Is It Possible to Recover Photoshop Files on Mac, Here is the Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Yulia Ilina

When your Photoshop suddenly crashed and closed all unsaved files, you can simply reopen the program to retrieve the unsaved Photoshop files on Mac. The AutoSave feature is always the initial choice to find unsaved or lost files. What should you do if the method does not work? How to retrieve and repair the PSD files without re-doing everything from scratch? Here is the ultimate guide for recovering Photoshop files on Mac.

Recover Photoshop Files on Mac

Part 1: Recover Photoshop PSD on Mac via Open Recent

If there is an unsaved PSD file of Photoshop on Mac, you can simply go to Open Recent to check the files you have edited. It is an easy way to retrieve the Photoshop project on Mac, but not always work, especially when you need to get some large files back.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop on your MacBook again. Go to the File menu and choose the Open Recent button. After that, you can find all the lost PSD files from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Search for the recent projects you have been working on from the list. After that, you can open it to retrieve the unsaved, deleted, or corrupted PSD files on Photoshop again.

Step 3: Just complete the project file before exporting the PSD file. You can also click the File menu and choose the Save As button to restore Photoshop files on your MacBook.

Open Recent of Photoshop

Part 2: Retrieve Photoshop Files on Mac with AutoSave

When you cannot open the autosave Photoshop files automatically, you can find them from the destination folder to restore Photoshop files on Mac. The AutoSave feature is enabled by default, you can also change the settings to avoid data loss.

Step 1: Switch to the Finder menu by clicking any blank space on your desktop. Head to the Go menu and choose the Go to Folder button. After that, you can head to the AutoRecover files for Photoshop.

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2022/AutoRecover

Step 2: Go to the AutoRecover folder, you can search for the unsaved PSD files. After that, you can retrieve the unsaved Photoshop files and save them with new file names.

Autorecovery Photoshop Mac

If you are a designer and need to back up the Photoshop project automatically, you can change the settings of the Configure AutoSave option in Photoshop for Mac below.

Step 1: Click the Photoshop option in the upper-right corner and head to the Preferences option. Select the File Handling button to set up the different parameters for your Photoshop.

Step 2: Check Automatically Save Recovery Information Every and chose the 5 Minutes option from the drop-down list to avoid the closed Photoshop file without saving accidentally.

Note: When you need to change the Photoshop autosave location on Mac, you can simply click the Choose Directory button and select the output folder accordingly.

Set Up Preference Photoshop

Part 3: Restore Unsaved Photoshop Files on Mac via Time Machine

Time Machine is another frequently used and built-in method to recover unsaved Photoshop files on Mac. Once you have enabled the auto-backup process, you can always retrieve any files that you saved, including the PSD files you have deleted.

Step 1: Go to the Apple menu and choose the System Settings button. After that, Choose the General option and select the Time Machine button to check the backup files.

Step 2: Navigate through Time Machine to locate the desired PSD files you wish to retrieve. Once you’ve found the lost Photoshop file, choose the files and click the Restore button.

Time Machine Mac Retrieve PSD

Part 4: Recover Photoshop PSD on Mac with Data Recovery

If you cannot retrieve the Photoshop PSD files with the above method, Mac Data Recovery is the all-in-one method to retrieve photos from Photoshop at a high success rate. It provides different scanning modes to restore lost, deleted, or unsaved files from all devices. Moreover, there is a Filter feature that ensures you get back the files easily.

1. Retrieve photos, PSD, and other file formats from Photoshop and others.

2. Preview unsaved, deleted, or lost PSD files of Photoshop before recovery.

3. Restore files from recycle bin, hard drive, partition, crash Mac, virus, etc.

4. Provide the deep scan mode to ensure that you can find all the PSD files.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install Mac Data Recovery on your computer. You can launch the program and click the Start button within the Mac Data Recovery menu. If you need to get the PSD files from an external device, make sure you have already connected the device to the MacBook.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 2: Tick the Check all file types option or select the Image option only to retrieve the unsaved Photoshop files on Mac. Choose the desired hard drive or the external devices before clicking the Scan button to perform the quick scanning for the lost files.

Scan Mac

Step 3: If it cannot get back the files, you can switch to the Deep Scan mode in the upper right corner. Of course, you can search and preview the lost files to locate the files. After that, you can click the Recover button to restore the unsaved or deleted Photoshop file to your Mac.

Deep Scan Mac Win Download Mac Download


When you need to recover unsaved Photoshop files on Mac, here are some workable methods you should know. Just take advantage of the auto-save to get them back easily. If there are any backups, such as Time Machine, you can also restore the version. To retrieve the files with a high success rate, the deep scan mode of Mac Data Recovery is always a nice choice.