Look Good in Photos

How to Look Good in Photos

Do you want to look good in photos like a superstar? I guess nobody will say no. But when it comes to the question that how to look good in photos, most people do not have answers. Selfie is increasingly popular. And as the promotion of smartphone lenses and social media, more and more people eager to know the answer to the second question. The tips about how to look good in photos seem so complicated that professional photographers cannot answer. However, we check millions of superstar photos and summarize their secrets to look good in photos. Follow us to disclose these secrets.

Look Good in Photos

Set camera

Everyone cannot be beautiful in a jittery photo or a blurry photo. If you want to look good in photos, you should take good photos first. And camera settings could decide the quality of your photos; no matter you use smartphone or digital cameras. If you use smartphone to take selfie, you’d better turn on gridline feature and not use flash that will produce red points on your eyes. If you use digital camera, you should use manual mode and adjust parameters based on the environment.

Canon DSLR Camera


Lighting is essential to photography. When you want to look good in photos, you cannot use flash. So lighting becomes more important. Besides flash, there are various light sources, like the sun and different kinds of lamps. If you want to take portraits in natural light, you can go outside or stand near windows. If you are shooting pictures in room or at night, you’d better stand under the lamps. In a word, you should find the light source and stand as close as possible when want to look good in photos.

Natural Light


A good posture could save a portrait photo. And we can learn some tips related to posture from famous portrait paintings. If you have looked at Mona Lisa’s Smile, you would discover that Leonardo da Vinci drew Mona Lisa from side face but not front. If you tilt your body and bend your front leg slightly, you will create an instant slimming effect and look better in photos. You can practice other stances that make you beautiful in front of a mirror before taking photos.


Makeup and clothes

1. Dab t-zone with tissue paper and dust a little powder on your nose.

2. Darken black liner and mascara around your eye.

3. And make your eyes touching with fake lash.

4. Apply blush heavier than normal.

In short, your makeup should be heavier than usual, if you want to look good in photos. Besides makeup, you need to choose the suitable clothes according to the subject, your makeup and environment. You should always remember that deep color could make you slimming.

Pretty Woman Color Positive Film


When taking photos, some people do not know where they should look. And you will discover that some people display a double chin in photos, even though they do not have usually. The best way to deal with this problem is to get your forehead forward and chin down. And you can squint slightly and as if you are saying something through your eyes.

Another important detail related to look good in photos is our arms. Many people do not know where and how to put their arms when taking photos. Almost all celebrities will keep their arms away from their body or put one hand on their hips. That will make your body slimmer and your arms smaller.

portrait makeup 3


If you want to look good in photos, you should display yourself confidently and relaxed. Nothing is more beautiful than a natural smile and confident eyes. You should tell yourself that you are unique and have perfect face and body rather than focus on any faults. You are deserved to enjoy shooting time.



Although you have prepared beautiful makeup and clothes, you cannot control the output absolutely. There are many elements could affect photography and good look in photos. Noise, for example, is the biggest killer to portrait pictures. And blur is another problems caused by hardware and poor skill. At this time, you need a powerful program to help you enhance these photos. Photo Denoise is such a smart photo enhancer. Photo Denoise not only could scan noise automatically, but also has the ability to keep the details in portrait photos. The process to enhance portrait pictures with Photo Denoise is easy.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Go to Photo Denoise on your computer and press Import button to import the photos you’d like to enhance. You can load a folder contains multiple photos in batch.

2. Photo Denoise could deal with the luminance noise and chrominance noise automatically. And you can adjust various parameters manually.

3. If you want to highlight details in your photos, you can adjust the value of Sharpness.

4. When you look good in photos, press Save button to confirm the changes.

Portrait Noise


If you are searching for the secrets to look good in photos, you must have got answers from this article. Without an appropriate camera, you cannot take a good photo. Of course, you cannot look good in a poor picture. So the first thing you need to look good in photos is to get a good camera. When you prepare to take portrait photos, you should follow the tips above to choose makeup and clothes. And then you can enjoy the shooting time and display yourself in front of cameras confidently. Even though the portrait photos are not perfect, you do not need to worry. You can use Photo Denoise to polish your photos and make you look good in photos.

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