download Netflix movies to computer

How to Download Your Favorite Netflix Movies to A Computer with Ease

When you want to enjoy a favorite movie on Netflix, how to download Netflix movies to computer? Once you have downloaded the movies from Netflix, you can watch the movies without Wi-Fi network or cellular data. The updated Netflix now provides you the download option for most movies and TV shows, so that you can download Netflix movies offline. How to get the desired movie with the original quality? Just learn more details about the 2 efficient methods to capture the movies with or without a premium account.

download Netflix movies to computer

Part 1: How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer via Netflix Premium

If you have already subscribed the Netflix Premium service, Netflix allows you to download Netflix movies to computer for watching offline. There are some important tips you should know about the limitations.

1. Download maximum of 100 titles per device. According to Netflix support page, a user can download up to 100 titles of a single device at any given time. When reaching the limit, you will get an error.

2. Download Netflix movies crossing devices. You can download movies in one, two or four devices depending on your subscription plan. You need to authentic the devices beforehand.

3. All downloaded Netflix movies are encrypted on your computer. You cannot open them in other media player except Netflix app.

4. All titles have an expiration time. You have to learn the expiration time before downloading movies from Netflix since it is varied from title to title. You will be notified 7 days before the expiration date.

5. Not all movies are available to download. All Netflix original contents are available to download, but non-original contents are only available before left off the list.

6. Service is not available to Mac. Since Netflix does not provide app for Mac machine, you cannot download Netflix movies to Mac. The only way to watch your favorite movies on the Mac is a good Internet connection.

If you do not mind the restrictions above and already have a premium account, follow the steps below to download Netflix movies to computer.

How to Download a Netflix Movie to Computer

Step 1: Open your Netflix app and sign in your premium account. The Netflix movie download option is only available in the client, but not Netflix website. The app is compatible with Windows 8 or later.

Step 2: Search for the movie that you want to watch offline from the search bar. Then click the Available for Download in the Menu bar at upper left corner to display downloadable contents.

Netflix Download Available for Download

Step 3: Find the desired movie, and click the Download button to download Netflix movies to your computer. It provides two quality levels for download, Standard and High. The former uses less space, but the latter is high definition between 720P and 1080P.

Netflix Download Downloading

Step 4: You can set it in Video Quality option under Downloads section in the App Settings menu. After downloading, go to the Download section in Netflix app and watch it without a network.

Part 2: How to Capture Netflix Movies to Computer with Screen Recorder

What should be the best alternative to download Netflix movies to a computer with the original quality? WidsMob Capture is a versatile Netflix movie capture tool to obtain the movies, tweak the audio/video settings, add lines/mouse cursor/annotation, edit the recording files and even manage the video within few clicks.

1. Download any movies with audio on Netflix by recording.

2. Take schedules and download Netflix movies automatically.

3. Preview, edit and manage the recording Netflix movies.

4. Support a wide range of custom options and bonus tools.

Download for Mac Version

How to Download Netflix Movie to Computer without Premium Account

Step 1: Download and install Netflix movie downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. Then choose the Record Screen option to capture the movies from Netflix. Go to the Preferences dialog and modify the options related to hotkeys, mouse display, output quality and more.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: To download a movie on Netflix to computer, turn on the Record Area option and set the recording area based on the video. Then you can turn on the Audio Recorder option and adjust the volume. Click the REC button and play the movie on Netflix to download the desired movie.

Customize Capture

Step 3: During recording, you can add text, shapes and paintings to the video with the tools on the toolbar. You can add watermark and others if you need to upload the files to TikTok or other social media sites. The Camera icon is used to take screenshots at important footages.

Annotation Capture

Step 4: When you want to stop downloading or the movie playback is done, click the Stop button to save the movie to the output path you set. Go to the Media Library window, you can view the movies, delete old recordings, or even share the movie to social media sites.

Media Library Capture

Note: All downloaded Netflix movies are completely saved to your hard drive. They won’t be expired or have any restrictions.

Download for Mac Version


It is the ultimate guide about how to download Netflix movies to computer with or without a premium account. As a popular streaming platform, Netflix offers a huge collection of movies, TV shows and original contents. Moreover, the platform also provides the download option for premium subscribers. But even if you do not have a premium account, WidsMob Capture can help you get any movies from Netflix without a premium account.