the volume bar. Drag it to 0 from up to down.

Step 4: Choose Render on the top to remove audio and keep the video.

Remove Audio from Video Online

Bonus Tips: Remove Audio from Part of Video

If you want to keep your video silent, you can also use an online video mute tool. It is supported to mute down a video without watermark or quality loss. Moreover, you can delete audio from some parts of your video as well.

Step 1: Run iMovie. Go to the Projects section. Click the large + icon to create a new project.

Step 2: Choose Import Media. Select the video clip you want to remove audio track.

Step 3: Drag the video from the media library to iMovie timeline.

Step 4: Right-click on the video clip in the iMovie timeline. Then choose Detach Audio from the Modify drop-down list. You can see the detached audio clip in green.

Step 5: Right-click on this audio clip. Later, choose Delete to remove part of audio from a video.

Step 6: Choose Share followed by File in the File list. Follow the on-screen guide to export your video with some audio removed.

Detach Audio iMovie

All in all, you can remove the entire audio track or part of audio track from a video on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and online. All kinds of video formats are supported. You can remove audio from MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV and more with ease. After that, you can add new audio tracks and background music to this video.

Download for Mac Version