Online Screen Recorder

Online Screen Recorder – 5 Recommended Online Solutions to Capture the Desired Files

If you just need to capture a simple video for the onscreen activities, you might not want to use some professional video recorders. Online screen recorder is a great choice to get the desired recording without downloading extra program. The article shares 5 video recorders online to record onscreen activities on your Windows and Mac.

Online Screen Recorder

Part 1: Top 5 Screen Recorder Online to Record Onscreen Activities

Top 1: Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is one of the most popular online screen recorders to let you record favorite videos, pictures and webcam files with a single click. It only supports 15 minutes of video recording.


1. Record, zoom and draw on the desired videos, images and webcam files.

2. In-built editing features to edit and personalize your pictures and videos.

3. Share the recording video to YouTube and other social media sites.


1. Only 15 minutes of video recording that is available for Windows OS.

2. Cannot add watermark signatures on your pictures and videos with ease.


Top 2: ScreenToaster

ScreenToaster is another free online screen recorder to capture screencasts, tutorial, demos, training and more others. You can embed the files on your blogs and webpage, or even send them by email.


1. Java-script feature to enables you to use it on different operating systems.

2. Embed screencast with the online screen recorder within few clicks.

3. Come with sharing option to upload and share captured images and videos.


1. Cannot record the audio files, or share/export the video within the program.

2. You have to register the online account before using the video recorder.


Top 3: Movavi Screenshot Extension

Movavi Screenshot Extension is another type of online screen recorder of your web browser plugin that enable you to grab full webpage, selected parts and full screen in a few seconds.


1. Grab the visible screen area, including control panel, open windows, etc.

2. Take a high quality screenshot or video of your desktop and instant share.

3. Capture video with system sound or add your voice comments with Mic.


1. Cannot record video or audio for any onscreen activities with a large size.

2. Cannot use the online screen recorder to capture the webcam recording.

Movavi Screenshot Extension

Top 4: Screencastify (Screen Recorder)

Screencastify is another online video recorder plugin, which you can record, edit and share HD videos. It enables you to record the web browser, add a microphone audio and even the webcam files.


1. Capture the whole screen, webcam files and even narrate with microphone.

2. Add capture attention, such as mouse spotlight, drawing pen tool and more.

3. Auto save the recording to Google Drive, upload to YouTube and save files.


1. The online screen recorder only works with Chrome devices and browsers.

2. Require careful content planning and design to keep audiences interested.


Top 5: Toolster Video Recorder

Toolster Video Recorder is a simple and robust video recorder online that enables you to record your screen using webcam. It has the restriction for the time period, but you can record as many times as you want.


1. Preview the recording levels of your video as the time moves on.

2. Save the recording videos as FLV for your website or social media sites.

3. One click to record, pause and manage the recording process with ease.


1. It only record video and audio files within 2 minutes from your computer.

2. Install the latest version of Adobe to use the online screen recorder.

Toolster Video Recorder

Part 2: Best Online Screen Recorder Alternative to Capture Screen

Of course, the online screen recorders have many restrictions, such as the video size, recording period, and even the video format. When you find the online solutions do not work for you, you have to choose an alternative to capture the desired files. WidsMob Capture is the desired online screen recorder alternative to record video, capture audio or even take snapshot within clicks.

1. Record screen video/webcam, capture audio files and take snapshots.

2. Tweak the frame rate, video quality, sample rate, bitrate and others.

3. Add annotations, shapes, texts, callouts or even draw on the recording.

4. Set up the desired hotkeys, mouse cursor, count down and more.

Download for Mac Version

How to Record Online Streaming Videos with Ease

Step 1: Download and install the online screen recorder alternative, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the “Preferences” option from the “WidsMob Capture” menu to tweak the settings for the recording.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Select the “General” option to tweak the frame rate, bitrate, and even sample rate for the recording output. Moreover, you can also add the mouse cursor, count download and more other elements for the output file.

Recording Capture

Step 3: After that, you can choose the desired area for recording, add the audio channel, webcam recording and other files. Now you can click on the REC button to start recording the onscreen activities on your computer.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 4: During the recording process, you can add the desired text files, callouts, shape, arrow and other elements for the recording. Once you have clicked the “Stop” button, it will save the recording to the destination folder.

Annotation Capture

Download for Mac Version


The article shares 5 most frequently used online screen recorders to capture the desired files online. Just learn more about the features of these programs to record the desired files without downloading extra program. But there are some restrictions, especially when you need to record a high quality video, or even record a large file. WidsMob Capture is the desired video recorder online alternative to get satisfied videos with ease.