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Top 15 Funny Photo Editors on Android and iOS You Should Know

How to enjoy yourself at leisure time? What are the best funny photo editors on Android and iOS devices? Face swap app is one of the most popular photo editors to have fun. What else’s? If you were looking for other types of fun photo editors, you can learn more about the details from the compiled list from the article.

Funny Photo Editor

Part 1: Top 5 Face Swap Funny Photo Editors

Top 1: Face Swap

Face Swap is one of the best funny photo editor applications with swapped faces and to do trick on your own taken pictures. It has the automatic face detection, face adjustment, face scaling, face rotation, swap face and all other features you want. Moreover, it also has the swap face features live on camera to enjoy fun at a leisure time.

Face Swap Live

Top 2: Ace FreakyFace

Ace FreakyFace is a funny photo editor that makes freaky photos with a funny face. It provides more than 250 facial features, such as funny mouths and funny eyes. It will automatically overlay hilarious facial features on the top of any face automatically. Moreover, you can also access to the randomize face button and adjustment sliders to get the best funny result.

Ace FreakyFace

Top 3: Face Over

It is another funny photo editor to swap faces with different funny animal facemask. Face Over also lets you to see how you look when you grow old and how you look in animal faces. Moreover, it has numerous unique and amazing vivid stickers in face swap with themes, such as animal, cartoon, doodle and more others.

Face Over

Top 4: Funny Photo Editor

Funny photo editor not only add some funny stickers like hair, mustache, spectacles and more, but also create funny animated videos and GIF files with ease. It has the funny photo editor, funny photo frame, and even funny camera. Moreover, you can also edit the face parts contrast, brightness and color corrections.

Funny photo editor

Top 5: FaceFun

FaceFun is a versatile and funny photo editor with multiple face filters, selfie photo editors, stickers, photo effects, face cameras, photo stickers, makeup filters, live stickers, hairstyle editor, makeover tools, beauty camera muscle editor and more others. It has the real-time selfie camera live filters and funny motion stickers to get beauty selfie.


Part 2: Top 5 Fun Photo Editors with Special Effects

Top 1: Photo Lab Picture Editor

When you need to enjoy a funny and artistic photo, Photo Lab Picture Editor is the desired funny photo editor. It has more than 900 effects to edit, fantastic photomontage, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters. It also includes face photomontage, neural art styles, photo filters, photo collages and more other sentimental or futuristic setting.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Top 2: Oldify

How will you look when you are old? Oldify is a funny photo editor to access to 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years into the future. Besides the camera that brings you to the future, snap a funny pic of your old self-making old-timer gestures, you can also access to hilarious animations in the photo booth and even record your age and record video.


Top 3: Funny Photo Collage

In order to enjoy fun with a group of photos, Funny Photo Collage is the desired fun photo editor you can take into consideration. It is able to create wonderful funny photo frames with high definition. Besides, you can also access to over 5000 stickers from different genres and big collections of funny photo frames and updates.

Funny Photo Collage

Top 4: Painnt

Painnt is a funny photo editor that turns your photos into a masterpiece. It has the most advanced AI tech to dramatically improve your art with tons of fully customizable HD filters. Just choose from the selection of 1000+ filters, including classical, comic book, modern, abstract and mosaics, you can always render realistic painting in high resolution.


Top 5: Super Power Effects Photo Editor

Have you wondered to be a superhero with all the special superpower? Super Power Effects Photo Editor is the funny photo editor to jump, make a face, and strike a post with super funny photo effects. It also adds text on pictures; girly picture frames and leaves those simple camera effects to the beginner to get the greatest super powers edits.

Super Power Effects Photo Editor

Part 3: Top 5 Funny Photo Editors Online

Top 1: PicMonkey

PicMonkey is more than a fun photo editor, which also offers excellent basic photo editing features, such as comic photo collages, photo enhancements and impressive tool is the touch up category. You can also whitening teeth, change lipstick tint, brighten eyes, remove wrinkles, fix blemishes and make body become slim and so on.


Top 2: is a versatile funny photo editor online with instant photo editing tools. Besides the funny texts, stickers, filters and effects you can add to the photos, you can also crop, resize, adjust pictures to get the best result accordingly. The photo caricatures and photo to cartoon in one click, you can see a wide variety of human emotions on your face.

Top 3: My Heritage

It is another interesting and funny photo editor online with advanced face recognition technology. You can always resemble your face with celebrities during the leisure time. It can also create a stunning animated video showing how your face turns into a celebrity face. Results can be easily posted on social media sites.

My Heritage

Top 4: Festisite Money

Festisite Money not only includes the money types from different countries, but also adds card game, logo, profile pictures, animated gif, poster, traffic sign, poems, text layout and more others. Once you upload the photos to the funny photo editor, you can rotate the file, share to social media or download to your computer directly.

Festisite Money

Top 5: In 20 Years

Similar to the fun photo editor apps, In 20 Years has some advanced face detection and morphing technology to predict what your face would look like in 20 or 30 years from now. Just upload the photos online, you can tweak the different parameters to find the magical engine turns your face old within the online photo editor automatically.

In 20 Years


How to enjoy yourself with some selfie or photos, the article lists the 15 most frequently used funny photo editors. Just choose the desired one and enjoy a funny time with these programs.

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