SD Card Recovery Mac Review – Which is Your Choice to Retrieve Files on Mac

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What are the best SD card recoveries for Mac? Because more downloads and actions will replace the deleted data of your SD card, it is the reason that you need to choose the most efficient data recovery. Which should be the desired one with a high success rate? Just learn more about the special features of the SD card recovery for Mac and choose the desired one accordingly.

SD Card Recovery Mac Review

Top 1: Data Recovery for Mac

Data Recovery for Mac is a versatile SD card recovery for Mac that enables you to retrieve files from different channels from your Mac. Besides the hard drive, you can also restore the files from a USB cable, memory card, or connected Android or iOS devices. It supports most formats, including photos, videos, emails, and others. Moreover, there are different scanning modes that enable you to retrieve files from SD cards at a high success rate within a few clicks.


1. Recover lost or deleted files from USB drives, flash drives, and hard drives.

2. Provide a high success rate to recover lost or deleted files from SD cards.

3. Search for the retrieved files with name and file path with advanced filters.

4. Preview the scanned files before purchasing SD card recovery for Mac.


1. Cannot retrieve lost or deleted files from SD card without purchasing.

2. Take time to recover lost or deleted files with the deep scanning mode.

Mac Data Recovery Win Download Mac Download

Top 2: Time Machine

Time Machine is automated and comes pre-installed on macOS. It enables you to back up most file formats automatically on your MacBook, including media files and system files. Moreover, it can also be used as an SD card data recovery for Mac to backup and retrieve the files over SMB. It is a reliable data recovery when it comes to local storage and won’t be taking any leads from the cloud. It means missing out on the level of security you obtain by getting your data stored RAID server in a data center.


1. Set up backup frequency and duration for SD card since macOS Ventura.

2. Makeup automatically, manually, and even check the backup file status.

3. Provide an SMB feature that backups to network-attached storage devices.


1. Cannot retrieve the selected files without restoring the whole backup files.

2. Unable to recover the deleted or lost data that you have not backed up.

Time Machine Settings Mac Win Download Mac Download

Top 3: TestDisk

In case you have accidentally formatted the SD card, expect that all your data will become unreadable in the macOS. TestDisk is the desired data recovery for Mac to undelete SD card files that are specifically designed with numerous file systems in mind that can easily recover lost disk partitions and fix bootable disks. More importantly, you can also follow a command-line interface that requires the user to operate on terminal commands. You can simply find the answers to the queries in multiple forums.


1. Support Windows, macOS, as well as Unix and Linux operating systems.

2. Retrieve various types of filesystems, SD cards, flash drives, and partitions.

3. Restore files from NTFS and FAT filesystems on Mac without conversion.


1. It should be a little bit complex for the initial setup and log creation process.

2. Need to familiar be with the command line to retrieve lost files from Mac.

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Top 4: PhotoRec for Mac

PhotoRec for Mac is another free Mac SD card data recovery, which is specifically designed to retrieve lost or deleted files on your MacBook. It enables you to get back the documents, archives from hard disks, and get the deleted files back from an SD card on Mac. It goes after the underlying data which will work even if the media’s file system is damaged or reformatted. However, it does not have a graphical interface for a more simplified process thus not advisable for the novice user.


1. Work with hard disks, memory cards, USB memory cards, hard drives, etc.

2. Support wide variety of file systems and make a non-bootable device work.

3. Read from the superblock or volume boot if the file system is not corrupted.


1. It is difficult to retrieve the lost files on a MacBook with the command line.

2. The data recovery for Mac has not been updated for a long period of time.

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Top 5: Exif Untrasher

Exif Untrasher is a free SD card data recovery for Mac that not only recovers files from an SD card on Mac but also has features to restore deleted JPEG files from external drives, USBs, memory cards, and digital cameras. Connect the SD cards or USB cables or FireWire port to your MacBook, you can retrieve, restore, and organize the lost or deleted files easily. It should be an efficient toolkit to recover the original photos from any deleted file from most every type of storage medium imaginable.


1. Provide fast and secure recovery of image files from external SD cards.

2. Work with most file formats for your camcorders, smartphone, and more.

3. It does not have any limits for quantities of recovering images and videos.


1. Only works for JPEG recovery cannot get back RAW files from SD cards.

2. Cannot work well with macOS Ventura or above for retrieving files.

Exif Untrasher Win Download Mac Download

Top 6: Disk Drill for macOS

Disk Drill for macOS is one of the most popular SD card recoveries for Mac, which can scan and recover data from SD cards, Kindles, Mac hard drives, Android devices, and more. It enables you to read and recover accidentally formatted SD cards and even lost partitions. Moreover, you can also find an extensive database of file signatures that can be restored from SD cards even after formatting with efficient and fast scanning algorithms for works for both M1/M2 and Intel chips.


1. Provide data vault recovery with an advanced extra layer to the trash bin.

2. Recover over 400 different formats via advanced deep scanning modes.

3. Browse scanned files, filter the desired one, and select the file to recover.


1. It is expensive to subscribe to the service to retrieve files from SD cards.

2. The recovery vault feature is complicated, and the name is meaningless.

Disk Drill for macOS Win Download Mac Download

Top 7: Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

If you are searching for an efficient Mac SD card recovery for deleted or lost files? Stellar Data Recovery for Mac can restore data from crashed or non-booting Mac and regains files lost due to USB faults, partition loss, and unrecognized drive. It has advanced features that can easily recover deleted documents, photos, videos, audio files, and over 200 file formats. It has the feature to add new file types manually, as well as gets access to various useful extra features.


1. Recover multiple file formats, like APFS, NTFS, FAT 16/32, Ext2/3/4, etc.

2. Preview files before recovery without requiring any expert knowledge.

3. Retrieve files from HDD, SSD, Fusion Drive (hybrid drive), and SD Card.


1. Provide a complicated recovery process and take minutes to retrieve files.

2. It only works to recover files that are corrupted and damaged only.

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Top 8: Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit has excellent features to scan the chosen drives and file folders on your Mac. The SD card data recovery for Mac provides both smart and deep scanning modes to get back the deleted or lost files in a few clicks. It supports every file type, including those obscure system ones. It enables you to recover lost files and accidentally formatted SD cards from any location on your computer. Moreover, it also has advanced performances in restoring damaged or corrupted files.


1. Recovers data from any disk-based storage device, including SD cards.

2. Benefit from video fragment technology to retrieve the deleted videos.

3. Scan all types of memory cards, removable drives, flash drives, and others.


1. The SD card recovery for Mac lacks essential data protection toolkits.

2. Need to update and improve the video recovery and scanning features.

Wondershare Recoverit for Mac Win Download Mac Download

Top 9: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac enables you to recover files from an SD card on Mac within a couple of clicks. It is compatible with all Mac devices as well as external storage media, like SD cards, CF cards, digital cameras, and more. The SD card recovery for Mac can recover photos, documents, videos, audio files, emails, archives, and import or export file scanning results. Moreover, it can also recover from an HFS+ fusion drive and improve RAW file recovery quality.


1. Recover more than 1500MB for free from disk-based storage devices.

2. Specify the desired file types you want to retrieve within a few clicks.

3. Preview files before recovery and restore the recovered files to Cloud.


1. Provide a higher price compared to other SD card data recovery programs.

2. Limited to a maximum of 2GB data recovery of byte-and-byte backups.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Win Download Mac Download

Top 10: R-Studio

R-Studio is known for its features in recovering data from damaged RAID setups and file viewer to help user preview their recoverable data. It enables you easily spot an HDD failure and recover files from an SD card on Mac via smart monitoring. It has an advanced HEX editor, has the built-in file viewer, recovers over a network and an Internet, and provides RAID reconstruction. It has an advanced data recovery algorithm, which you can recover files in lost partitions and restore missing files.


1. Comprehensive data recovery solution to retrieve lost files from SD cards.

2. Restore SD card files from heavily damaged or unknown file systems.

3. Provide flexible parameter settings to give you absolute control over them.


1. Difficult to retrieve the desired files with the complicated user interface.

2. Price structure can be slightly confusing for purchasing Mac data recovery.

R-Studio for Mac Win Download Mac Download


If you want to recover deleted files from an SD card on Mac, here are the 10 best SD card recovery programs for Mac you should know. Just learn more about the review and make a comparison. When you need to recover deleted files from an SD card for Mac with a high success rate, Data Recovery for Mac is the all-in-one choice you should try.