Animated GIF Maker to Generate High-Quality GIFs from Photos and Videos

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If you need to convert some stunning photos and videos into animated GIFs, you should keep all details of the original media files to make high-quality GIFs. Because of the color limitations of animated GIFs, you cannot generate high-quality GIFs as videos. But is there a workaround to preserve the optimal quality when you need to get animated GIFs from photos and videos? Here is the simple guide you should follow.

Generate High-Quality GIFs

Part 1: Why Cannot Save Animated GIFs as Videos

Just as mentioned above, the animated GIF can only color restrictions that can only contain up to 8 bits per pixel and allow a limit of 256 colors. It is the reason that some excellent high-quality GIFs generated from 4K videos are only playback on Mac with retina screen display.

Although the animated GIF is not in good quality as the videos, it does not mean the file size of GIFs is smaller than the videos. Usually, when you convert videos to GIFs, you will get a much larger file size. It means the photo or video-to-GIF conversion takes up most resources for personal computers. It is another reason that you cannot save high-quality GIFs.

But what should the optimal GIF maker to generate relatively high-quality GIFs, especially when you need to use it as a banner with the loop effects or reverse effects? Here is the detailed process you should follow.

Part 2: How to Generate High-Quality GIF Animation

Whether you need to generate animated GIFs from photos or videos, or even edit GIFs without conversion, WidsMob GIF is always the initial GIF maker you should consider. It enables you to convert videos to high-quality GIFs with up to 50FPS. Moreover, you can also adjust the quality, choose the file size, or select the social media presets.

1. Custom frame rate and adjust GIF quality before generating GIF animation.

2. Make high-quality GIFs with a maximum resolution of 320P and 10 FPS.

3. Provide efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering for GIFs.

4. Produce animated GIFs with thousands of colors based on pngquant codec.

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How to Make High-Quality GIFs from Videos

When you need to extract the original quality GIFs from the videos, it should be the best GIF maker to make animated GIFs with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 10FPS. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering.

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob GIF, you can launch the program on your computer and choose the Video to GIF button. Select the high-quality videos before conversion in the pop-up dialog box. After that, you can import the video into the program.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Click the Play button and observe the playback of the video. Intercept the video clips needed for the GIF animation by dragging the selection boxes at both ends of the timeline. You can input the specific time at both ends of the timeline to intercept the video clips.

Choose Video Clips GIF

Step 3: To correct HSL for the videos and enhance the quality, you can go to the Video Adjustment menu and adjust the sliders of Contrast, Saturation, and Brightness. Moreover, you can also rotate/mirror/flip videos, add stickers and text to animated GIFs, or adjust file size.

WidsMob Video Adjustment GIF

Step 4: When you need to make high-quality GIF animation, you can adjust the slider under Quality or enter the desired value. Click the arrow next to the Frame Rate to choose 50FPS to make the high-quality GIF. Just enter the loop count and choose the sequence before exporting.

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How to Generate High-Quality GIFs from Photos

If you need to make high-quality GIFs from photos, you only need to import the images with large sizes or even enhance them beforehand. But when you need to combine some animated files with high quality, or even edit the GIFs, you can tweak the frame rate and adjust the quality as well.

Step 1: Choose the Edit GIF button from the user interface. When you go to the Edit GIF window, you can import animated GIFs, AVIFs, or APNG files into the program. After that, preview each frame of the imported animated GIF within the program.

Import and Edit GIF

Step 2: Once you have imported the animated files, cut out the desired part from the timeline, adjust the sliders for saturation, contrast, and brightness, choose the presets from the GIF size, change the background for the animated GIF files, and more settings beforehand.

Adjust Settings for GIF

Step 3: To make high-quality animated GIFs, you can use the same method to adjust the slider under Quality. Click the Custom option from Frame Rate and choose 50FPS as the output. After that, you only need to click the Export GIF button to save high-quality files.

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Part 3: FAQs about How to Make High-Quality GIFs

1Is it possible to make high-quality GIFs from 4K?
Yes. But WidsMob GIF just disabled the feature at the moment. Because it requires too many resources to convert 4K videos to high-quality GIFs. What is worse, only the high-end Mac with a retina screen can display the animation smoothly without stuck.
2Why are the converted GIFs much larger than videos?
The animated GIF is a combination of a series of images while the video is a container of frames. Instead of moving image by shot, video files break the structures into chunks. The video is a complete piece with a certain number of frames bundled into one chip.
3Why it takes so long to generate high-quality GIFs?
Because it takes many resources to make high-quality GIF animation, you have to close other programs and wait a long period. Make sure there is enough space for the destination folder, or else it will not generate the GIFs with the desired quality.


When you need to make some high-quality GIF animation, here is the ultimate guide you should know. WidsMob GIF is the all-in-one GIF maker to generate GIFs from photos and videos. It enables you to customize the videos and photos with up to 50FPS with thousands of colors, which is about 20% higher than most GIF makers.

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