How to Record Skype Video and Audio Calls on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

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How to record Skype calls, group discussions or business meetings for backup? Actually, Skype releases a cloud-based Skype call recording feature that records calls on Skype without worrying about available storage space or its performance.

But you still need a professional Skype recorder, especially when you want to record Skype video or audio calls without the other person knowing. Since if you record a video call in Skype, Skype will notify all attendees about Skype recording, including yourself. Besides, there are also many other Skype recording limits.

This article introduces 2 typical ways to record Skype calls on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android phone. No matter you want to secretly record Skype calls or not, you can learn more about the most efficient methods from the article.

Record Skype Video and Audio Calls

Part 1: How to Record Skype Calls for Meetings

Skype will send notifications to everyone in a meeting call once it is recorded. It is quite embarrassing if you don’t tell others that you want to record a Skype calls for a meeting. In order to record Skype calls without others knowing, you can take WidsMob Capture as your Skype call recorder, which enables you to record Skype video and audio calls secretly.

Moreover, you can choose the capture area for Skype calls, add animated titles, edit the recordings, and even save the Skype calls of a meeting in full HD or 4K videos on Windows and Mac. Here are the main features of this Skype calls recorder:

1. Record Skype screen and audio file simultaneously or separately.

2. Capture Skype screenshots and add annotation within captures.

3. Show your keyboard and set up the mouse display in the recording.

4. Capture Skype calls videos for meetings without others knowing.

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Easy steps to record Skype calls on Windows and Mac

Before starting to record Skype video and audio calls for a business meeting with this Skype calls recorder, you can just set recording frame over Skype call window and click the REC button. Check the following instruction to get the detailed steps.

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Capture, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the recording option on the panel and customize the recording area to the Skype meeting window. Moreover, you can also record Skype meeting call in HD with full-screen mode.

Set up Skype recording frame in Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 2: Then you can enable the System Audio and Microphone icons to capture Skype call audio files from all participants. Moreover, you can also highlight mouse clicks, highlight cursor and even record keyboard for the Skype video and audio calls.

Record Skype call with Movavi screen recorder

Step 3: Click the Start recording button or use the default F10 hotkey to record Skype call on Windows 10 and Mac. It enables you to add annotations, draw on the recording, or even take snapshots. Once you complete recording the Skype video call, you can click the Stop button.

Save Skype call recording with Movavi screen recorder

Step 4: After finishing recording, you can click the Scissors icon to remove the unwanted part for Skype call meeting, share the business video as a link, send to WhatsApp, add to folder and more. After that, you can click the Export button to save the recorded file.

Export Skype call recording from Movavi screen recorder Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Record Skype Audio Calls on Mac

What should you do if you just want to record Skype audio calls, especially for your MacBook? Since the default QuickTime Player for Mac only enables you to capture the sound from microphone only, you can still use WidsMob Capture to capture the audio files from both system sound and Microphone. Just take full control over the Skype call audio recording as below.

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Step 1: Once you have launched WidsMob Capture, you can click the left arrow button to add the Audio Recording button. There is a new Microphone icon to capture the Skype audio calls that record only system sound or your mic to get an MP3 file.

Add Audio Recording Icon in Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 2: Choose the desired microphone channel and the system sound. It enables you to capture Skype audio calls from all participants. After that, you can click on the Record button to capture from both channels. It will show the audio volume for the recorded audio file.

Record Skype Audio with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 3: When you click the Stop button, it will direct you to the audio editing window. You can tweak the audio volume, cut the desired part, share to the Google Drive, or even export the recorded Skype call audio file to an MP3 format with a desired audio quality.

Export Audio Skype Calls from Movavi Screen Recorder

Part 3: How to Record a Skype Call Directly

Just as mentioned above, Skype has a default call recording feature to record Skype calls. If you don’t mind the Skype recording notification, you can capture video and audio from Skype on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android phone directly.

How to Record a Skype Call on Windows and Mac

When you start recording a Skype call, everybody knows. The original Skype recording will not be saved automatically. You need to save or share it manually. Here is the tutorial to record Skype calls on Windows 10 and macOS.

Step 1: Make Skype call as usual.

Step 2: If you want to record a Skype call as a participant, choose the three-dot option.

Step 3: Select Start recording. A banner pops up in everyone’s Skype window. So all people know that you are trying to use Skype recording.

Step 4: When you stop recording on Skype, the recorded file will be in your chat within 30 days.

Step 5: To save a Skype call recording, choose another three-dot More option. Select Save to “Downloads” or Save as to save a Skype call.

Step 6: If you want to share the Skype call recording directly, choose Forward from the More option.

Record Skype Call on Windows with Skype default feature

How to Record a Skype Call on iPhone and Android

To record a Skype call on your mobile phone, you can also use the built-in call recording feature. Compared with desktop Skype recording, there are some slightly differences.

Step 1: Run Skype app and make a Skype call.

Step 2: While you are having a Skype call, tap the three-dot icon.

Step 3: Choose Start recording to record a Skype call on Android or iPhone.

Step 4: Skype will tell others that you’ve started a Skype recording.

Step 5: Stop recording on Skype. Tap and hold on the call recording. Choose Save to save Skype call recording to Camera Roll automatically.

Step 6: To share a Skype call recording, you can tap and hold on the call recording. Then choose Forward to share the Skype recording call.

Record Skype Call on iPhone with Skype default recording feature

Part 3: Top 5 Skype Call Recorders

If you are looking for other screen recorders to record Skype calls, you can check the following lists to get some advices.

Skype recorderPlatformProsCons
QuickTime PlayerWindows, Mac

1. QuickTime Player is free for Skype video and audio recording.

2. Save the recorded Skype calls as WMV, AVI, MKV and more formats.

Need to install extra codecs to get playback of some video and audio files.
Windows 10 game barWindows 10

1. It is a built-in gameplay recording feature. You can also use this game bar to record Skype calls on Windows 10.

2. Take screenshots while making Skype video calls.

The game bar interface doesn’t show occasionally.
VLC Media PlayerWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

1. Record a Skype call on desktop or phone screen for free.

2. Apply basic video editing tools to Skype call recording.

The latest VLC version crashes all the time.
Screencast-O-MaticWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook

1. Offer the multi-screen recording feature.

2. Add text, shapes and other drawing tools to your Skype call recording.

The user interface is a bit tricky for beginners to use.
OBS Studio

1. OBS Studio is a free and open source screen recorder for Skype.

2. Don’t cost high CPU performance.

OBS Studio is complicated for novices to operate.

Extended Reading: More Things You Need to Know about Recording Skype Calls

1Is There a Time Limitation to Record Skype Calls Directly?

You can record a Skype call for up to 24 hours, especially when you have an important meeting. After that, you can split the videos into different sections. Of course, you can use the professional Skype call recorder that enables you to pause, trim, and divide the recording within clicks.

2How to Record Skype Calls Secretly on iOS and Android Devices?

Similar to the above methods, you can use a 3rd-party Skype call recorder to capture the audio files and videos, such as the default iOS screen recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder, or even the applications that mirror the iOS/Android screen to a computer for recording.

3How to Record Skype Calls for a Podcast?

To record a Skype call for a podcast, you should download the Pamela for Skype and save the call to your computer beforehand. Once you have launched Skype, you can press the record button in Pamela in the upper-left corner and make a call. Press the Stop button in Pamela and the call will be automatically saved. After that, you can share the recorded calls on your podcast from the Store recordings in section.


These are all workable ways to record Skype calls on different platforms. You can record Skype video and audio calls without other person knowing by using third-party call recorders. Or you can choose the default call recording feature of Skype, which is another efficient way. The main drawback of Skype call recording is that everyone will be notified the Skype recording. If you are okay about that, t you can record Skype calls within Skype directly.

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