Streaming Video Downloader – How to Download and Capture Online Streaming Files

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When you want to watch YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix videos anywhere offline, you have to download streaming videos on your Windows or Mac. Because of the different encryption algorithms used to protect online streaming videos, it is difficult to get an all-in-one streaming video downloader to capture all the movies.

Besides, the online streaming sites might update the algorithm that blocks the streaming video downloaders. Is there a 100% workable method to download the streaming videos offline? Just learn more about the 6 recommended ways from the article now.

Streaming Video Downloader

Part 1: Top 5 Streaming Video Downloaders to Download Videos

Top 1: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a media player for different platforms. In addition, it can play local videos and online videos. Moreover, you can use the program to download streaming videos.

1. Download streaming videos from YouTube.

2. Free of charge without any restrictions.

3. Available to a wide range of platforms.

4. Support almost all video formats.

How to Download Streaming Video with VLC

Step 1: Run VLC Media Player on your computer and choose the Open Capture Device option from the Media menu.

Step 2: Go to the Network tab on the Open Media dialog, copy the streaming video to download, and paste it into the box of Please enter a network URL. Click the Play button to move on.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds for the video to start. Now you can click the Tools menu and select Media Information or Codec Information.

Step 4: Copy the link in the Location box and open it in your browser. Hit the Save option when prompted.

VLC Media Player

Top 2: Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is another free method to download streaming videos from online streaming sites. Just enter the URLs of the video to extract the streaming video offline.

1. Download online videos through URL.

2. Support a wide range of streaming platforms.

3. Let you choose the output quality and format.

4. Convert streaming videos while downloading.

How to Download Streaming Video via Freemake

Step 1: Download and install Freemake on your computer, launch the streaming video downloader and click Paste URL.

Step 2: Copy the video address into the software, and select your favorite format and quality for the online streaming file.

Step 3: Customize the output folder in the Save and click the Download button to download the streaming video offline.

Freemake Video Downloader

Top 3: Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an extension of the web browser to download streaming videos and images offline. It is available to both Chrome and Firefox to save the different types of video streams.

1. Detect streaming videos in your browser.

2. Download online videos with one click.

3. Select video quality and output video size.

4. Work with most mainstream web browsers.

How to Download Streaming Video via Browser Plugin

Step 1: Install the streaming video downloader into your browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Step 2: When you find an online video that you wish to download, click the Video DownloadHelper icon on the top toolbar.

Step 3: Select the video file and click the Download button to get the desired video to your hard drive.

Video DownloadHelper

Top 4: SaveFrom.Net

SaveFrom.Net is an online streaming video downloader to download videos or music files free of charge. It can download online streaming videos from most online streaming websites with ease.

1. Extract online videos and music files from URL.

2. Add a download button to YouTube videos with ease.

3. No requirement for installing software.

4. Support most of the online streaming sites.

How to Download Streaming Video Online

Step 1: Open the online streaming video downloader in your browser. Copy and paste the video address to watch offline into the box.

Step 2: Click the Download and go to the list with all available links with different file sizes and video formats.

Step 3: Choose the right one from the list and click on the Download button to download the streaming video offline.


Top 5: Y2Mate

If you want to download online streaming videos to multiple formats as desired, Y2Mate is the desired online streaming video downloader to extract videos in MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, and others.

1. Download streaming videos with multiple formats.

2. Extract and convert the videos within a batch process.

3. Easy user interface to get the videos within clicks.

4. Unlimited downloads and always free of charge.

How to Download Streaming Video from YouTube

Step 1: When you find a YouTube video you want to download, access in your browser.

Step 2: Directly paste the video address into the box and click the Start button to extract video files.

Step 3: Select the desired video format and click the Download button to download streaming videos.


Part 2: The Best Alternative Method to Download Streaming Video

What should you do if the above methods do not work because of the update of the online streaming algorithm? Is there a 100% workable algorithm to download streaming videos offline? WidsMob Capture is a versatile screen recorder that enables you to download and capture streaming videos, music files and take snapshots with ease. Moreover, it enables you to edit the videos or add annotations for the recording.

1. Download and record any streaming video, music and even screenshots.

2. Add webcam recording, drawing tools, microphone record and more others.

3. Tweak the sample rate, bitrate, frame rate, video/audio quality, volume, etc.

4. Setup hotkeys, onscreen manage bar to control the recording process.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Download and Capture Online Streaming Video

Step 1: Install the best streaming video downloader. Launch the program and select the Record Screen menu to continue. There are 3 different methods to customize the recording area according to your requirement, Full screen, Fixed region and Custom region.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Select the Custom Region option and set the recording area based on the streaming video. If you want to capture the online video only, you can disable the Webcam option. Start playing the streaming video online and click the REC button to download the streaming video.

Customize Capture

Step 3: During recording, you can draw on the video with the Pen tool or make screenshots for moments. After streaming the video, click the Stop menu to save it to your hard drive. Watch the video in the media library or further edit the recording.

Annotation Capture


Based on the sharing above, you can learn to download streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms. Here are 5 frequently used methods to download online streaming videos with ease. WidsMob Capture, on the other hand, is a 100% workable streaming video downloader alternative to download and capture online streaming files with ease.