HEIC Android – 7 Ways to Open and Edit iPhone Photos on Android Devices

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Is there a method to transfer the HEIC photos from an iPhone to an Android phone or tablet directly? Since Android does not support HEIC natively, what is the best alternative to open and edit the HEIC files on Android? Whether you need to open the HEIC on an Android phone, or convert HEIC to JPEG, you can learn more about the 7 best methods and choose the desired one according to your requirements.

Open HEIC on Android

Part 1: The HEIC Viewer Apps on Android Phones

To open and edit the HEIC files on Android directly, you can simply install HEIC viewer apps on Android. When you need to browse multiple HEIC files on your Android, here are the 3 apps you should know.

Method 1: Luma

Luma is more than a HEIC photo viewer and converter app. It is also capture all of the extended color range provided by the camera’s 10-bit color output. Just learn more about how to open HEIC on Android as below.

Step 1: When you downloaded Luma HEIC viewer app, you can launch it on your Android. Tap on the Plus button in the bottom right corner to select the Open single image option or the Open image folder option to choose the desired HEIC photos.

Step 2: Select the HEIC files you want to view and edit. It is important to save the HEIC pictures in one file to avoid any hassles in finding the right file. In the way, you can save up more time in browsing and editing HEIC photos on the Android phone.

Step 3: After that, you can choose the desired filters for colors, brightness, and other editing options. Moreover, you can convert the HEIC to JPEG, which save up to 50% of storage space for images. It preserves all image metadata, such as location, EXIF, XMP and Copyright.

Luma HEIC Android

Method 2: Total Media Converter

As the all-in-one media converter, Total Media Converter enables you to view and convert the HEIC photos on Android. It not only converts HEIC to JPEG files, or also provides the HEIF encoder for conversion.

Step 1: Once you have imported the HEIC photos, you can navigate through the pictures. Select the desired HEIC files you need to convert and choose the destination codec, such as the JPEG option to convert HEIC to JPEG on your Android phone.

Step 2: You can easily go about queuing images for conversion and select the desired HEIC files from the list. After that, you can tap on the Convert button to get the desired file format. It will automatically change the HEIC to the desired file format.

Step 3: Click the OPEN button to open the converted HEIC on your Android phone. Moreover, you can dive into the Settings panel of the app to change the default settings, such as the destination folder for the HEIC photos on your Android accordingly.

Total Image Converter HEIC

Part 2: How to Open HEIC on Android via Cloud Services

Method 1: How to Open HEIC on Android via Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular method to open and manage HEIC photos on Android. It is not only a Cloud service to store photos and videos, but also allow you to convert HEIC to JPEG. Moreover, you can use the service on different devices.

Step 1: Go to your Google Photos account, you’ll find a list of your folders with HEIC files. The default thumbnail view can be also changed to a list view by tapping on the list icon in the top menu bar.

Step 2: Tap the i icon, you can open the details screen for the respective file or folder for Android users.   It enables you to preview the HEIC photos with EXIF information on the smartphone directly.

Step 3: Select the HEIC photo you would like to convert to JPG, right-click on the photo, and select the Save Image as option to convert HEIC to JPEG with Google Photos on your computer.

Google Photos HEIC

Method 2: How to View HEIC on Android with Dropbox

Dropbox provides excellent HEIC photo sharing and synchronization is to get items out of your Android phone and to other locations. To configure the app to automatically share photos and videos, you can learn more about how to open HEIC on Android with Dropbox as below.

Step 1: Download and launch Dropbox on your Android, you can touch the Action Overflow icon and choose the Settings command. Choose the Turn On Camera Upload option to upload the HEIC photos.

Step 2: With the Camera Upload feature activated, the HEIC images you snap or video you shoot is instantly copied to your Dropbox account in the Camera Uploads folder on your Android phone.

Step 3: Once you have synced the HEIC photos, you can apply the iPhone HEIC by opening the AOMEI MBackupper and choosing the HEIC converter selection to convert HEIC to JPEG files.

Open HEIC Dropbox

Method 3: How to Browse HEIC on Android through OneDrive

OneDrive is another method to browse HEIC on Android. It has been widely used for file sharing and collaboration among teams. Moreover, you can also sync and preview the HEIC photos within the Android app. Just learn more about the process as below.

Step 1: Once you have installed the Dropbox app, you can go to the Account option on your Android phone. Here, you will find the button that will help you open photos on your Android phone.

Step 2: If you have already uploaded the HEIC photos, open the HEIC photos on the Android phone by tapping the Camera upload selection. From here, you will be directly open HEIC on Android.

Step 3: Moreover, you can also choose JPEG as the output format when you save OneDrive HEIC photos. It always keeps pace with the latest updates and work more efficiently on your Android phone.

OneDrive AutoSync HEIC

Part 3: How to Preview HEIC on Android in Email

When you need to open and convert HEIC on Android, you can always use Gmail to transfer and sync the HEIC files from iPhone. Just learn more about how to open HEIC directly from the inbox on the target Android device with the following process.

Step 1: Download the Photo apps on your iPhone. Choose the HEIC photo you wish to open on your Android phone. You can choose the Share button to send the HEIC photos.

Step 2: Enter the email address and password. Compose a new email and from there attach the HEIC files. After that, you can send the HEIC photos over to your email address.

Step 3: When you receive the email, you can download the HEIC photos to your Android phone. Just rotate the HEIC photos right/left 90° via the Photo Gallery app on your Android.

Gmail Transfer HEIC

Part 4: Best Method to Open and Edit HEIC on Android

What should be the best method to open and edit HEIC files on Android? If you have a large number of HEIC photos, you can convert HEIC to JPEG or other file format to Android. WidsMob HEIC is the all-in-one HEIC converter and viewer to manage the HEIC photos. It not only enables to convert the HEIC files to Android compatible formats, but also resize the photos, add text watermarks, and more.

  1. Preview the HEIC files from Android and iPhone with two different modes.
  2. Convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, BMP, and even animated GIF files in batch.
  3. Provide 4 different resizing modes to reduce the size or enlarge small files.
  4. Select the desired HEIC to convert, rename/rotate/resize the photos, etc.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have downloaded and installed WidsMob HEIC, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button to load the HEIC files. Moreover, you can drag-n-drop multiple HEIC and HEIF files into the program.

Add HEIC Photos

Step 2: You can view the thumbnails of the HEIC files directly within the program or double click to check the image on the full screen. Then you can rotate the HEIC files or resize the photos within 4 different modes, Height, Width, Free, and Percentage.

Open HEIC in Windows

Step 3: Select the desired HEIC files you want to convert and click the Start convert button. You can either choose the Convert the Selected Images option or the Convert All Images option. Then select the JPG option and the photo quality to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows.

Convert HEIC to PNG WidsMob Win Download Mac Download

Part 5: FAQs about Open HEIC on Android

This is the title

1Should I choose Email to open HEIC on Android?

No. Gmail only allows you to send HEIC attachments up to 25MB per mail. Moreover, the images will be rotated. When you need to open large HEIC files on your Android phone, or multiple photos, Email should not be a nice option to open HEICs on Android.

2How to download the photos from Email in HEIC format?

When you need to preserve the original EXIF information in HEIC format, you should sync the photos via Google Photo or Cloud service. If you want to edit the HEIC photos on Android, you have to send the photos in a ZIP file instead of the photo format.

3Why I capture the HEIC files on Samsung Galaxy?

HEIC is not iPhone specific and is now an option with Samsung. The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as the S20, S10 or S9 series, photos taken with the camera are saved in an optimized file format. This is the so-called HEIF image format.


When you need to view and edit the HEIC Opening and editing HEIC on an Android phone has never been this simple and easy with the assistance of these powerful apps. Moreover, you can also use the all-in-one HEIC converter WidsMob HEIC to convert, edit, and manage the HEIC files. With these methods, you will soon be able to enjoy your saved memories.

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