How to Make Funny Dog Photos

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Though there are diverse pets in our lives, dogs are the most popular. Those adorable furry creatures make our lives so full of fun and fur. They are so dear to our hearts, although only with us a short amount of time. Today, a funny dog photo is another way to please us. Many dog owners prefer to look at dog pictures on social media, but they do not understand how to create funny dog photos. It is not as difficult as you thought. In this post, you can learn how to make funny dog photos on Windows, Mac, and online.

How to Make Funny Dog Photos

Part 1. What a Funny Dog Photo Should Be

When we talk about funny dog photos, you may wonder what a funny dog picture should be. We collect several interesting dog pictures below. You can get some ideas from these pictures.

As you can see, the caption is one of the easiest ways to make a dog photo funny. And we suggest you start by creating fun dog pictures with fun descriptions and captions.

Funny Dog Picture

Part 2: Make Funny Dog Photos on Windows and Mac

Social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more, allow users to post images in commonly used formats. So you will need a photo editor that can convert photos and add a caption. From this point, we recommend WidsMob Photo Converter. It could simplify the process of funny dog photo editing.

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How to make funny dog photos on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

Step 1: Import dog photos

WidsMob Photo Converter is a desktop program, so you need to install it on your computer. Then launch the software and click on the Import button to load your dog images from the hard drive.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2: Convert photo file

When the property dialog prompts, choose JPEG or PNG from the drop-down list of Format and decide the Quality. Once hit Open button and convert these dog photos to the social media photo format.

Convert Images ImageConvert

Step 3: Add caption on dog photos

Tab the Watermark on the right side of the main interface to go to the caption design window. Choose Text from the drop-down list and then pick up the words in the field of Text. Then you can customize Font, Style, Size, and other parameters.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Step 4: Share the funny dog photo on social media

Finally, click on the Export button at the bottom right corner and then hit the Share button to post it to Facebook or other social networks.

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Part 3. Create Funny Dog Photos on Windows 10/8/7

Paint.Net is a free photo editor for Windows PCs. Though Microsoft has stopped supporting the software, developer continues to update. Paint.Net is based on .NET Framework, so you have to install the programming language on your Windows PC. Paint.Net is flexible funny dog photo editor due to various plug-ins.

How to create funny dog photos with Paint.Net

Step 1: Load the dog photo

Download Dpy plugin from the Paint.Net forum and add it to your photo editor. Run the software and locate to File-> Open to load the picture you want to make as a funny dog photo from a local hard drive.

Tip: Dpy is a stylish caption plugin for Paint.Net.

Step 2: Design the bubble

Unfold the Effects menu and open the Speech bubble dialog. Hit the F8 key to open the colors palette and decide colors of Primary and Secondary. Primary is the color of the text. And Secondary is the background color of the bubble. Then choose a shape from the drop-down list of Shape and move the sliders of Width and Height of the bubble text to design a bubble text for the caption.

Step 3: Add text on the dog photo

Pick up some humorous words based on your dog photo in the Text field. The parameters of Font, Size and more are available to make the text unique. Choose a location from the Direction list to set the position of the caption as you wish.

Step 4: Save funny dog photo

When you finish, click on the OK button on the Speech bubble dialog to confirm it. Finally, unfold the File menu and Save the result to a local hard drive.


Part 4: Design Funny Dog Photos Online

Compared to desktop software, online photo editors are more portable and convenient, especially for multi-device customers. People are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, which is the most popular photo application. Now, we can use the online version, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. It offers a funny dog photo editing feature for free.

How to design a funny dog photo online

Step 1: Visit in your browser and click on Start the Editor link to open Photoshop Express Editor. When the pop-up dialog appears, press UPLOAD PHOTO to import your dog picture into the online photo editor.

Tip: Photoshop Express Editor only supports JPEG images.

Step 2: Go to the Decorate tab on the left sidebar. If you want to add text only, you can use the Text tool. The Bubbles tool could help you add a stylish caption to the dog image. We use the Bubbles tool as an example as the Text tool is similar. Choose a bubble style on the prompt dialog and drop what you want to say in the text area.

Step 3: Express Editor provides several custom options about the text, including Font, Color, Opacity, Shadow, and more. You can try them or Undo at any time.

Step 4: In the end, click on the Done button and then hit Save to download the funny dog photo to your computer.

Adobe Photoshop Express


In this article, you can learn how to make funny dog photos on Mac, Windows, or online. When you took some pictures of your close pets, you might want to share them with your friends. But a simple dog picture is not attractive. We suggest you add some words to the picture to make a funny dog photo. Paint.Net is a powerful tool to help you add bubbles and text to pet images. And if you prefer online photo editors, Photoshop Express Editor is a good choice. When it comes to the best photo editor for funny dog photos, we will recommend WidsMob Photo Converter.

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