18 Best Photo Enhancer Software to Improve Image Quality on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Peter Wood

How to enhance a photo? When you need to remove noises, add photo filters or increase photo resolution. Photoshop is one of the professional photo enhancers. Besides the versatile photo enhancer Photoshop, there are thousands of others, which help you achieve the desired effects within few clicks.

The post shares three different methods to increase the image quality, and the 15 best photo enhancers on Windows, Mac, and smartphones. It should be an ultimate guide to get the desired photos in high quality.

Best Photo Enhancer Software

Part 1. How to Upscale Image and Enhance Quality with AI Algorithms

WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile photo enhancer to reduce noise, optimize portraits, apply filters, add artistic effects, apply AI cartoon filters, and more adjustments. When you need to enhance photos, you can use AI features to reduce image noise, recover lowlight, and remove haze. It also provides manual settings to adjust the luminance, chrominance, sharpness, and other parameters. Besides, it has a whole series of editing features to crop, rotate, and others. Whether you need to touch up some portrait images or even landscapes, you can always find a suitable tool to enhance the photo.

1. Enhance photos with both multiple AI algorithms and manual noise reduction settings.

2. Touch up portrait with skin softening, skin whitening, shine removal, eye circle removal, etc.

3. Apply AI cartoonization, AI style transfer, black-n-white film analog, and other filters.

4. Upscale the image to 4X the original file size without losing quality with AI algorithms.

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Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program and click the Import button to add the desired image you want to edit. Just drag-n-drop the desired photo you want to edit. Besides the generic photo formats, such as JPG, PNG, WebP, and AVIF, it supports most RAW file formats.

Import Photos Retoucher

Remove Noises to Enhance Photos

Go to the AI Retouch menu, you can find 3 different options, such as Lowlight Recovery, Noise Reduction, and Haze Removal. It enables you to enhance the photo quality due to the settings of IOS, lowlight environment, and others. Moreover, you can also combine the different AI algorithms to increase the quality of the photos according to your requirements.

Noise Reduction Auto AI Retoucher Remove Haze AI Retoucher

Enhance Photos with Manual Settings

Head to the Enhancement menu and scroll down to the Noise Reduction tab, you can adjust the sliders for Luminance and Chrominance to enhance photos manually. Moreover, it also enables you to adjust Sharpness from the Enhancement tab. Just take advantage of the other settings, like Contrast, Saturation, and Vignetting to get optimal effect within one panel.

Reover Lowlight Details Retoucher Check Details for Denoise Retoucher

Polish Portraits with Advanced Features

It also provides AI features to enhance portrait images, once you have imported a selfie or a portrait image, you can choose the Face Clean menu and tweak Skin Soften, Skin Whiten, Shine Removal, Eye Circles Removal, and Blemish Removal. It has the Face Mosaic menu to hide the faces with mosaic or blur with AI algorithm as well.

Portrait AI Retoucher

Apply AI Artistic Effects tso Photos

When you need to enhance photos with artistic photo effects, you can find a whole series of black-and-white analog film filters. Go to the Filter menu, you can find dozens of photo effects, such as LOMO, Vivid, Soft Light, Dark Light, Super Nature, and more. It provides the AI Cartoonization menu to turn photos into a cartoon.

HDR Effect WidsMob Retoucher Convert Portrait to Cartoon Retoucher

Note: As for upscaling the image quality, you can simply go to the AI Super Resolution menu of WidsMob ImageConvert, where you can upscale the original image to up to 4X the original size with advanced AI algorithms.

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Part 2. How to Improve the Quality of a Photo with Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editors. If you are a Photoshop subscriber, you can use it to enhance a photo. But Photoshop seems too expensive to deal with some simple tasks. Moreover, enhancing photos with Photoshop is a little complicated for amateurs.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop on your computer and import a photo. After opening the photo you’d like to enhance in Photoshop, you can magnify photos to check the imperfects.

Step 2: Right-click the desired layer to Duplicate Layer with a new name. Located to the Filter menu on the top ribbon, open the Noise option and select Reduce Noise to enhance photo quality.

Sharp Noise Command Photoshop

Step 3: To reduce the noise filter window, you can adjust various parameters to produce a better result, including Strength, Preserve Details, Reduce Color Noise, and Sharpen Details. You can modify the values gradually based on the previews on the left.

Reduce Noise Photoshop

Step 4: Once you enhance photo resolution successfully, press OK to save the changes. After reducing noises, you have to modify the values of Exposure, Contrast, Color Vibrance, and Saturation to get a clear photo. You can find these parameters in the Adjust option that belongs to Image.

Step 5: If some areas become soft during noise-reducing, you can select these areas and use Smart Sharpen Filter to make the areas sharper. Finally, press the Save As option in the File menu to save the enhanced photos to your computer.

Sharpen on Photoshop Win Download Mac Download

Part 3. How to Enhance Photo Color and Quality in Once Click Free Online with Fotor

Fotor is an online photo enhancer that makes the most common enhancements to your images in one click. The “1-Tap Enhance” feature contains the exposure compensation and color correction. Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome to enjoy its functions online.

Step 1: Access fotor.com in your browser and select EDIT on the home page to go to the photo editor. Press the IMPORT PHOTO button on the upper right corner to import the photo to enhance.

Step 2: After imported, drag and drop the photo in the editing area. Press the 1-TAP ENHANCE option on the left side ribbon to enhance your image. If the result is imperfect, you can press the BASIC option and modify the parameters below, like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness.

1-TAP ENHANCE on Fotor

Step 3: If you need to enhance a portrait, press the BEAUTY option shaped like an eye on the left side. Then you can beautify your portrait photo with dedicated tools, like eye shadow.

BEAUTY on Fotor

Step 4: During enhancing, you can compare the result with the original photo in the right preview section. Finally, press the Save icon on the top ribbon to save the output to your computer.

As an online photo editor, Fotor maybe not a professional photo enhancer. But you can use it to do some photo enhance tasks, like adjust brightness.

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Part 4: Best 5 Photo Enhancer Software for Windows and Mac

1. Gimp - Best Alternative photo enhancer to Photoshop

Gimp is a photo enhancer with a long history. GIMP is the most competitive competitor for Photoshop. This full-featured cross-platform photo editor is based on a social community where volunteer developer gathering.

Photo Enhancer Software - GIMP Photo Editor

2. Paint.Net - Apprentice could become master

The selling point of the online photo enhancer is its simplicity. Doesn’t like Gimp, this photo enhancer provides users the easy user experience to edit their work. It also supports layers, filters, and plug-ins.

Photo Enhancer Software - Paint.Net Win Download Mac Download

3. PhotoPlus - Easy-to-handle photo enhancer

This photo enhancer satisfies most of your needs with photo editing functions. Re-size, apply filters and effects, and reduce red-eye. These functions could be used in most daily life photos.

Photo Enhancer Software - PhotoPlus

4. Pixlr - Online photo enhancer with quick filters

Pixlr is an online photo enhancer that wins reputation by its quick filtering and text function. People prefer online photo makers these days because it’s easy to access and are always there.

Photo Enhancer Software - Pixlr Photo Editor

5. Sumo Paint - In-browser photo enhancer/photo editor

The artistic tools and various paintbrushes make apprentices satisfied enough with this photo enhancer. Like Pixlr, a user could always have it for free. And it would be there if you can connect to the Internet.

Photo Enhancer Software - Sumo Paint Win Download Mac Download

Part 5: 10 Best Photo Enhancer App for iPhone and Android

1. VSCO Cam - Filter-based photo enhancer

VSCO cam ranks at the top of my best photo enhancer list. The artistic and fibulas filters it tones make every boring photo become a master. You could also adjust the enhancement when you add a filter to your photos. I prefer A2 for scenery and A8 for winter. You could find your favorite filter in this application.

Photo Enhancer App - VSCO Cam

2. B612 - Photo enhancer especially for portrait

B612 would be a photo enhancer if your girlfriend and girls friends want you to take good photos for them. What’s more, you could make use of it as a photo video maker as well. The short video applied with the music well presents your mood. And of course, it allows you to send your work directly to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo Enhancer App - B612

3. Pixlr - Awesome mobile version photo enhancer

It is not only an online photo enhancer, but Pixlr also allows users to use it on a mobile phone. You could send your photos directly to social media with its millions of effects, filters, and overlays via this photo enhancer.

Photo Enhancer App - Pixlr App

4. Prisma - Enhance normal photo to masterpiece

The photo enhancer might help you become the social media star among your friends. Try Prisma to turn your photo into the work of Van Gogh, Munch, or Picasso. You could try taking a selfie with a sunflower aside. Then make yourself to Van Gogh.

Photo Enhancer App - Prisma Screenshot

5. Oggl - Especial photo enhancer for square photo

Square photos are popular among people thanks to Instagram. This photo enhancer does the magic of converting an image to something vintage and old-styled. I like to edit flowers or temple with the filters Oggl offers.

Photo Enhancer App - Oggl Win Download Mac Download

6. Snapseed - Professional photo enhancer of Google

Snapseed is a powerful and all-featured photo enhancer for smartphones. Advanced editing features such as selective adjustments and a healing tool for removing unwanted objects handle most photo editing requirements.

Photo Enhancer App - Snapseed

7. Camera 360 - Easy-to-handle photos enhancer application

Chinese companies like making all-in-one photo enhancer. But to be the truth, they are really useful and effective. Camera 360 could rank the best of them. Every single function of it could be compared to the individual application of special expertise.

Photo Enhancer App - Camera 360

8. Bonfire: Turn your photo into watercolor

Although this fancy photo enhancer makes your photo into a watercolor masterpiece, it has editing functions like paper and white, HDR, skin smoothing skins, and blemish removals. The Facebook Bonfire application itself will let you do video calling with Facebook friends.

Photo Enhancer App - Bonfire

9. Adobe Lightroom - Professonal photo enhancer for Android

Adobe has improved its mobile offerings a lot over the last year with Lightroom. It could also sync with the desktop changes if you applied to its Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom to adjust photos with a slew of one-touch adjustments like what you do on the desktop.

Photo Enhancer App - Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom

10. Airbrush: Easy photo enhancer for selfie

Airbrush specializes in quick fixes and edits to face and skin such as a blemish remover, eye larger, teeth whiter, and so on. The easy-to-handle interface and function of the photo enhancer win high rankings and scores in Google Play.

Photo Enhancer App - AirBrush


The article lists 18 programs to enhance a photo. Photoshop is the most professional photo-enhancing program. However, it is not a good choice for amateurs. To some people, Photoshop is unaffordable. Moreover, enhancing a photo with Photoshop is too complicated for beginners. Fotor is a great online photo editor, which provides a 1-TAP Enhance feature. But it is more appropriate to do some basic enhancement tasks. If you are looking for a powerful photo enhancer with advanced AI algorithms, WidsMob Retoucher seems the best answer. Its advanced algorithm will help you to do all the enhanced photos automatically.

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