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4 Best Lip Enhancer APP to Make Lips Bigger and Plumper

You can use lipsticks or perform plastic surgery to make your lips virtual bigger temporarily or permanently. Though the latter one may last longer time than common cosmetics. However, it is harmful to your health, and you are not sure whether you want to keep plumping lips all your life.

Seriously, lipsticks are not healthy enough, no matter how organic the raw materials are. During this time, you need one lip enhancer app to help you plump lips quickly and perfectly. Thus, even though you do not wear make-up, you can still get charming and plumping lips in your selfies.

Lip Enhancer App

Part 1: Retouch Me – Bigger Lips Photo Editor APP

Retouch Me is an online selfie retouching app for both iPhone and Android users. You can adjust not only your face but also your body and background. Well, it is easy to control how large your lips are. Moreover, you can also use parameters to retouch and reshape your portrait image by few taps. Well, Retouch Me will release the lips editor online soon.

Main Features:

  • Get more than 30 options to retouch your face and body with parameters instantly.
  • Slim, resize, reshape and lengthen any part easily.


  • Get more controls to make lips bigger, as well as eyes and other parts.
  • Apply lips and breast augmentations to any size you like.


  • Its free version contains ads.
  • You need to purchase certain fees to unlock professional filters.

Retouch Me

Part 2: Selfie Beauty Photo Editor – Virtual Lip Plumper APP for iOS

You can use this lip enhancer application to enlarge lips and any part of your body on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch freely. What’s more, it is also supported to apply lipstick effects on your portrait image. You can choose from various colors to get the perfect selfie. In addition, there is a selfie countdown timer, which can help you get rid of blurry selfies. Well, it is not difficult to turn thin lips to pumping ones.

Main Features:

  • Pout lips and apply lipsticks on your selfie.
  • Enlarge eyes with eyeliner and eyelashes.


  • Get various makeup controls to perfect your face within several taps.
  • Share your retouched picture to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or through email by one click.


  • Its purchased links are invalid after upgrade.
  • Some users complain that its makeup controls are fake.

Selfie Beauty Photo Editor

Part 3: Plump Lips Effect Photo Editor – Lip Augmentation APP for Android

This lip enhancer app is mainly designed for full lips. You can get various lip styles and adjust the size smoothly. In spite of the lip augmentation, you can also take a selfie with its built-in camera. The newly-taken selfie will be saved to your photo gallery by default. Actually, it is also a funny face changer app.

Main Features:

  • Fill full lips with any size and color you like.
  • Take perfect selfies with its insert camera directly.


  • This is an app to make eyes bigger, as well as your lips.
  • Share your plump lips within the application.


  • There are many ads contained.
  • Users cannot get much customizable filters.

Plump Lips Effect Photo Editor

Part 4: WidsMob Portrait – Perfect Smile Enhancer Software on Mac

In spite of enhancing lips, a perfect smile also matters a lot. During this time, you can turn to WidsMob Portrait for help. This program can make your smile bigger and turn your teeth whiter than before. Well, you can get a shining and sweet smile effortlessly. Furthermore, there are many other selfie retouching effects. In a word, you can reshape and redefine portrait images with WidsMob Portrait as a pro.

What can You Get from the Selfie Editor Software

  • Remove wrinkles, pouch and blemishes from your face by one click.
  • Adjust skin color tone with various choices.
  • Offer complete portrait makeup tools, such as eye brighten, cheek lifting, face slimming and more.
  • Support to import JPEG and RAW images from your smartphone and DSLR camera.
  • Export the retouched images to JPEG or TIFF format to different quality levels.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Steps to Retouch a Selfie with Flawless Skin within 5 Minutes

Step 1: Add a picture

Free download WidsMob Portrait on your Mac computer. Launch the selfie retouching software after the installation. Drag and drop a portrait image to the main interface directly.

Import Photo to Portrait

Step 2: Retouch your portrait image

You can get full makeup controls to touch up the imported portrait. From the right panel, you can get skin soften, skin whiten, skin color tone and do other changes with parameters directly.

Smile on Portrait

For instance, if you want to enlarge smile, you can move the slider under the “Smile” category. Later, you can preview the real-time effect on the main interface. To get the direct comparison, you can choose “Before/After” from the “View” drop-down menu.

Before/After on Portrait

Step 3: Export the retouched portrait

Click “Share” or “Save” on the top right corner of the screen. If you choose the former option, you can share the retouched picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others by one click.

Share on Portrait

When you select the latter option, you can save the picture as JPEG or TIFF format. Then move the quality slider from the least to the best freely. Finally, choose “Save” to finish the process.

Save on Portrait

By using above tools, you can make lips bigger and fuller effortlessly. What’s more, you can also get a perfect smile with the help of WidsMob Portrait. If you have any good lip enhancer app, you can share in the comments below. Of course, just feel free to contact us when you have any question. We are glad to help you solve any question whenever you need.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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