How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows, Mac, and iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

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Why do you need to convert HECI to PNG? The HEIC photo format takes about 50% less space compared to PNG and other file formats. When you take photos in HEIC/HEIF formats, you can get photos with High-Efficiency Image Coding with less space and higher quality.

But when you need to view or edit the transparency photos on Windows and Android, especially preserve the high quality, you have to convert HEIC to PNG. Because HEIC is not a widely used photo format, you cannot open HEIC directly, not even mention editing the files. Just learn more about the ultimate methods to open HEIC files, or even convert HEIC to PNG on iPhone, Windows, and Mac from the article.

How to Convert HEIC to PNG

Part 1: What are the Differences between HEIC and PNG

Before converting HEIC to PNG, you should learn more details about the differences. HEIC is a new image format developed by Apple for saving images on macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 or later. It is usually encoded by HEIF to produce a small file size. PNG, on the other hand, stands for Portable Network Graphic, was originally released as the replacement for still GIF images.

Here are more differences between HEIC and PNG

  1. Supported operating system. PNG is more popular and widely used compared to the HEIC format. You can open PNG images on almost any digital device running Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. But HEIC is pretty new and only accessible on the Apple ecosystem. When uploading photos to social networks and websites, PNG is more accessible than HEIC as well.
  2. File size. As mentioned previously, HEIC performs very well on file size. But PNG is the lossless image format. Therefore, the HEIC image is smaller on file size than PNG in the same condition.
  3. Image quality. Even if the file size of HEIC is smaller, it offers high quality compared to PNG.
  4. Storage compatibility. A HEIC image file can store a single image, a sequence of images, as well as metadata. But PNG can only save a single image.
  5. Editing support. Both HEIC and PNG images support transparency. But you can only edit HEIC with basic features. It does not support resaving or altering. Therefore, PNG is much friendly on editing.

Part 2: How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows/Mac

Is there a method to convert HEIC to PNG on Windows? Can you open the HEIC files with Microsoft software? WidsMob HEIC is an all-in-one HEIC toolkit to view, convert, and manage HEIC files. It supports HEIC files, Live Photos, animations sequence, and burst photo shots. Moreover, you can also convert HEIC to PNG, rotate images, resize photos, and more.

  1. Convert HEIC to PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and more photo formats.
  2. Open HEIC, HEIF, HEICS, and HEIFS formats in 2 different modes.
  3. Tweak the different resize methods, and rename the HEIC photos.
  4. Support batch HEIC to PNG conversion within a single click.
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How to Convert HEIC to PNG in Batch

Step 1: Add HEIC images

Launch WidsMob HEIC after installing the program on your computer. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. Click on the Import button in the home interface, find and select the HEIC images on the popup dialog, and open them. Alternatively, open a file explorer window, find the HEIC images, drag and drop them into the home interface.

Add HEIC Photos

Step 2: Edit HEIC files

Once you have imported the photos, you can open the HEIC files on the library as a thumbnail. If you want to view the HEIC image in detail, you can select it at the bottom and click the Preview button on the upper right side and open HEIC in Windows. Moreover, you can resize the photo, change resolution, rename it, rotate, and more.

Open HEIC in Windows

Step 3: Convert HEIC to PNG

As long as you are done with HEIC editing, click the Start convert button at the bottom to open the export dialog. Click the Folder icon and select a specific folder to save the output. Click and expand the Format option and choose PNG from the list. Then adjust the image Quality by moving the slider. Then click on the Export button to convert HEIC to PNG.

Convert HEIC to PNG WidsMob

Note: You can click the small arrow at the bottom left on the Start convert button to choose the Convert All Photos option, or the Convert Selected Photos option to transcode HEIC to PNG in batch.

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Part 3: FAQs about Converting HEIC to PNG

1How to Convert HEIC to PNG Online?

If you do not want to view the HEIC photos, you can use the online HEIC to PNG converter, such as Just as the most other web apps, heic2png can process up to 50MB per time. You can upload your several HEIC images to the web app and then it will do the job. When it is done, you can download the output to your computer.

2Can Windows Paint Convert HEIC to PNG?

No. On Windows 10, the built-in Paint application is not able to open a HEIC image directly. You can install the free Microsoft free extension to convert HEIC to PNG. But even if you can open and convert HEIC files in Paint, it can only process one image per time.

3How to Convert HEIC to PNG on iPhone?

You can save the photos as HEIC or JPG. But you cannot convert HEIC to PNG on iPhone without third-party apps. It means that you have to download a photo converter app on your iPhone to convert HEIC to PNG or JPEG, such as the default Shortcuts.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to convert HEIC to PNG and more knowledge about the two photo formats. By default, the photos you take on iPhone will be saved in HEIC format and you can view them on your iOS and Mac devices easily. When it comes to other platforms and devices, you have to change HEIC to PNG format with WidsMob HEIC following our guide.

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