HEIC Photo Editor – 3 Best Methods to View, Convert, and Edit HEIC Photos

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Is there an HEIC photo editor to browse, convert, and edit iPhone photo files directly? HEIC is the priority format on iOS 11 or later, which is characterized by better compression and stunning image quality. However, the compatibility is always a headache problem for the HEIC files. When you want to edit HEIC photos from iPhone, you can learn from the 3 HEIC editors to view, convert and edit HEIC files in this article.

Best HEIC Photo Editor

Part 1: Is There a Method to Edit HEIC Files Online

When you need to edit HEIC files from your iPhone online directly, the online HEIC photo editor is always your initial choice. HEIC.online is a widely used method to manage the HEIC files. It boasts a wide range of features aside from converting HEIC to PNG or JPEG, such as batch conversion, cropping, resizing, and more. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the information leak problem for it will keep your files secure.

Step 1: Go to HEIC.online and click the Add HEIC files icon on the main interface to add the HEIC photos you want to convert online. You can also drag-and-drop multiple HEIC files for editing. It supports up to 100 HEIC photos at the same time in batch.

Step 2: Select the desired photo format, such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP. It also enables you to enter the desired photo quality. To apply more features to the converted HEIC files to the desired photo format, you can choose to set new width, height, or a new DPL.

Step 3: You can also tick the Remove all EXIF information to save more space on your device. After that, you can tick the privacy policy and click the Convert icon to start converting your HEIC photo files. After that, you can download the converted HEIC files.

Online HEIC

Part 2: HEIC Photo Editor to View and Convert iPhone Photos

WidsMob HEIC is an all-in-one HEIC photo editor, viewer and converter. It enables you to convert, including GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG. You can also adjust the width, height, and resolution, and more others. Moreover, it enables you to add watermarks with different fonts, colors, and sizes.

  1. Edit the HEIC, Live Photos, Animations Sequence and Burst Photo Shots.
  2. Resize the HEIC files to the desired width, height, percentage, and quality.
  3. Add text watermark to HEIC with the desired fonts, sizes, colors and others.
  4. Export the HEIC to animated GIF and JPEG with the custom photo quality.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Launch the program after you download and install WidsMob HEIC on your computer. Click the Import button to add your HEIC files. Moreover, you can also drag-and-drop your HEIC photos to the program.

Launch WidsMob HEIC

Step 2: Just browse the photos in thumbnails. Choose to preview your HEIC file with a full screen with a double click with a sequence screen. You can also navigate to the desired photos easily.

View HEIC Full Screen

Step 3: Set the desired resolution, height, weight, and even large the photo size. Moreover, you can also add text watermark, such as the fonts, colors, and more others parameters accordingly.

Rotate HEIC Files

Step 4: Choose the desired HEIC file or files and click the Start Convert button to convert your HEIC files to JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more. It enables you to choose the desired frame for conversion.

Choose Output Format

Note: When you need to export the GIF file, you can choose the Export Animation option to convert the HEIC to animated GIF.

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Part 3: HEIC Photo Editor to Browse and Manage HEIC Photos

How to apply photo filters of HEIC? What is the HEIC Photo Editor to manage the iPhone photos? WidsMob Viewer Pro is a professional HEIC editor to view the HEIC files, add photo filters, choose the desired photos, and transfer the files within clicks. Moreover, you can also manage the HEVC files, MP4 videos, JPEG, and more other media files from your iPhone.

  1. View HEIC and HEVC files from iPhone on PC/Mac in different modes.
  2. Convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, and BMP with the desired photo quality.
  3. Allow you to manage and organize iPhone photos within media library.
  4. Select the desired HEIC photos, create slideshow and share with others.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Launch the WidsMob Viewer Pro on your computer after installation. After that, you can drag multiple HEIC photos from your iPhone folder to the program. You can also double-click any HEIC file to open the photos, videos, and PDFs within the same folder.

Import HEIC Library Viewer Pro

Step 2: To manage HEIC photos, you can select the desired file and use the Command + C keys to copy the files. When you need to compare them, choose two images and click the Compare button. It also enables you to create a slideshow via the Slideshow button.

Compare Photos Viewer Pro

Step 3: When you browse the HEIC photos on a full screen, you only need to double-click any HEIC file. It enables you to delete unwanted files and check the details of the HEIC with zoom mode and EXIF mode. Moreover, you can also cut out the desired part.

Crop in Full Screen Viewer Pro

Step 4: Besides the above methods to view and edit the HEIC files, you can click the Slideshow button to play the HEIC files and other photos within iPhone automatically. Moreover, you can also check the photos with the Index Sheet mode accordingly.

Index Sheet Slideshow Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: HEIC Photo Editor to Edit HEIF Images with AI Algorithms

Is there a HEIC photo editor to touch up the HEIC file format? WidsMob AI Retoucher is an all-in-one photo editor with multiple AI algorithms, including AI denoise, AI low-light recovery, AI haze removal, AI portrait, AI face mosaic, AI cartoonize, AI style transfer, and more advanced features within one click. Besides, you can also find a series of HSL enhancement, editing features, and black-and-white analog films to polish the HEIC photos.

  1. Compatible with HEIC, HEIF, HIF, RAW file formats, WebP, AVIF, and more photo formats.
  2. Apply face mosaic, skin softening, skin whitening, shine removal, eye circle removal, etc.
  3. Tweak multiple light effects, old photos, super-natural, and a series of B/W analog film filters.
  4. Provide cropping, rotating, copying, pasting, and applying multiple shortcuts for HEIC photos.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Import button to add the HEIC photos to the program for further editing. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop more files.

Import HEIC Photos Retoucher

Step 2: Select the desired HEIC file you want to polish, you can select the desired photo menu, such as Filter. It not only provides classic filters, LOMO, Vivid, Soft Light, Dark Light, Super Nature, and a whole series of black and white analog films.

Apply Filter for HEIC Retoucher

Step 3: When you need to turn the photos into cartoons, paintings, or even pencil sketches, you can simply go to the AI Cartoonization menu to choose the Classic option to the Portrait option to apply the stunning cartoon filters within one click.

Cartoon AI Portrait Retoucher

Step 4: To enhance photos, you can go to the AI Retouch menu to enhance the photos with AI noise reduction, AI lowlight recovery, and AI haze removal. Moreover, you can also edit HEIC photos with the Adjust menu to get the optimal effect.

AI Enhance Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about HEIC Photo Editors

1Is it possible to edit HEIC photos directly with Photoshop?

No. By default, the Photoshop app does not have native support for the HEIC file format. The HEIC photos are in grey when you try to open a HEIC file in Photoshop. Instead, you should convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, BMP, or GIF beforehand.

2Should I convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows before editing?

Yes. Because HEIC is not a compatible format of Windows, even if you have installed the HEIF codec, you can only open the iPhone photos on Windows. But when you need to save the photos, the HEIC/HEIF option is not an output photo format.

3Is there an alternative method to edit HEIC photos online?

Yes. You can also find some cloud services that enables you to edit the HEIC online, such as Dropbox, One Drive, and more. Just upload the HEIC photos from your iPhone to the Cloud services, which provide some basic editing features to polish the photos.


This post shares 4 excellent HEIC photo editors. If you want to use online tools, you can choose an online HEIC converter, here is the desired toolkit you should know. Whether you need to browse the HEIC directly or convert HEIC to JPEG, WidsMob Viewer Pro is the desired choice. When you need to touch up HEIC with advanced AI algorithms, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the advanced AI photo editor you should consider.

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