Fix Blurry Pictures

How to Fix Blurry Pictures in 8 Different Methods

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Some photographers have to upload neat pictures to blog, Flickr, Instagram or Facebook. What should you do to fix blurry pictures online before uploading to social network? Whether you need to optimize photos online, or fix blurry photo with different gear. The article explains the best tools and apps to un-blur pictures online and alternative solutions to turn blurry photos into neat one with ease.

Fix Blurry Pictures

Part 1: How to fix blurry pictures on Mac/PC

When you need to fix blurry pictures from DSLR camera, or even high quality images, WidsMob Denoise should be the recommended photo blurry program you need to take into consideration. Just check the excellent features of the program as below.

1. Optimize both landscape images and portrait images within few clicks.

2. Support JPEG files as well as other RAW files of DSLR cameras.

3. Deliver exceptional detail, outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look.

4. Fix blurry pictures, noise photos, JPEG artifacts and other photo issues.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WidsMob Denoise from the official website. Launch the program to fix blurry pictures, noise photos and other photo issues.

Step 2: Click the “Import” button to load blurry photos into the program. Adjust the “Chrominance”, “Luminance” and “Sharpness” parameters to fix the blurry photos in few clicks.

Dark Noise

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the output, you can click the “Save” button to turn blurry pictures to the satisfied results on computer, or click the “Share” button to send the photo to social media websites.

Part 2: How to fix blurry pictures online

There are some unblurring sites to fix pictures online. In order to enhance the quality of the pictures, you can use Fotor Photo Blur to improve your photos online. Not only for fix blurry pictures online, but also a number of other features and options to crop, improve, resize, straighten and edit photos.

Step 1: Access Fotor Photo Blur and click the “Get Started” button to turn the blurry photos online to neat pictures.

Step 2: Choose the 1-TAP ENHANCE to make the most common enhancements to your image, including fixing the blurry photos. Click the “GET STARTED” button to enter the un-blurring online site.

Step 3: And then you need to upload the blurry photos by clicking the “IMPORT PHOTOS” button.

Step 4: Choose the Sharpness option from “BASIC”, and then you can adjust parameter to fix blurry pictures online.

Fotor Photo Editor

You can also use other features to unblur the photos online. Once you fix the image, you can save the file to your computer or share it online directly.

It takes quite a lot of time to fix blurry pictures online, upload blurry photos online and download fixed pictures. No mention of the frustrated experience to fix a large amount of pictures. The blurry pictures fixed online might also be compressed with JPEG artifacts due to the limitation of the unblurring sites.

Part 3: How to unblur pictures through apps

If you take pictures with your smartphone, you can remove the image noise and fix blurry photos with APPs / APKs of your smartphone directly. Most of the photo editors have the sharpen features to fix blurry pictures, but some professional tools should be a great help. Fix Photo Blur is one of the best alternatives for fixing blurry photos online.

Step 1: Download Fix Photo Blur from Google Play, and then install the program to your Android.

Step 2: Select the blurry photos from the Android Gallery to fix the blurry photos with instant effect.

Step 3: Adjust the Fix Blur bar to present the best result according to you always want.

Fix Photo Blur

And if you are using iPhone or Apple devices, you can use Focus it as the alternative solution for fixing blurry pictures online. And then you can use the similar procedure to fix blurry pictures on your iPhone accordingly.

Part 4: Top 7 methods to fix blurry photos

Top 1: is an excellent online tool to fix blurry pictures. What is more, you can also find other features to optimize photos, such as correct the light, adjust the temperature, saturation and other detects. Once you upload the blurry image into the online program, you can use the Deblur option to get rid of the blurry photo.

Top 2: Mara/Sharpen

Mara.Photos is another versatile photo editor online program, which is able to fix blurry photos from Local File, URL, Clipboard, Dropbox, Free Stock and more other channel. Choose the “Unsharp Mask” to adjust the amount and Radius to get best result from the online tool. Of course, you can use the other editors to further edit the photos.


Top 3: Tutorialspoint

When you want to find some easy solutions to de-blur photos, you can crop, resize, rotate, add text, sharp, add photos, create frame and effects to the photos. Once you add the filters to the photo, you can adjust the different parameters to get the best result before share the photos to social media websites.


Top 4: Photopea

Photopea not only has the similar interface with Photoshop, but also work with PSD files. What is more, you can also get the photos with GIMP and Sketch App. Once you add the photos to the program, you can use the similar process to fix blurry photos as Photoshop by clicking the “Sharpen Tool” to get the desired result.


Top 5: Pinetools

Pinetools provides lots useful tools to optimize photos, including fixing blurry photos. Besides the basic editing features, you can also set the size of the area to be corrected, such as 5x5, and use a slider to decide the intensity of sharpness to be applied. Just add the photos and apply the effect to fix blurry photos.



Fix Blurry Photos online is a great option to turn a single image to a neat one without extra download. As the limitation of the iOS and Android applications on Smartphone, it might not be a nice option to fix blurry pictures for cameras or other devices. If you have a large amount of blurry photos, WidsMob Denoise should be the best choice. If you have any other query about how to fix blurry photos, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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