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Best Nose Editors to Beauty and Sharpen Your Nose without Surgery as Desired

A high nose is important standard to beauty your portrait. You have to pay special attention to sharpen your nose in your daily life. Just learn more about the 5 best tips to beauty and sharpen nose without surgery. Is there a method to enhance the nose with a nose editor? Just learn more about the best nose editor can do for you to enhance and beauty nose from the article.

Nose Editor

Part 1: How to Beauty and Sharpen Nose without Surgery

Method 1: Nose Clip

Editing and enhancing nose through surgery is not always a nice option. A nose clip is an alternative solution. According to manufacturers, the nose clip is safe and can sharpen your nose effectively. Moreover, it will not interfere with breathing when using. If you search for the nose clip on Amazon, you will get a lot of options. All you need is to pick up your favorite one based on your preferences.

Method 2: Perform Massage

Another method to make the sharpen nose naturally is the massage. Most salons offer the professional service to edit nose. Moreover, you can learn how to massage your nose through video tutorials, which can be found on YouTube and other social media sites. Bear in mind that this method requires patience in waiting for maximum results.

Method 3: Pinch Nose Regularly

The easiest way to sharpen nose naturally without surgery is pinching your nose regularly. This way is convenient and you can perform it anywhere and anytime. Plus, it does not cost any penny. Compared plastic surgery, it takes much longer time to take effort. But is safe for your health.

Method 4: Exercise the Muscles

Bones and muscles construct a nose. It is difficult to change the shape of bones, but you can do a lot on muscles. The exercise targeting the muscles on the sides of your nose is able to edit your nose and sharpen it. Make an O shape with your mouth, and then use your index fingers to push your nostrils halfway. Repeat this exercise multiple times a day, if you expect to see the effect as soon as possible.

Method 5: Contour nose with makeup

Makeup techniques can make the illusion of sharpen nose naturally as well, even though it will not edit your nose shape or make it higher. Just follow the steps to makeup a sharpen nose with ease.

Step 1: Put your index finger on the middle of your nose. The areas around your nose that are not covered by your finger are the parts that should be given shading.

Step 2: Before you apply makeup on your nose, put normal foundation. This will help your nose makeup look more natural.

Step 3: Highlight the area covered by your finger with bright powder. It usually starts at eye-level and stops about half an inch before the end of your nose.

Step 4: Then use bronzer to add darker makeup to the sides of your nose. The closer you draw the lines to the center of your nose, the sharper your nose will appear.

Step 5: Blend the makeup together with a soft brush. And make sure that the makeup looks seamless and smooth as much as possible.

Part 2: The Best Nose Editor to Enhance and Beauty Nose

How do you sharpen a nose virtually on your portrait image? When you want to share a selfie on Facebook, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a desired nose editor to enhance nose, slim face and lift cheek to beauty and enhance nose within clicks. Moreover, there are some makeup filters to beauty your portrait.

1. Enhance nose with 3 different presets and tweak parameter manually.

2. Slim face and lift cheek enables you to make nose looks straighter.

3. Customize a preset to enhance nose and slim face within one click.

4. Export the portrait image with enhanced nose with the original quality.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Get Sharp Nose without Plastic Surgery

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. You can click the Select Photos button to import the portrait you want to retouch. Of course, you can also click the Select Folder button to import all photos for a batch process.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Once you have imported the photo, you can go to the Edit tab and choose the Enhance Nose option to select a preset, such as low, medium and high. Of course, you can also tweak the parameter manually to edit the nose accordingly.

Enhance Nose Portrait

Step 3: If you want to view the comparison, you can click the B/A mode in the left corner to locate the enhanced nose. In order to edit the nose, you can also enable the Slim Face option as well as the Lift Cheek option to beauty and enhance nose.

Slim Face Portrait

Step 4: If you are satisfied with a result, you can click the Export button to enter the desired file name, select the desired output size, photo quality, or even the photo format. After that, you can click the Start button to beauty and enhance the nose.

Export Enhanced Nose Portrait

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


This article shares the details about how to sharpen your noses naturally without plastic surgery. It is well known that surgery is danger and could lead to various problems, although it is able to enhance your nose in short time. In addition to rely on massage and makeup, you can try the best nose editor, WidsMob Portrait Pro. It is not only enhances the nose directly, but also provides multiple makeup filters to beauty and edit nose with ease.