Restore Microsoft Files on Crashed Mac – It is Simpler Than Your Imagination

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A sudden crash without warning should be a headache if you have not saved the Microsoft files. How do you restore Microsoft files on a crashed Mac at a high success rate? Of course, you can check AutoSave or Temporary Folder of Microsoft file beforehand. But if you cannot find the Microsoft files, you can also choose Time Machine or Backup. Moreover, there is another easy method to recover Microsoft files on a crashed Mac for different scenarios from the article.

Restore Microsoft Files on Crashed Mac

Part 1: Easy Method to Recover Microsoft Files on a Crashed Mac

If you cannot retrieve the unsaved Microsoft files on a crash Mac with other methods, Data Recovery is always the initial choice you should try. It is a versatile method to recover a wide range of Microsoft Office file formats, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Moreover, you can also use the data recovery for Mac to restore WMV, WMA, and other media file formats of Microsoft. You can preview the scanned files, search for the desired ones, and even use the deep scan for complete scanning at a high success rate.

1. Recover the unsaved, deleted, lost, and crashed Microsoft files on Mac.

2. Support a wide range of Office formats, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

3. Retrieve the Microsoft files from recycle bin, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

4. Search for the desired Microsoft files with keywords, paths, and more easily.

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Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery, you can launch the program on your Mac and click the Start button under Mac Data Recovery. You should connect the USB drive or flash drive to your Mac if you need to restore the Microsoft files from other devices.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 2: Go to the Applications menu and choose the Utilities app. You can open the System Information option to scroll down the left side list to choose the Software app. After that, disable the System Integrity Protection option at the bottom of the list.

System Integrity Protection Disabled

Step 3: Choose the desired file formats, such as image, audio, video, Email, document, and others. Of course, you can tick the Check all file types option to include all files. Select the crashed hard disk drive before clicking the Scan button to do a standard scanning.

Scan Mac

Step 4: Once the scanning process is done, you can use the Filter button to search for the lost or deleted Microsoft files via the title or path of the lost file. Preview the files and click the Recover button to restore Microsoft files on the crashed MacBook accordingly.

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Part 2: Retrieve Microsoft Files with AutoSave on a Crashed Mac

AutoRecovery is a feature of Microsoft Office that saves Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files automatically every 10 minutes. If you have not turned off the feature, you can retrieve the Microsoft file on the crashed Mac to a previous version before the unexpected shutdown

Step 1: Click the Go menu from Finder and select the Go to Folder option. After that, you can enter the related folder for the auto-saved Word or Excel files on your Mac. Please replace your user name with the following paths to locate the files.

Excel: /Users//Library/Containers/ Support/Microsoft

PowerPoint: /Users//Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.Powerpoint/Data/Library/Preferences/AutoRecovery

Word: /Users//Library/Containers/com.Microsoft/Data/Library/Preferences/AutoRecovery

Step 2: Choose the files with or the file names with the AutoRecovery save of from the Container folder to check the details. You should switch to another sub-folder to check the unsaved files. Just open it to find out whether it is the desired one.

Step 3: Once you have found the unsaved Word files, you can simply click the Save As button to retrieve the unsaved Microsoft file on the crashed Mac. Of course, you can follow the same process to retrieve the Excel or PowerPoint files accordingly.

Auto Reocvery Word Mac

Part 3: Restore Microsoft Files from Temporary Folder on Mac

Besides the Auto Recovery folder, you can also retrieve the deleted Microsoft files from a temporary folder on your Mac. Just like the name of the file folder, it only saves the Office files temporarily. You should recover lost or unsaved files instantly to avoid being overwritten.

Step 1: Go to the Applications menu on the left side of any folder. After that, you can open the Terminal app from the Utilities folder on your MacBook. It enables you to enter command lines to retrieve the Microsoft files from TMP files easily.

Step 2: Type open $TMPDIR in the Terminal window and press the Enter button. After that, you can find and open the Temporaryitems folder to check the temporary files on your Mac. It includes different file formats, you have to locate the Microsoft files.

Step 3: When you get the unsaved or deleted file, click the Open with button to preview the Microsoft files. If it is the Microsoft you lost on the crashed Mac, you can simply click the Save As button from the File menu to restore the Microsoft files on crashed Mac.

Recover Word Document from Temporary

Part 4: Get Back the Microsoft Files from a Backup or Trash

When you have a backup for the lost or deleted files, you can get back the Microsoft files directly on Mac from a backup, such as iCloud. If you just deleted the files previously, you can simply go to the Trash app to restore them to your Mac.

Step 1: Open the Trash app on your MacBook and choose the files or folders you wish to retrieve. Since the files still use the original name, you can simply search the desired files with the name or the deleted date to locate the files from the Trash app easily.

Step 2: Right-click the folders and then choose the Put Back option. It will restore the Microsoft files on the crashed Mac to the original path. Of course, you can also drag-n-drop the desired files or folder directly to any folder or desktop to retrieve them accordingly.

Recover Word Document from Temporary

Part 5: Restore Microsoft Files on a Crashed Mac from Time Machine

Since Time Machine can automatically back up your personal data, including apps, music, photos, documents, and more. When you cannot locate the lost files from your Mac, you can simply choose the method to restore Microsoft files on your crashed Mac.

Step 1: Head to your Mac and open a Finder window to display the storage location of the files you wish to retrieve. When you need to restore the files from an external device, you have to make sure the device is connected to your MacBook beforehand.

Step 2: Use the Launchpad to view and access all the applications on your Mac. Locate and open the Time Machine app. Moreover, you can choose the Time Machine app in System Preferences. After that, you can select the Show Time Machine in menu bar option

Step 3: To browse the backups and local snapshots, you can use the arrows and timeline to choose the desired items you wish to recover. After that, you can simply click the Restore button to retrieve the lost or deleted Microsoft files on your Mac.

Restore Data via Time Machine


If your Mac just had an unexpected shutdown, here are the best methods to restore Microsoft files on the crashed Mac. You can try several methods to resolve these issues such as Time Machine, Trash, iCloud backup, AutoSave, and Temporary Folder. But if you need a more thorough recovery process, then Data Recovery will do the rest for you.

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