How to Loop an Animated GIF or Stop a GIF from Looping? Here is the Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on June 15, 2023 by Peter Wood

Looping an animated GIF can emphasize an interesting part and add stunning visual effects for engaging viewers. In this way, you can make a GIF seamless without an obvious start and end, which is a good attraction to your website. But sometimes, stopping a looped GIF is also necessary when people are tired of looped GIFs keeping playing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thus, keep reading to find 4 easy ways on how to control the GIF loop count according to your need.

Loop an Animated GIF

Part 1: How to Change the Animated GIF Loop Count

Whether you want to make a GIF shorter or longer, WidsMob GIF is the best tool to help you change the GIF loop count easily. This GIF maker can create animated GIFs from videos or photos and loop GIFs over and over with the desired loop count. Moreover, it provides a designed GIF editor to customize GIF settings, including the option to stop a GIF from looping. WidsMob GIF analyzes all the frames and loop counts automatically, enabling you to adjust looped GIF settings with just one click.

1. Make an animated GIF with high-quality and colorful images.

2. Detect the loop count of GIFs and enter the number to reduce it.

3. Able to customize the GIF size, quality, frame rate, filters, etc.

4. More functions to crop, rotate and add sticker/text to the GIFs.

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1. How to make a looped GIF from videos/images

Step 1: Launch WidsMob GIF on your computer and click the Photo to GIF or Video to GIF button to make an animated GIF. You can add videos or several photo frames to it.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: After that, you can set the loop count under the GIF Settings menu. You can keep the original settings to loop the GIF infinitely. Or just enter the loop times and start looping a GIF with the desired sequence. Moreover, you can crop the GIF size, adjust the filters, and add stickers. Then, you can click the Export GIF button to save the looped GIF.

How to Loop GIF WidsMob

2. How to stop a GIF from looping

Step 1: Click the GIF Editor button from the main interface and add your looped GIF to WidsMob GIF. It will automatically detect the frames and show the loop count at the right sidebar.

Loop Count GIF

Step 2: Then, you can simply change the Loop Count to 1, which will stop GIF from looping. And you can pull the slider to delete the unwanted parts and make the GIF shorter. Change the quality, choose the size, adjust the saturation, and click the Export GIF button to save the high-quality GIF.

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Part 2: How to Loop/End Looping an Animated GIF Online

There are also 2 easy ways to loop a GIF online without downloading the software. But you should note the limitations to the size or advanced functions. Follow the steps below!


This is a well-known online GIF maker and editor. You can use it to crop, cut, resize, and loop GIFs by setting the loop count. But you should note that it only supports inputting files within 50MB, which is not suitable for editing looped GIFs with large sizes.

Step 1: Go to the official website of EZGIF and click the Loop Count button from the top menu. Click the Choose Files button to add your GIFs easily.

Step 2: Here, you can tick the change the number of times to play option to loop a GIF or remove the looping effect. You can click the Change loop count button to save the settings and start other edits. Finally, click the Save button to export the looped GIF on your computer.


2. OnlineGIFTools

OnlineGIFTools is also a powerful online GIF editor for looping GIFs. It provides a specific loop changer for you with detailed settings. If you want to get more editing, you need to save the GIF files after every change. Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Open it on any browser and drag the desired GIF into the left box. You can directly preview the effects on the right side.

Step 2: Under the gif loop changer options, you can change the Number of GIF Loops as you like. You can play it infinitely or loop the GIF with the desired time. As for stopping GIFs from looping, you just need to choose the Loop Strictly 1 Time option.

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Part 3: How to Loop an Animated GIF with Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional image editor that also supports looping a GIF on Windows/Mac. It will deal with your images with an excellent graphic processor and export images in high quality. But Photoshop is more difficult than other GIF editors for beginners. Learn about the detailed steps to loop GIFs with Photoshop:

Step 1: Launch Photoshop, click the File menu, and choose the Open button. Click the Open With button to import your animated GIF.

Photoshop Add GIF

Step 2: All the frames will be listed in the timeline, and you can adjust the duration and order freely. Then, click the Loop button from the bottom and choose the Forever option to loop GIFs infinitely.

Photoshop Loop GIF

Step 3: Finally, click the File menu, then the Export and Save for Web (Legacy) buttons. Then, you can set the output settings as high quality. In this way, you can export the looped GIF.

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Now, you have learned 4 efficient ways on how to loop a GIF or stop GIFs from looping. Online tools are easy-to-use but provide fewer editing functions., while Photoshop is too professional and difficult for beginners. Thus, free download WidsMob GIF to change the loop count of GIFs easily. With simple clicks, you can make images to GIFs, resize, cut, and loop a GIF, adjust the filter, and more.