Convert RAW to HEIC – Here is the Method to Transfer Photos from DSLR Camera to iOS Device

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Photographs taken with a DSLR camera have significantly more control over the parameters compared to the images of iOS devices, such as exposure and white balance. How to convert RAW to HEIC when you need to transfer the photos from a DSLR camera to your iPhone? Just learn more about the best methods to convert RAW to HEIC from the article.

Convert RAW to HEIC

Part 1: Professional Method to Convert RAW to HEIC in Batch

When you need to convert RAW to HEIC in batch, including the latest RAW files, WidsMob ImageConvert is the RAW to HEIC converter for Mac. It enables you to view HEIC, RAW, JPEG, and all photo formats. Moreover, you can resize the photos, rotate the files, and even add a watermark to the RAW files before conversion.

  1. Support CRW, DNG, RW2, SRF, RAW, MEF, and more other file formats.
  2. Rotate the camera RAW, resize the file, and rename them within a batch.
  3. Add watermark to the RAW, such as fonts, colors, positions, and others.
  4. Convert RAW to HEIC/HEIF with the desired photo quality and photo size.
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Step 1: Once you have already installed the WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program on your computer. When you click the Open button to import the RAW files, you can preview the photos directly. Moreover, you can drag-n-drop the RAW into the program.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2: Before converting RAW to HEIC, you can enable the rotate the photos, resize the HEIC in 4 different modes, enlarge the small images, rotate the files with the correct direction, and even add watermark to them in both texts and images with the satisfying effect.

Manage Nikon RAW ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the Start convert button to select the desired parameters. You can click the Folder icon to choose the destination for the output HEIC. Select the HEIF option to convert RAW to HEIC. Moreover, you can also keep the Metadata and choose the best quality.

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Part 2: How to Convert RAW to HEIC via Preview

Because HEIF/HEIC is another default output format of your macOS, you can convert RAW to HEIC via Preview. But there are some limitations to converting the RAW files. It supports a limited RAW file and can convert only one RAW file at one time.

Step 1: Once you have transferred the HEIC files from iPhone to iMac, you can open the RAW photo with Preview on your MacBook. When you choose the desired photo, you can click the Open button to get the image. It enables you to preview one RAW image at one time.

Step 2: Click the File button to choose the Export option, which enables you to choose the HEIF option as the output format. There is a slider to adjust the photo quality. After that, you can click the Save button to convert the RAW file to a HEIC image.

Preview RAW to HEIC

Part 3: How to Convert RAW to HEIC Online

Is there a method to convert RAW to HEIC online? Convertio is an easy and effective RAW converter, which supports the most popular RAW format, you can find the different links for converting photos from Canon, Nikon, and more other DSLR cameras.

Step 1: Once you have found the desired link for converting RAW files, such as NEF to HEIC. Just upload the RAW files from your DSLR camera. Select the RAW from desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even drag-and-drop the RAW photos into the online converter.

Step 2: Choose the HEIC file format as the output format. Select the format that your iOS device supports. Download your HEIC and transfer it to your iOS device. Wait for your file to convert, and when you are ready to save the HEIC format to your device.

RAW to HEIC Convertio

Part 4: Best Alternative to Convert RAW to HEIC on iPhone

Once you have already transferred the RAW files from the camera to your iPhone, you can simply install a RAW converter app, such as the iOS version of Darkroom, which enables you to convert RAW to PNG or JPEG instead of HEIC file format.

Step 1: Install the Darkroom app on your iPhone, you can simply open it with a view into your entire camera roll where you can select the desired RAW photo. It enables you to edit or convert the RAW files.

Step 2: After that, you can apply the different filters and tools, such as crop and rotate tools, filters, adjustment tools, custom filters, curves, and more others before converting RAW to HEIC.

Step 3: Your actual images in a permanent way until you choose to do so with the Share/Save feature. Once you have viewed the RAW photos in JPEG instead of HEIC on your iPhone.

Darkroom RAW to HEIC

Part 5: HEIC V.S. RAW, What are the Differences

What are the major differences between HEIC and RAW? A digital camera was used to capture the RAW image. Without any compression or color modification, it preserves all of the original picture data. Moreover, it hasn't been altered in any way, which means it's more forgiving when it comes to adjusting things like color balance and exposure.

Meanwhile, to save individual photographs and sequences of images, you may use the High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). The Moving Picture Experts Group created it. What is HEIC? MPEG Group states a HEIF picture should utilize HEVC consumes around half the storage space of the equal quality JPEG. It means it is better in quality and smaller in size.

On the other hand, RAW images come in large sizes. Because of this factor, not many programs or devices can handle this file. That is why you need to convert your RAW files to HEIC, so you can save images from DSLR to iOS devices.

Part 6: FAQs about How to Convert RAW to HEIC

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1Is HEIC another RAW format?

No. HEIC/HEIF is not another RAW photo format. However, both of the photo formats contain Metadata and are much better in quality than the JPEG files. But HEIC is much smaller in size than JPEG files. Moreover, it is a new standard for Apple, Samsung, and more others.

2Can I shoot the photos in HEIC and RAW with iPhone?

When you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you should find a new file format as the ProRAW, which means you can shoot in HEIC and RAW. But it should be much larger than the JPEG and HEIC files, but more details and crisper in the in-focus parts.

3Is it possible to preserve the RAW Metadata for HEIC?

Yes. When you need to convert RAW to HEIC, you can choose to preserve the details, including the Metadata with the professional HEIC converters. After that, you can check the EXIF information from the HEIC with the location, the date, and others within the photo.


If you want to transfer RAW photos from DSLR to iOS devices, make sure you can choose a suitable solution from the article. When you need to convert RAW to HEIC, you can always choose WidsMob ImageConvert, Preview, or the online RAW to HEIC converter. But when you need to open the RAW files, you can choose a RAW editor instead.

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