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How to Make Funny Cat Photos

Today, more and more people have a pet. And they are not just animals, but family members. According to a recent survey, majority of adults believe that pets are better than families and friends, because they are always accompanied with their owners. The cat is one of the most popular pets. Since they are good at acting like a baby, many people prefer to have a cat. One popular activity among people who have cats is to share funny cat photos with friends. If you just have a new cat, you will find our tutorial helpful. We are going to show you how to make funny cat photos on Windows, Mac, or online.

Funny Cat Photos

What should include in a funny cat photo

At beginning, you may have no idea about what a funny cat photo looks like. If you go to Instagram or Pinterest, you will find out a lot of cat photos. While these interesting cat images are different, they have some similarities. Firstly, they were just some moments in daily life. Moreover, what really make these cat pictures funny are the captions and subtitles.

Apparently, a funny cat photo should contain caption. But what you should write on the cat photos. The interesting photos below may give you some clues.

Say some words from the mouth of the cat. What I mean is personification.

Use your imagination.

Tell a story in a few simple sentences.

Now, you might grasp what a funny cat photo looks like. Let’s start to make it right now.

Funny Cat Memes

Make funny cat photos on Mac

Today, we are going to introduce an easy method to make a funny cat photos for posting on social media using your Mac computer. You may take cat photos with digital camera or smartphone. And you have to convert the cat photo format to social network supportable one. WidsMob ImageConvert could meet your requirements. It has the capacity to convert any image formats to commonly used ones without ruining quality. And it allows you to add captions on photos as you wish.

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How to make a funny cat photo using Photo Converter

Step 1: Add photo

Launch Photo Converter after install the latest version on your computer. Drag and drop your cat photo into the window, it will recognize the photo automatically.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2: Convert format

When the pop-up dialog pops up, you can choose JPEG from the drop-down list of Format, which is supported by all social media. Photo Convert also allows you to adjust photo Quality by moving the slider. Click on the OK button to continue.

Convert Images ImageConvert

Step 3: Apply caption

Click on the Watermark tab on right panel to open watermark editor. Select Text from the list and enter several words in the field of Text. Adjust Font, Style, Color, Opacity, Size and Position until you get the perfect caption.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Step 4: Send to social network

If you want to modify color parameters, you can go to the General tab.

Finally, click on the Export button and then hit the Share button to send your funny cat photo to social networks.

Create interesting cat images on Windows

Microsoft Paints is able to add captions on photos, but seems to be a better choice to create a funny cat image on Windows. has a feature, called speech bubble. It will make your captions more personalized.

How to create an interesting cat image

Step 1: Open cat image

Go to forum and add Dpy plug in to Open on your Windows PC and go to File-> Open to open your cat image.

Step 2: Colorize bubble

Go to Effects and open the Speech bubble window. Press F8 key to evoke colors palette and choose colors for Primary and Secondary. Former is for the text; and latter is for the background of the bubble.

Step 3: Modify bubble shape

Unfold the Shape menu and choose a shape from the list, like Cloud. Then you can adjust Width and Height of the bubble by moving the sliders.

Step 4: Add text

Input the funny words you want to add on the cat image in the Text field. Then you can adjust the Font, Size and other parameters. Move the bubble to the right position by choosing from the Direction list.

Step 5: Save funny cat photo

Click on the OK button on Speech bubble window to add the bubble on your cat image. Then go to File and Save the image to hard disk.


Design funny cat photos online

To multi-device users, online photo editors are more portable. There are many online photo editors has the capacity to add captions on cat pictures. Among these online tools, Add Text attracts our attention, because it is a dedicated tool to help you achieve such task.

How to design interesting cat pictures

Step 1: Visit in your browser to open the home page.

Step 2: Click on the Computer button to upload a cat picture from your computer.

Step 3: Input a funny sentence in the field of Text 1 and choose a font from the list of Style. Adjust the Size and Text Position as you wish. Then you can customize other Text or skip to next step directly.

Step 4: Click on the Next button. Then you can Download the funny cat picture to hard drive or Share to social media.


In this tutorial, we have discussed how to make funny cat photos. If you have no idea about what is funny cat photo, you can browse and learn on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. We shared how to use captions to create interesting cat pictures on Mac, Windows and online. These tools are able to help you make your cat pictures funny easily. And if you have a Mac computer, you are lucky. WidsMob Photo Converter could help you to apply funny text on a cat photo and convert it to social media supported format without damaging the quality.

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