Is It Possible to Backup iPhone HEIC to Windows/Mac with Original Metadata

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The iPhone photos are precious because it contains the memories, such as the places you have visited and the foodie you have enjoyed. When you need to backup iPhone HEICs, how do you keep the original information with the photos you have taken? If you just transfer the iPhone photos to Windows or Mac directly, it will convert HEIC to JPEG directly. Just learn more about the best methods to backup iPhone HEIC from the article.

How to Backup iPhone HEIC

Part 1: Why Should You Backup HEIC to Windows/Mac with Conversion

  1. HEIC Preserves Image Metadata

HEIC preserves all image metadata, such as location, EXIF, XMP, and Copyright. Just in simple, it includes the image sequences and single images, together with the associated metadata. In iOS 11, Apple released a brand-new picture file format that has since become the default image format for iOS and macOS. When you want to save and backup HEIC files from an iPhone, will you preserve the information?

  1. HEIC is Better in Size and Quality

JPEG is the most prevalent photo format, which is another photo format used by iOS devices. Compared to JPEG, the images capture and saved with HEIC file format take less storage space as compared to the JPG file format. As for the quality, it has better quality than the JPEG file format.

  1. Why Cannot Backup iPhone as HEIC

But the HEIC file format is not natively supported on Windows or Android. To backup iPhone HEIC photographs on Windows and Android, you might have to convert HEIC to JPEG beforehand? But is there an alternative to backup HEIC to Windows without conversion?


Part 2: How to Preview and Convert the Backup iPhone HEIC

Just as mentioned above, compatibility is the major problem to backup iPhone HEIC on Windows and Mac. What are the best HEIC viewer and editor to manage the iPhone photos? WidsMob Viewer Pro is the versatile method to open, convert, and manage the backup iPhone HEIC files on Windows and Mac. It provides different viewing modes, such as thumbnail, full-screen, EXIF mode, and slideshow. Moreover, you can also apply photo filters and manage the photos within clicks.

  1. Support backup Live Photos, burst photos shots, and more from iPhone.
  2. Preview the iPhone HEIC backup in different modes and check the EXIF.
  3. Select and convert the desired HEICs to JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.
  4. Batch resize, rename and rotate HEIC, and even apply photo effects.
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Step 1: Once you have transferred HEIC files from your iPhone to a PC or Mac, you can launch the program and drag-and-drop the HEIC files into the program. Double click the HEIC photo to enter the full-screen mode and view the details.

View Photo with WidsMob Viewer

Step 2: Right-click the HEIC photo, you can rotate the images, crop the HEIC files, remove the photos to the trash, and even create a simple slideshow with the Preferences. Moreover, you can manage the folder of the backup iPhone HEIC within the program.

Full Screen View

Step 3: When you need to check the metadata within the HEICs from iPhone, you can go to the View option and choose the Information option to check the EXIF. If you need to convert HEICs to JPEG, you can also select the File menu and choose the Convert button.

Show Photo Detailed Information

Note: Besides the HEIC photos from iPhone, you can manage the JPEG files, HEVC videos, MP4 files, and more others. It also supports CR2, RW2, DNG, and other media files.

Step 4: To manage the backup iPhone HEIC photos, you can select the desired HEIC files with the program. After that, you can export the HEICs to another format, resize them into the same file, and share the photos with social media websites directly.

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Part 3: How to Transfer iPhone HEIC to Windows/Mac Directly

But when you need to backup iPhone HEIC on Windows and Mac, you need to transfer the files beforehand. Just learn more about the easiest method to get the HEIC files on your computer.

How to Transfer and Back up iPhone HEICs to Windows

Step 1: To begin, connect your iPhone to a Windows through the original USB cord capable of the file transfer. Turn on and unlock your iPhone. If the device is locked, your Windows/Mac will be unable to locate it.

Step 2: To access the HEIC files from the Photos app on your Windows, click the Start button and then select the Photos option to locate the HECI photos on your iPhone accordingly.

Step 3: Choose the From a USB device option after selecting the Import option. Follow the on-screen directions to import and select where to keep them after detection.

Transfer HEIC from iPhone to PC

How to Transfer and Back up iPhone HEICs to Mac

Step 1: Just connect your iPhone to a MacBook via the USB cable and open the Photos app on your Mac. Locate the iPhone under the Device menu in the left-hand column.

Step 2: Click the drop-down menu next to the Import to button and choose where you want to import the photos to. Moreover, you can also create a new album to backup iPhone HEIC files.

Step 3: You can import all the HEIC photos or select a number by clicking and dragging your mouse over them. After that, you can click the Import Selected to transfer the iPhone HEIC to Mac.

Transfer HEIC Mac

Part 4: FAQs about How to Backup iPhone HEIC

This is the title

1How to backup iPhone HEIC photos to iCloud?

Go to your iPhone and navigate to the Settings app. After that, choose the iCloud option and select the Backup to enable the iCloud Backup option. It will backup your iPhone HEIC Photos to iCloud. Moreover, it enables you to toggle between HEIC and JPEG images.

2Why cannot import all HEICs from iPhone to Windows/Mac?

Make sure you have enabled the iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone. Go to the Settings app and make sure the Optimize Storage option is not enabled. You can find the option under the Photos & Camera option of iCloud. It will convert the HEIC to JPEG when you backup iPhone photos.

3What are the alternative methods to backup iPhone HEIC on PC?

If you need to backup iPhone HEIC on a PC, you can use cloud services to transfer the photos, such as saving HEIC to OneDrive. It enables you to sync the photos in HEIC and view the HEIC on PC directly, and manage them as the best alternative.


It's time to say goodbye to your dilemma when you want to backup your iPhone HEIC to your Windows/Mac. Just learn more about the ultimate guide to backup your files successfully without losing their original metadata. It is not difficult to transfer the photos from iPhone to PC/Mac. But when you need to open, edit and manage the HEIC/HEVC files, WidsMob Viewer Pro is the best all-out solution to help you out.

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