How to Insert Animated GIFs to an Email? Here is a Simple Guide You can Follow

Last Updated on April 8, 2023 by Peter Wood

When you want to send marketing emails to readers or partners, inserting a GIF to emails is an excellent way to attract their interest from a batch of boring information. You can also take it as a video substitute to express your product’s function clearly, which has a smaller size for easy sending. Keep reading to learn 2 easy ways to insert animated GIFs to email with high quality, regardless of the GIF size. Here also provides the best way to create animated GIFs with the desired size and high quality.

Insert Animated GIFs to an Email

Part 1: How to Insert Animated GIFs to Email Directly

Usually, you can directly insert GIF photos into the email, and it will show on the text part without downloading. But you should note that all emails have the limitation to the whole email size, such as 20MB or 25MB. If your GIF images are small within the requirements, follow the steps below to insert animated GIFs to email in simple clicks. Here takes Outlook as an example:

Step 1: Launch Outlook and click the New-Email button to start a new email. You should first place your mouse cursor in the text part and then click the Insert tab at the top.

Add GIF to Email Text Outlook

Step 2: If you have created a unique GIF and saved it on your computer, you can click the Pictures button and insert the GIF to email through the local file. Or, if you have subscribed to Microsoft 365, you can choose to click the Online Pictures button. Here are many kinds of animated GIFs you can search for.

Online Pictures Outlook

Step 3: After you insert GIF to emails, you can also set the position and adjust the size of the animated GIF. The receivers will see the same as you, so you can arrange the text and GIFs to make a good typography.

Adjust GIF in Email Outlook Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Insert Animated GIFs to Email as a URL

If you want to keep the high quality and frame rate of your GIF images, they will be larger than the maximum file size for email. Thus, you choose an easier way to insert the animated GIF to the email - through the URL. Directly copying and pasting the GIF’s web address from the browser will not occupy much space, and you can add several GIFs to one email simultaneously. This also fixes the issue of not being able to send animated GIFs from the Gmail mobile app. Here are the detailed steps to insert GIFs to Gmail via URL:

Step 1: Open Gmail on your computer and log in with your account. Click the Compose button at the top-left corner, and you can open a new window to send an email.

Create a New Email

Step 2: Click the Photos button from the bottom line to insert GIFs to emails. In the popping-up window, you can add photos from Google Photos/Albums or Web Address(URL).

Add Photos Gmail

Step 3: If you want to insert large GIFs to the email, click the Web Address(URL) button and paste the desired links from the Internet. You can search for different animated GIFs from many online tools, like GIPHY. Finally, click the Insert button and finish your email to send.

Insert GIF to Gmail URL Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Create the Desired Animated GIF from Videos

You know how to insert GIFs to email now. But how to create a wonderful animated GIF for marketing? The optimal GIF should not be too long, and 15 seconds within 1MB are enough to show the content and attract people’s interest. Meanwhile, smooth frames and high resolution are necessary to give a good impression.

All these features can be achieved in WidsMob GIF, a powerful GIF maker, and editor. It supports adjusting the size, filters, perspective, and quality when creating a GIF.

1. Edit GIFs with the desired size for inserting GIFs to email directly.

2. Export smooth and high-quality GIFs through LZW compression.

3. Add stickers and text to show the content of the GIFs clearly.

4. Adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness with wonderful colors.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Free download and open WidsMob GIF on your Windows/Mac. You can make videos or images to GIFs as you like in the main interface. Or you can click the GIF Editor to adjust and edit the existing GIFs.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: You can adjust the filters as you like, and this tool can achieve thousands of colors per frame. To insert GIFs to email within the required size, you can customize it freely or choose the preset resolution, even 1080p. Moreover, set the quality, frame rate, and loop count to enhance the GIF quality and smoothness.

Edit GIF for Email

Step 3: After all adjustments, you can click the Play button to preview the effects. When you are satisfied, click the Export button at the top-right corner to save the animated GIF to the desired destination. Then, you can directly insert GIFs to email from your computer.

Win Download Mac Download


To make your marketing emails more unique and interactive, you can insert GIFs to emails through the 2 mentioned methods. As for creating a funny animated GIF, you can have a try on WidsMob GIF, a powerful tool to make high-quality GIFs. It also supports adding annotations and adjusting the size according to the email requirements. Start now to insert animated GIFs to email and give your customer a surprise!