How to Make Funny Christmas Photos on Windows, Mac and Online

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Peter Wood

Christmas is still the most important holiday of the year, although it comes every year. One way to enjoy the Christmas holiday for social media users is to share photos with friends on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Today, as people interact with visual signals, simple images cannot attract others’ attention. On the other hand, funny Christmas photos are popular on social media. If you still look at funny Christmas photos posted by your friends, it is time to make some fun holiday images on your own. We will show you making funny Christmas pictures on Windows, Mac, and online below.

Make Funny Christmas Photos

Part 1: Make Funny Christmas Photos on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

If you have some excellent ideas about Christmas photo collage, such as the shape of Santa Claus or Christmas tree, you can use WidsMob Montage to design the Christmas photo collage in both JPG and PNG. It is one of the best shape collage makers with a custom template.

When you use Photo Montage, you can create large mosaic photos as a wall photo collage. You can use your creativity to design a photo collage all by yourself with the excellent program.

  1. Add the shape of Santa Claus as the background of the Christmas Photo collage.
  2. Upload tiles with your family union, happy moments, or the Christmas party.
  3. Adjust the columns and tile to get the optimal result in the photo collage file.
  4. You can save the Christmas Photo collage to your computer, sync it to your smartphone or share it to social media accordingly.
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Step 1: When you have installed WidsMob Montage on your computer, you can launch the program. You can click the Select Background button to add an image as background. Next, you can apply photo filters if you want to make a picture-in-picture image.

Import Montage Background

Step 2: When you are content with the photo effect, you can click the Next button. Click the Select Tiles button to add the tile images. But if you are not satisfied with the photo, you can choose the photo and click the Remove Selected option to delete the photo.

Add Tiles Montage

Step 3: Add the frames you desire, choose the tile modes, select the column count/tile size, and check the matching color that you require. After that, you can click the Generate button to take a photo with a picture-picture effect as Photoshop.

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Part 2: Make Funny Christmas Photos on Windows

When you get high-quality Christmas photos, the next step is to use templates or stickers to decorate them and make Christmas photos funny. Though many people believe that MS Paint can edit images, it can only blend two photos and make a fun Christmas photo.

Step 1: Open your selfie with MS Paint. Unfold Select the menu and use the Free-form selection to select your face on the selfie.

Tip: Make sure you have turned on the Transparent selection option.

Step 2: Copy your face by pressing Ctrl + C keys and closing the selfie.

Step 3: Right-click on the funny Christmas photo template and open it with MS Paint. Press Ctrl + V keys to paste your portrait on the template and move it to the right place.

Tip: You can drag the control point to resize the top picture.

Step 4: Finally, go to the File menu and choose Save As to export the result in commonly used image format, like JPEG or PNG.


Part 3: Produce Funny Christmas Photos on Mac

Apple has integrated several utilities into Mac OS X, like Preview. It is not a dedicated photo editor, but it does have the ability to blend images.

Step 1: Locate to the destination containing your selfie and the template and open the two images in Preview with separate windows.

Step 2: Go to the window to include your selfie and open the Editing panel. Use the Instant Alpha tool to select the background from the photo. Then hit the Delete key to remove the selected part from your selfie.

Step 3: Press the Cmd + A keys to select the left part of your selfie and copy it by pressing the Cmd + C keys. Put the cursor on the template window and paste the selfie on the template by hitting Cmd + V kkeys. Drag the top picture to the correct position and resize the edited selfie until it looks like merging in the template.

Step 4: In the end, you can export the funny Christmas photo in JPEG or PNG.


Part 4: Create Funny Christmas Photos Online for Free

Though there are many online photo editors, only a few can create funny Christmas photos for free. Some photo editors ask you to register with personal information; others add a watermark on your images if you do not pay for them. is an all-in-one online photo editor with extensive funny templates. So, you can use it to create funny Christmas photos with your photos.

Step 1: Visit in your browser and click Christmas & New Year on the left category area to open the template list page.

Step 2: Scroll down to browse all templates and tap on your favorite one to go to the editing page.

Step 3: The photo editor allows you to upload a photo from computer, by URL, or from Facebook. You can choose a source according to your situation. It will take a while to blend your picture into the template.

Step 4: Once brought into the result page, you can download or share the output directly.

There is watermark on the resulting photo by default, but you can remove it. And you can add a caption on the funny Christmas photo by Text tool. The online editor also provides frames, stickers, and other photo editing tools to decorate your photos.


We have shown you how to make funny Christmas photos on Windows, Mac, and online above. Among various methods to create funny images, templates are the easiest one. You can search for and download Christmas templates and make funny Christmas photos with MS Paint or Preview for Mac. And online photo editors could help you blend your picture with templates automatically.

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