How to Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos – 7 Simple Methods You Should Know

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Peter Wood

YouTube has some of the best videos in the world, including funny video clips and highlight moments. When you need to share them with others with a loop effect, how to convert YouTube videos to animated GIFs? It is not easy to save or download YouTube videos. No mention of making high-quality animated GIFs from YouTube videos. When you need to learn more about the best methods, here is the article you should read.

Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

Part 1: How to Download YouTube Videos to GIFs Online

Because of the high-encryption level of YouTube videos, it is more and more difficult to download YouTube videos. When YouTube has a minor update, it might take at least one or two months for YouTube online downloaders to save YouTube videos as GIFs.

Method 1: Download YouTube Videos to GIFs via Make a GIF

Make A GIF is more than a GIF maker, which enables you to convert videos from Facebook and YouTube to animated GIFs. Enter the URL of the video to download them within one click. But you have to subscribe to the Premium service before downloading the GIFs.

Step 1: Go to MakeAGIF on your web browser and click the YOUTUBE TO GIF button. After that, you can enter the video of the YouTube URL into the related column to extract the desired file. You have to create an account for MakeAGIF beforehand.

Make A GIF Paste

Step 2: Once the YouTube video is detected, you can change the desired GIF quality and adjust the slider of the GIF animation length. Moreover, you can also tweak the GIF speed to make fast-motion or slow-motion animated GIFs from YouTube videos.

Make a GIF GIF Speed

Step 3: Click the Plus button next to the CAPTIONS menu to add text to the YouTube video. Moreover, you can also adjust the font and color. Moreover, you can also add the stickers with the Plus button from the STICKERS menu to further edit the video.

Make a GIF Caption

Step 4: After that, click the CONTINUE TO PUBLISHING button to save the YouTube video to an animated GIF. Click the Select a Category button to select the category of GIF animation. After that, click the CREATE YOUR GIF button to save the GIF animation.

Make a GIF Create Your GIF

Method 2: How to Convert YouTube Videos to GIFs via Kapwing

When you need to convert YouTube videos to animated GIFs, Kapwing is another online method that can help you out. It also provides multiple editing features to polish the downloaded videos. But there are limitations to saving the GIFs, such as the GIF size and quality.

Step 1: Head to Kawping on your web browser and click the Tools button on the toolbar. Choose the Convert Video button to click the Start converting button to enter the video converting windows. It also enables you to enter the URLs of YouTube videos for conversion.

Kapwing Paste YouTube

Step 2: Paste the YouTube video URL in the text box on the right to upload the YouTube video. Click the Play button to watch the GIF animation playing and make a precise selection. Just trim the desired part within one minute before converting it to an animated GIF.

Kapwing Play YouTube

Step 3: Make some basic adjustments to the GIF animation by clicking the Adjust button to tweak opacity, transparency, and more. You can also click the 1.0 X button above the timeline and select the appropriate speed in the drop-down menu for the fast-motion GIFs.

Kapwing Adjust

Step 4: Click the Export Project button, in the pop-up menu click the GIF button in Format, to choose the format. Click the Export as GIF button to save the YouTube video to an animated GIF. You can click the Download button to save the file on your computer.

Kapwing Export as GIF

Part 2: 5 Online YouTube Video to GIF Downloaders

Besides the above methods, here are 5 online YouTube to GIF downloaders that enable you to extract YouTube videos as animated GIFs online. Since the success rate is slim, you have to choose more online tools.

Method 1: Motionbox

Motionbox is a versatile YouTube-to-GIF online converter, which enables you to convert YouTube videos to multiple file formats. It enables you to save the videos with H.264 and H.265. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to polish the GIF animation.


Method 2: Imgflip

Imgflip is another online YouTube to GIF downloader. It can make animated GIFs from videos, YouTube videos, videos from websites, or images. You can save the framerate with 15FPS and make sure GIFs play smoothly and create even higher-quality GIFs with various settings.

Imgflip YouTube to GIF

Method 3: GIFRUN

When you need to download YouTube videos to High-Def GIFs and WebPs from YouTube and other social media sites. GIFRUN also enables you to crop the desired part from a long video, add text, and have an instant preview before converting YouTube videos to GIFs.

GIFRUN YouTube GIF Maker

Method 4: VEED.IO

If you need to download and edit YouTube videos, VEED.IO is the desired method to extract videos from YouTube, cut out the desired part, add text and stickers to the movie and more. There are multiple features to add videos and audio files from stock within the media library.

VEED.IO YouTube to GIF

Method 5: FreeGifMaker

FreeGifMaker is an online method to convert YouTube videos to animated GIFs. Besides the feature, you can add text, apply filters, and even reverse animated GIFs. Moreover, it also provides online tools to make GIFs from pictures with some simple editing features.


Part 3: Best Alternative to Save YouTube Videos to GIFs

What should you do if you are not satisfied with the animated GIFs? Just as mentioned above, you can download some high-quality videos from YouTube. But saving them to high quality is another story. Because the animated GIFs are different from the videos in structure, they should be much larger than the videos. It means no online YouTube video to GIF downloader will provide the so-called high-quality GIFs.

WidsMob GIF is a versatile GIF maker that enables you to create high-quality GIFs with up to 50FPS. It can save animated GIFs with a max resolution of 320 pixels. Moreover, you can export GIFs with thousands of colors per frame. Besides, you can also cut out the desired part, add text and stickers with customized settings, and correct the HSL color for the videos.

1. Generate animated GIFs from YouTube videos without size limitations.

2. Convert video to GIF with up to 50FPS with a max resolution of 320P.

3. Add stickers, text, filters, and others before converting videos to GIFs.

4. Tweak the frame rate, adjust the GIF quality, and choose different presets.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: When you download and install WidsMob GIF, you can launch the program and click the Video to GIF button. After that, you can select the high-quality YouTube video you have already downloaded in the pop-up dialog box to import the video for conversion.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Click the Play button to preview and trim the YouTube video. Just drag the slider at both ends of the timeline or enter a specific time at both ends of the timeline to select the desired GIF clip. After that, you can further edit the GIF animation.

WidsMob GIF Play YouTube Video

Step 3: Adjust the GIF animation via the Video Adjustment menu with the sliders for brightness, contrast, and saturation. Moreover, you can also enter the duration for each frame and choose a variety of social media presets. It enables you to enter the desired GIF size.

WidsMob GIF Video Adjustment

Step 4: You can add text and stickers with multiple settings. Go to the GIF Settings button and click the Frame Rate button in the drop-down menu to choose 50FPS and adjust the slider for quality. Click the Export GIF button to export the GIF animation from the YouTube video.

WidsMob GIF Frame Rate Win Download Mac Download


It is not easy to save YouTube videos to GIFs. Here are 2 methods to convert videos from YouTube to animated GIFs directly. Moreover, you can also choose the 5 online YouTube downloaders to extract the desired videos in high quality. WidsMob GIF is a versatile solution to convert videos to the optimal quality you should try to convert YouTube videos to high-quality GIFs with stunning filters.