Gyazo GIF Review – How to Make a GIF from a Screen Recording [Solved]

Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by Peter Wood

How to make animated GIFs with Gyazo from a tutorial video or wonderful movie clips? It is actually a screen capture that can take screenshots or record videos and then make them into images/GIFs/Videos as URLs. If you are new to Gyazo, here are the detailed steps on how to make GIFs with Gyazo. But there is a time limitation on capturing, which will shorten the GIF length. Keep reading to know more about the features, pros, and cons of Gyazo.

Gyazo GIF Review

Part 1: How to Make a GIF with Gyazo from Screencast

As a cross-platform screenshot capture that makes GIFs, Gyazo is easy-to-use for beginners. You can use it to record your screen in real-time and immediately create an animated GIF from it. The thing you should note is that you can only make GIFs through Gyazo within 7 seconds. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Gyazo on your computer and right-click the tool to choose the desired mode. To make GIFs with Gyazo, you can click the Capture Video & GIF button. Or you can simply press the Crtl+Shift+G keys to launch the GIF mode on Windows.

Step 2: Click and move your mouse cursor to choose the area to capture as you like. After selecting, Gyazo will automatically start capturing your screen. You can cancel, pause, or finish the recording at any time with the buttons below.

Capture GIF with Gyazo

Step 3: If you do nothing when capturing, it will automatically finish in 7 seconds, and the GIF will be uploaded as a URL. Here you can trim the GIF, make a picture-in-picture effect, control the speed, etc. Then, click the Share button to copy the link or download the GIF easily.

Share GIF Through Gyazo

When making GIFs with Gyazo, you may find there are some limitations to this tool. Learn more about the pro version of Gyazo and decide whether to upgrade to Gyazo pro through the following part.

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Part 2: A Simple Review about Making GIFs with Gyazo

After learning the steps on how to make animated GIFs with Gyazo, you can see it’s really friendly to beginners. Its easy share and cloud storage also helps a lot. Although the free version can meet your basic need without editing functions, here are some limitations you should know:

1. GIF Length

You can only be able to capture 7 seconds with Gyazo Lite. If you want to make a longer GIF with Gyazo, you need to purchase the pro version ($4.99/month), which provides up to 60 seconds of recording. What’s more, when you want to share long recordings, you will find that the GIF option is removed from the Share drop-down list.

2. Few Editing Functions

After you capture and make GIFs with Gyazo, you will find there is only a Trim button at the top bar, which is only available on Gyazo Pro. Thus, you can’t crop, rotate, or add any effect/watermark to your GIFs. Whether you want to make a simple tutorial or interesting memes, an extra GIF editor is necessary for you.

3. Fixed Output Settings

You can’t change the GIF size, quality, frame rate, and other parameters when sharing the created GIFs by copying the URL. It’s indeed simple for beginners, but the output quality is not very high.

After knowing the features, pros, and cons of making GIFs with Gyazo, you will find that it’s more like a screen capture than a GIF maker. Gyazo is designed to capture, save, and share important content for work. If you only want to make stunning GIFs to share your life, get the best tool below!

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Part 3: Best Gyazo GIF Alternative to Make Animated GIFs

WidsMob GIF is the best alternative to Gyazo for making GIFs on Windows and Mac. You can use it to create animated GIFs from any picture or video. It provides many professional editing functions, including cropping, adding effects, changing filters, and more. Moreover, you can easily adjust the GIF size and length with no limitations. With its lossless compression and customized parameters, you can export the created GIF in high quality.

1. Make animated GIFs from Videos/Photos with the desired size.

2. Provide a designed GIF Editor to crop, rotate, add stickers, and more.

3. Export GIFs in high quality, with up to 50 fps and 320P resolution.

4. Support preset settings for YouTube, Twitter, etc., for easy sharing.

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Here are the detailed steps to make GIFs with the Gyazo alternative:

Step 1: Download, install and launch WidsMob on your Windows/Mac. You can click the Video to GIF buttons in the main interface to open the desired videos in any format. This way, you can make GIFs from YouTube videos, your favorite movies, etc.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Adjust the slider at the bottom to trim the GIF length, and you can also change the loop count with any size limitation. What’s more, you can crop the size with the preset settings or customized resolution in HD quality. To keep the high quality, you can also change the frame rate to up to 50fps.

Change GIF Settings WidsMob

Step 3: Before exporting, you can add stickers or text to make interesting GIF memes. Under the Video Adjustment, you can also set the saturation, contrast, and brightness. At last, click the Export GIF button to save GIFs on your computer.

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It’s easy to capture your screen and make GIFs with Gyazo in real-time, but it has size limitations, and few editing functions are provided. To make stunning animated GIFs, have a try on WidsMob GIF, which creates GIFs from videos/photos with customized settings. Unlike making GIFs with Gyazo, it can crop the size, add effects, and export high-quality GIFs. Start using this powerful GIF maker now!