How to Do Makeup for Round/Fat Faces – 12 Best Tips You Should Never Miss

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How to make up for a fat face? When you have excellent makeup skills, you can bring youth back and reduce the signs of aging. What should be the best round face makeup for eyes, hairstyles, cheeks, and more others? If you are trying some makeup, here are the 12 excellent tips you should never miss. Moreover, you can have virtual fat face makeup with the best portrait editor according to your requirement.

How to Makeup for Fat Faces

Part 1: 12 Excellent Tips to Makeup for Fat Face

Should you turn to professionals to make up for fat face? If you are a beginner, you only need to have more practice first. There are many courses and video lessons you can learn about how to do makeup for round faces. Just get them, as well as the 12 excellent tips to find whether it works.

Tip 1: Make up for Fat Face Cream

Before makeup a chubby face, you should do the basic face care. The skin color on a face is not consistent, some parts are dark and some areas are light. There may be some spots and blemish. So, you should start with basic care. BB cream, for example, stands for blemish balm that is designed to serve as a foundation. It has the capacity to homogenize and balance skin color. It is a good alternative to foundation, which will absorb the moisture from your skin and make it too dry to make up.

Make Well Base

Tip 2: Eye Make up for Fat Face

A pair of big eyes will attract others’ attention and distract the visuals from the double chin on your face. First of all, black eyeliners for the eyes are the best friends of makeup for fat face. With a touch of mascara, metallic tones of the eyelids, you can highlight the eye region, which will draw more attention, as well as your face will seem smaller. Another important thing is to cover dark circles under your eye. That will improve your skin color. Anyway, the key rule of eye makeup is to make your eyes pop.

Makeup Eyes

Tip 3: Brows Make up for Fat Face

Naturally, there are different brow shapes. However, it may be not suitable for a fat face. On the other hand, the high and arched brows work perfectly for chubby face makeup, since it provides a vertical point and creates the illusion of an elongated face. First of all, remove the unwanted part of your brows, and then draw the desired shape with an eyebrow pencil. Next, brush your brows upwards and then darken the arch shade and the tale of your brows. Bear in mind to keep your arches natural.

Makeup Eyes

Tip 4: Makeup Apple of Portrait

An apple of the portrait is a cute area of a face. However, you should not apply blush directly to the apples if you want to make your round face slimmer. The correct way to makeup for fat face is to apply blush to the upper area on the apple areas of your cheeks and slightly around your temples. It can better match the highlighted eyes and make you look younger. Moreover, you should choose the right color for your apples. Red is not always the best option.

Apple Portrait Makeup

Tip 5: Utilize Muted Tones

Dark is always the best partner of light. Just as mentioned above, when you need to makeup for a round face, you can highlight the eye region to create a focus. To enhance the focus further, you should use muted tones to your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Then it will create the look of shadow naturally when you slim the portrait.

Mute Tone

Tip 6: Concentrate the Foundation

Makeup for a fat face should follow some key rules of standard makeup, such as starting a foundation in the middle. In our world, symmetry is the basis of beauty, so is makeup. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, you should keep the symmetry of makeup is important.

Concentrate Foundation

Tip 7: Contour Your Nose

If the darkening eye region can highlight your eyes, applying shimmering powder will highlight your nose and create the 3D effect. It is well known that a three-dimension object seems smaller than the two-dimension one with the same area. So, a high nose creates the illusion of a thinner look.

Contour Nose

Tip 8: Enhance Your Lip

Angelina’s lip is sexy, but bold lips are not suitable for a chubby face since they will widen the appearance. So, you’d better keep your lip natural with a tint or gloss. But it does not mean you should do nothing about makeup for your fat face. Try to draw a slightly higher cupid’s bow with a lip liner will have created the elongating effect on your face.

Contour Nose

Tip 9: Select the Proper Hair Style

Another important tip about makeup for a fat face is to choose the right hairstyle. If you have a double chin and full of cheeks, you should pick up the hairstyle that gives the illusion of a softer and more oval face shape, such as the short bob hairstyle, curly hairstyle, and textured layer hairstyle.

Portrait Nose

Tip 10: Play with Your Angles

Use a highlight powder and a bronzer to sculpt and shade, balancing a rounder face with full features. To create the illusion of a more sculpted face, you can simply sweep bronzer along the temples, in the hollows of the cheeks, and along the jawline to makeup for a round face.

Play with Angle

Top 11: Accessory Correctly

Jewelry and accessory are important to elongate the face, particularly the earrings and necklaces. Have a piece of long and eye-catching jewelry, wear a high hat and sunglasses, and even use a scarf that hangs low are all efficient ways to make your body and face look thinner.

Wear Accessory

Top 12: Dress the Right Cloth

Dress the right cloth is also important to make up for a fat face. You should opt to wear dark, solid colors instead of patterns. If you want to wear stripes, then pick an outfit with vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones, such as a long skirt or jeans to make you taller.

Dress Right Cloth

Part 2: How to Preview Virtual Makeup for Fat Face

What is the most important to makeup a fat face? Practice makeup is the ultimate one, which is a bit complicated. Especially when you want to view the effects of the makeup. Widsmob Portrait Pro is the ultimate solution to have virtual makeup for a fat face. You can practice all the tips mentioned above to get satisfying makeup.

  1. Detect your faces in the portrait image using advanced artificial intelligence.
  2. Makeup for fat face to touchup skin, enhance a portrait, or even make faces.
  3. Provide different makeup presets and detailed colors, intensity, and styles.
  4. Customize the preset with all the parameters and apply effects with one click.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Do a Makeup for Fat Face Virtual

Step 1: Download and install Widsmob Portrait Pro, launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button and import a portrait with a fat face into the program. It will detect the facial points automatically when you upload the photos.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Just follow the tips, you can go to the Edit menu and choose the Skin button. Click the Adjust Skin Area button to choose the touch-up area, which you can smooth the face, change the skin tone or brighten skin to make a well base to make up a round face.

Choose Skin Area Portrait Pro

Step 3: Choose the Slim Face option under the Enhancements button directly to slim the round face within one click. It provides different levels to enhance the portrait image. Moreover, you can also use the slider to tweak the detailed parameters accordingly.

Face Slim Feature Portrait Pro

Step 4: If you want to do virtual makeup for a round face, you can choose the Makeup button. It enables you to highlight the eyes, choose the right shape of brows, focus on apples, contour your nose and select the suitable color of cosmetic easily.

Makeup Fat Face Portrait Pro

Step 5: When you get the desired effect, you can click on the Save button to open the profile dialog. Enter the file name and destination, select proper format and quality, and click the Save button. After that, you can purchase the items with the same color to makeup for a fat face accordingly.

Export Skinny Face Portrait Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about Making up for Fat Faces

1How to Understand Your Face Type?

As for a round face with generous cheeks and a rounded chin, it might look chubby in most cases. But you can also take advantage of the face type as Sonakshi Sinha, Adele, and more other celebrities. You can simply learn the makeup skills and try them with a portrait editor.

2What are the Recommended Haircuts for Chubby Faces?

Besides the above fair styles to makeup for fatty face, chubby cheeks, an oval face, and many more, here are more other hairstyles you can check, straight elongated front lock haircut, half updo hairstyle, layer straight hairstyle, braided crown hairstyle.

3How to Do a Makeup for Fat Faces of Bride?

When you need to have makeup for the fat faces of a bride, you should decide the hairstyle beforehand. Then choose the suitable color for the wedding day. You can simply follow the above-mentioned tips to enhance the portrait or have makeup accordingly.


Every face is a beautiful face, with freckles or spots, a double chin, or more. It is ok with that, but on some days, you may want to feel like Angelina. I believe that you are not alone. You must have grasped the top 12 tips on makeup for a fat face. Just have a virtual makeup practice before you purchase the right item and color to makeup for a round face.

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