The Ultimate Guide to Transfer HEIC Photos from Your iPhone to an iMac

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HEIC serves as the default photo format for iOS 11 and above. When you need to transfer HEICs from your iPhone to an iMac, what should you do? You may set the iPhone to automatically convert HEIC to JPG. But sometimes, you can't use the "automatic" photo transfer option and all photos were stored as .heic on the PC. Can you still transfer HEIC photos from iPhone to iMac? You're free to follow this guide to transfer the HECI photos with the original information without conversion.

Transfer iPhone HEIC to iMac

Part 1. How to Transfer HEIC Photos from iPhone to iMac

Apple Photos is the default way to import images from your iPhone to your Mac, even if the photos are in HEIC format. Whether you use the auto-sync or a USB cable to transfer HEIC photos from iPhone to iMac. Just learn more about the detailed process as below.

Step 1: Once you have synced the Photos app between iPhone and iMac via Wi-Fi connection or the original USB cable. Open the Photos app on your iMac to check the HEIC and HEVC files.

Step 2: All the photographs and movies on your linked device are available on the Import screen of the Photos app. If the Import screen does not show up, you can click on the device’s name in the Photos sidebar.

Step 3: If requested, enter your password to open your iPhone. Tap the Trust option if you encounter a message on your iPhone that asks whether you trust this computer.

Step 4: The Import to option lets you choose an existing album or create a new one. After that, click the Import Selected option or the Import All New Pictures option to transfer HEIC from iPhone to iMac accordingly.

Step 5: Wait for the procedure to complete, and then detach your iMac from the iPhone. Once you have imported your HEIC files to the location, you can preview the HEIC files on your iMac.

Transfer HEIC from iPhone iMac

Can You Preview HEICs From iPhone in iMac

On the other hand, even though iMac can transfer all of your HEIC and HEVC. There are some limitations to managing the HEIC files, such as previewing only one image in Photos at a time, unable to resize the HEIC files or edit the photos directly. What should be the best Photos alternative to open, convert, and manage the HEIC photos?

Photos App Transfer HEIC

Part 2. How to Manage Transferred HEIC from iPhone on iMac

When you transfer HEIC files from your iPhone to an iMac, WidsMob HEIC provides the all-in-one solution to view the HEIC files, resize the photos in bulk, convert HEIC to other formats, and even add watermarks before sharing them with the social media websites. Moreover, you can even use the program to manage HEIC photos on your iMac.

  1. Preview the HEIC/HEIF in thumbnail and full screen on your iMac.
  2. Rotate, resize, and rename the HEIC files with different settings in bulk.
  3. Before converting the HEIC file, add a watermark with varied settings.
  4. Convert HEIC/HEIF to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and animated GIF.
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Step 1: If you've transferred the HEICs from an iPhone to your iMac, you can simply drag and drop the HEIC files into WidsMob HEIC. It provides thumbnail viewing of HEIC files. To see a HEIC file in full-screen mode, just double-click on the desired photo.

View HEIC Thumbnail

Step 2: Choose the Rotate option in the left menu to rotate the horizontal HEIC from the iPhone. In comparison to the Photos app, you can also resize the HEIC file. Simply choose the Free mode from the Resize option to adjust the width, height, and quality of the picture.

Resize HEIC Free

Step 3: When you're ready to edit the transferred HEIC files from iPhone on iMac with another picture editor. Choose the HEIC files you wish to convert and click the Start convert button. Before clicking the OK button, choose the JPEG or PNG file and adjust the picture quality.

 Choose Output Format

Step 4: There are many options for saving your photos, like the location folder, photo quality, and more other settings. If the HEIC file has more than one layer, all of the photos in the HEIC file will be converted. Of course, you can also save it as an animated GIF.

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Part 3: FAQs about Transfer HEIC from iPhone to iMac

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1Why I cannot open HEIC files or HEVC on my iMac?

iOS 11 and later, as well as macOS High Sierra and later, has support for HEIF and HEVC, allowing you to view and replicate the media files in a range of applications, including Photos and QuickTime Player. When you are using the old macOS, you have to convert the HEIC/HEVC file to JPEG/MP4 before transferring.

2What are HEIC and HEVC files on iPhone?

Apple uses the High-Efficiency Image Compression (HEIC) and the High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) formats for photos and movies, respectively. The HEIC iPhone photo format optimizes file compression while also enhancing picture quality and providing extra advantages over earlier formats.

3Is HEIC better than JPEG?

Indeed, the HEIC format’s file size is half that of JPG files, which is why it is deemed superior in terms of file size and storage. JPG files are compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, and UNIX.


There are some methods to transfer HEIC and HEVC files from iPhone to iMac. The Photos App is the default method to transfer the media files between Apple devices. WidsMob HEIC is the all-in-one solution to convert HEIC to JPEG, edit the phot0s, and manage HEIC files transferred from iPhone to iMac. Try it out now and you’ll be amazed at how much simpler your iMac duties may become.

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