Detailed Guide to Make GIFs in GIMP - Know More about the Free Image Editor

Last Updated on April 9, 2023 by Peter Wood

Want to create an animated GIF in GIMP to make your content more engaging? This free image editor is well-known for creating high-quality images with stunning effects for a graphic designer, a photographer, etc. Whether you want to create memes for social media or tutorial GIFs for presentation, keep reading this article to learn the detailed steps on how to make GIFs in GIMP.

Make GIFs in GIMP

Part 1: How to Make an Animated GIF with Layers in GIMP

GIMP is a free but powerful image editor on Windows/Mac/Linux. You can make a GIF in GIMP from any image, including real-time screenshots, website links of pictures, etc. It also provides many professional adjustments, but they are not easy for beginners to use.

Step 1: Open GIMP on your computer and click the File menu and the Open as Layers button to add all the desired images to make GIFs in GMIP. You can also add pictures from the webpage, camera, clipboard, and screenshots.

Open Image GIMP

Step 2: You can drag the added frames to adjust the order in the right-bottom corner. The animated GIF will start from the bottom image to the top one. Here you can crop, rotate, paint, and add text/filters to the images separately.

Change the Frame Order GIMP

Step 3: After that, you can click the Filter menu and choose the Animation option. Then, you can make a GIF in GIMP by clicking the Optimize (for GIF) button. You can preview your GIF by repeating the same operation and clicking the Playback button.

Make GIF with GIMP

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the GIF, click the File menu and then the Save as button. In the popping-up windows, you can click the Select File Type button and scroll down to choose the GIF image as the output. You can add the loop play effect on your GIF. Now, you have made GIFs with GIMP.

Save Image as GIF GIMP Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: The GIMP Alternative to Make High-Quality GIFs

WidsMob GIF is one of the best alternatives to GIMP for making animated GIFs. Amazingly, it enables you to make GIFs from images and videos as well. Like GIMP, it also supports many editing tools to crop, reverse, change the filter, and add stickers/text. Moreover, you can adjust the output quality, frame rate, and loop play, which enables you to make better GIFs than GIMP.

1. Create animated GIFs from several images or video clips easily.

2. Able to export high-quality GIFs with the best color performance.

3. Resize the GIF for different social platforms with preset settings.

4. Editing features to adjust the brightness, add stickers/text, etc.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Free download and launch WidsMob on Windows/Mac. Then, click the Video to GIF or Photo to GIF button according to your need. For beginners, you can start by making an animated GIF from videos.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Drag the bottom slider on both sides of the timeline to clip the video and use this GIMP alternative to make GIFs with the desired parts. You can click the Play button to preview it before deciding.

Trim GIF Length

Step 3: You can adjust the GIF settings on the right side. Here you can change the filter, crop the size to fit the requirements, and customize the quality and frame rate. Making a loop play will also make your memes interesting.

Change GIF Settings WidsMob

Moreover, you can add stickers, text, and watermarks as you like. After all things are done, just click the Export GIF button and choose the desired destination to save the GIFs.

Add Stickers Text WidsMob GIF Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Which is a Better Choice to Make Animated GIFs

Here you have known how to make GIFs in GIMP and its best alternative - WidsMob GIF. The biggest difference is that WidsMob enables you to make animated GIFs from videos, which is a very easy way. And GIMP is more like an image editor, which can export images in GIF format. If you don’t know which is better for you to make GIFs, learn more about their pros and cons in the following:



1. Provide many wonderful editing tools to make customized GIFs.

2. Able to paint the images as you like with many designed brushes.

3. Support installing additional plugins to get more functions.


1. Not friendly for beginners to use and provide no guide.

2. Occupy too much space on your computer, with more than 600MB.

3. Fixed output GIF quality with only an 8-frame rate.

4. Unable to change the length of each frame.

WidsMob GIF


1. Simple clicks to make animated GIFs easily.

2. Export GIFs in high quality, with 320 pixels and 10 fps.

3. Support all video and audio formats to import.

4. Only occupy around 100MB for low-end computers.


1. Only provide basic editing tools for easy adjustments.

2. Adjust the filter on your own without color balance.

After reading the comparison between WidsMob GIF and GIMP for making GIFs, you can know that WidsMob is suitable for most people. If you only want to create interesting memes for your video on social media, simply use WidsMob GIF. At the meanwhile, you can add your designs and make creative GIFs in GIMP with the help of the Paint tools.

Win Download Mac Download


After knowing the detailed steps on how to make GIFs in GIMP, you will find this free GIF maker is a little difficult for beginners. Thus, you can have a try on the provided alternative - WidsMob GIF to create GIFs from images and videos in one click. This easy-to-use GIF maker is also professional in editing, including cropping the size, changing the HSL, adding stickers/text, and more. Free download it now!