The Ultimate Guide for Add Animated GIF to PDF, Find the Reasons and Workable Methods

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Inserting an animated GIF in a PDF file can make the content more engaging and dynamic, especially when the GIF is integral to the overall message of the document. Here are 3 workable methods by that you can add animated GIFs to any PDF file. When you need to convert videos to animated GIFs, reduce the GIF file size, or make some changes to the GIFs, you can also the detailed information from the article.

Add Animated GIF to PDF

Part 1: 3 Methods to Add Animated GIFs to a PDF

How to Add Animated GIFs to a PDF via Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a professional design PDF editor that is the industry's leading layout and page design for print and digital media. It has all the tools to create PDF content, including adding GIFs to PDFs.

Step 1: Download InDesign, start your software and log in to your account, click the Open button to open the PDF file in InDesign, and make sure that the GIF animation is already available on your computer.

Step 2: Click the File button on the upper right toolbar, choose the Place button in the pop-up shortcut menu, and select the GIF in the pop-up dialog box to add the animated GIF to the PDF file.

Step 3: Once you have imported the GIF to PDF, adjust the position of the GIF animation in PDF. Click the File button and choose the Export button in the pop-up options to save the PDF file.

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How to Insert GIFs to a PDF with PDFElement

PDFelement is another professional PDF editor that allows you to create, edit, and manage PDF documents. It provides multiple PDF editing features, such as adding text files/GIFs/pages, modifying fonts/colors, and creating links and more with the desired effect.

Step 1: Install and launch PDFElement on your computer. After that, you can click the File button and choose the Open button to select the desired PDF you want to insert the PDF files.

Step 2: Click the Edit menu and choose the Add Image button to locate the desired GIF animation you want to add. After the selection is complete, click the Open button to import the GIF into PDF.

Step 3: Adjust the size GIF animation by dragging the border to adapt to the PDF. There are multiple editing features, such as rotating, aligning, and more you can apply before saving.

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How to Add Animated GIF to PDF with Sejda Online

Sejda is an online PDF editor to add animated GIFs to PDF files. Besides the feature, you can also change text/sign and share/sign documents to PDFs without downloading extra software. The above is commonly used for editing in PDF, it is worth your try and use.

Step 1: Go to in the browser. Click the Edit button to enter the PDF editing page. Click the Upload PDF file button to select the PDF file. Click the Open button to add the PDF file.

Step 2: Once you have imported the file, click the Images button in the upper toolbar and select the New Image option in the pop-up. At this time, select the GIF animation to be added to the pop-up dialog box.

Step 3: After adding GIF animation to the PDF, you can adjust the size and position of the GIF animation. After the adjustment is completed, click the Apply Change button to save the operation.

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Part 2: How to Convert Videos/Photos to an Animated GIF

It is not difficult to add an animated GIF to a PDF. But when GIFs are too large to the PDF, you cannot share them with others or even crash the PDF files. If you only have some photos or a video, you have to turn them into a GIF file beforehand.

WidsMob GIF is a professional GIF editor and maker with advanced features. It also enables you to reduce the size of the GIF, customize the video size for different social media sites, tweak the frame rate, and more. Besides, there are loop count features and sequences you can choose to get the desired files within few clicks.

1. Reduce file size of animated GIFs with the file size, frame rate, and quality.

2. Add text files, stickers, and more elements to GIF files before converting.

3. Edit the animated GIF directly without converting it to a video file format.

4. Set up the desired GIF frame rate, loop count, GIF quality, and sequence.

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Step 1: Install WidsMob GIF on your computer. Launch the program and click the GIF Editor button. After that, you can select the animated GIF from your computer and import to the program. After that, it will play the GIF within the program automatically.

Import GIF for Editing

Step 2: To reduce the size of the animated GIF, you can select the desired segment by dragging the selection boxes on both sides. Since you can have the instant preview of the selected GIF, you can make some adjustments for inserting a suitable GIF to PDF files.

Split a GIF

Step 3: Click the GIF Size button in the toolbar, which you can customize the GIF quality by entering the desired files size. You can also choose from the multiple presets, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to get a suitable GIF for different platforms.

Customize GIF Preset and Quality

Step 4: Of course, you can also determine the quality via the slider under the Quality bar and find the desired frame rate for the output. Once you have get everything done, click the Export GIF button to save the GIF animation and re-insert it to a PDF file.

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Part 3: Should You Add Animated GIFs or Videos to PDFs

Whether you are using animated GIFs or videos, it will significantly increase the file size of a PDF, making it difficult to download or share. Since not all PDF readers or devices may support embedded videos, which can limit the accessibility of the content, when you add animated GIFs to PDFs, you can always make the PDFs more visually appealing and engaging, which can be used to illustrate a point or concept.

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Since the animated GIF can convey more information in a shorter amount of time compared to text or images alone, you can play the GIFs automatically in a loop when adding animated GIFs to a PDF. Here is the ultimate guide about how to make a suitable GIF and the best methods to insert the animated GIFs to a PDF.