Blurb Photo Book Review in 2021

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you are looking for a professional photo book editor that can realize your detail requirements, Blurb is a wise choice for you. You are allowed to upload your PDF files and sell Blurb photo books of your own on Blurb or another platform. Meanwhile, Blurb equips you with creative control both on desktop and iOS devices. Thus, you can design Blurb photo books freely.

Blurb Photo Book Review

Part 1. Blurb Photo Book Features

Blurb is a professional photo book editor for people to customize and sell Blurb photo books. You can personalize the Blurb photo book freely with professional downloadable templates. Or hire an expert to beautify Blurb photo books online by editing, designing, illustrating, and so on.

1. You can upload PDF files to create Blurb photo books. Blurb provides an Adobe Indesign Plug-in service for free as well.

2. Images from Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms can apply to create Blurb Photo Book.

3. Blurb supports running not only online but also on iPhone and iPad.

4. There are 4 formats for you to select. Blurb photo books, trade books, magazines, and eBooks.

5. You can choose 5 Blurb photo book sizes, 5 photo-quality papers, and 3 Blurb photo book covers.

6. If you print Blurb photo books in volumes, you can get a special discount. If you print more photo books, you can get the lower price of the Blurb photo book.

Blurb Photo Book Screenshot

Blurb offers high-quality Blurb photo book papers with color fidelity and print quality. The contrast gradient and smooth transition can reflect in detail. Thus, if you hold high requirements towards Blurb photo book, you will not disappoint with it.

2. Blurb Photo Book Pricing

As the above had mentioned, how much Blurb photo book prices depend on the amount you order. Meanwhile, the Blurb photo book sizes are the influence and covers and papers you choose.

Blurb Photo Book Original Price Each Extra Page Price
Small Square (7 x 7) $14.99 $0.2
Standard Portrait (8 x 10) $21.99 $0.25
Standard Landscape (10 x 8) $21.99 $0.25
Large Landscape (13 x 11) $56.99 $0.4
Large Square (12 x 12) $55.99 $0.45

The default pages of the Blurb photo book are 20. You need to pay the relevant US dollars according to the additional pages. The limitation of the Blurb photo book page starts from 20.

Softcover Dust Jacket, Hardcover Imagewrap, Hardcover
Small Square (7 x 7) $14.99 $28.99
Standard Portrait (8 x 10) $21.99 $33.99
Standard Landscape (10 x 8) $21.99 $33.99
Large Square (12 x 12) / $55.99
Large Landscape (13 x 11) / $56.99

You can choose three covers to match different Blurb photo book sizes. The currency is US dollars. There are 5 Blurb photo book papers for you to choose from as well. They are Standard 80 lb, Premium Lustre 100 lb, Premium Matte 100 lb, Proline Uncoated 100 lb, and Proline Pearl Photo 140 lb. It charges according to Blurb photo book sizes as well.

Quantity (Books) 1 – 9 10 – 19 20 – 49
Discount (Percentages) / 10% 20%

If you want to sell Blurb photo books online, you can choose Blurb, Amazon, Ingram, and Apple iBooks. Blurb is an open platform for you to consort other enthusiasts.

There are some additional charges for Blurb photo books. You need to pay another 25% of the total fees to remove Blurb Logo, or you will see them on the back of your Blurb photo books. If you want to upgrade cover linen, you have to pay the US $6.00 to achieve. As for upgrading the end sheet, you should purchase the US $3.00 based on the original price.

Part 3. Create a Blurb Photo Book on Desktop – Bookwright

Whether you are a mobile service chaser or not, you need to admit that it is a convent and easy to operate to design Blurb photo books on a desktop. You can choose to create Blurb photo books online with the web browser, or you can download Bookwright for free as your Blurb photo books software.

Blurb Photo Book Bookwright

1. Bookwright has made more than 320,000 photo books, eBooks, and magazines. Thus, you do not need to worry about the quality of its bookstore.

2. You can use high-designed templates to custom Blurb photo books, with which you are also able to create layouts and process photos on Blurb.

3. Bookwright enables customers to print books and PDF output.

4. Bookwright can run in Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista or Mac OS X 10.7+.

5. You can manage 2 GB RAM and 500 MB available hard-disk space.

6. The screen resolution is 1280 x 800.

Blurb Photo Book Bookwright Screenshot

You can also download and install Blurb photo bookmaker on your iPad or iPhone to make and share Blurb photo books easily. The exclusive feature of the Blurb app is that you can create Mini Blurb photo books with 5 x 5 in softcover, as well as a Small Square of 7 x 7 in hardcover. Thus, you can use Blurb to personalize Blurb photo books freely.

Part 4. Browsing Images before Creating Blurb Photo Book on Windows and Mac

Though creating Blurb photo books by Photos is easy, it is hard for people to pick up suitable images from tens of thousands of albums saved on Windows and Mac computers. Thus, you need to install Photo Viewer to browse thousands of images in a fast way.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. Once you open one image, you can view all photos stored on your Windows or Mac computer by clicking the Next icon.

Step 2. You can tap the Image Edit icon to adjust or add effects. Click Reset all to batch edit pictures.

Add Effects to Photo on Viewer

Step 3. If you want to use the picture, you can click the five-pointed star to add to My Favorite to collect photos for Blurb photo books.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Step 4. You can batch rename, resize, or covert those stared Blurb photo books pictures.

Batch Processing on Viewer

Photo Viewer has simplified the process to open albums or files to get target Blurb photo books sources. You are also able to adjust photo sizes or lists to view photos easier. If you want to view specific folders, you can choose folders under Photo Viewer Library to find directly. Using Photo Viewer is a helpful method to save more time to create Blurb photo books.

Win Download Mac Download


Blurb delivers photo books for 4 to 5 days on average. You can select an overnight shipping service if you need it in a hurry. Though creating Blurb photo books seem kind of difficult for an amateur to operate, you can follow the guide videos on Blurb or ask help from Blurb designers. In a word, Blurb photo books are of high quality, though the total options may seem less than other photo book editors.

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