Free GIF Makers Online Review – Here are 9 Methods to Make Animated GIFs Online

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Instead of sharing a series of images on Facebook, you can combine them into an animated GIF that plays automatically. Which is the best free GIF maker online to create animated files without downloading extra software? Here is a simple review you should know. Just read the excellent features of these free GIF creators online and select the desired one accordingly.

Free GIF Makers Online Review

Part 1: 8 Best Online GIF Makers to Create Animated GIF Online


When you need to make GIFs online for free, EZGIF is always the initial choice. It also provides some basic editing features. You can upload more than 200 photo file formats and dozens of video formats to make animated GIFs. There are features to resize, rotate, reverse, crop, cut, merge, and adjust the animation speed.


1. Make animated GIFs from photos, videos, and animated GIF files.

2. Provide basic features to resize, rotate, crop, cut, and optimize photos.

3. Convert video to GIF with multiple editing features, or vice versa easily.

4. Add text to each frame of the animated GIF before exporting the file.


1. Limited file size, 6MB for each photo or 100MB for the whole project.

2. Do not have an instant preview for converting photos or videos to GIFs.

3. Difficult to cut out the desired GIF parts or save them in high quality.

EZGIF Online GIF Maker


GIPHY is another website for editing and making GIF animation online, which is known as ImgFlip previously. It can create GIF animation by uploading local videos or getting videos or images from URLs directly. You can set animation delay, add watermarks, rotate/crop animated GIFs, as well as set up the private after editing is finished.


1. Create animated GIFs, stickers, and backdrop files from photos and videos.

2. Share animated GIFs with social networking websites directly after editing.

3. Preview GIF animations during editing and apply multiple custom settings.

4. Convert video URLs from Vimeo, Facebook, and GIPHY to animated GIFs.


1. Need to create an account to make animated GIFs online with a subscription.

2. The generated GIFs have a watermark when exporting or saving the files.

3. Provide limited storage space for saving and features for the free account.

GIPHY GIF Maker Online

Make a GIF

As a popular and free GIF maker online, Make A Gif enables you to import videos or photos from social media websites, such as YouTube and Facebook. You can add captions, crop videos, and rotate files before making the GIF animations. There are a lot of GIFs shared by other users on the website to unlock your inspiration.


1. Instead of downloading videos from Facebook, you can save GIFs directly.

2. Search for the desired animated GIF as the source files for editing your GIF.

3. Change the sizes for all images or apply the GIF filters at the same time.

4. Provide an online platform to showcase your product and service with GIFs.


1. Need to subscribe to save high-definition GIFs and custom watermarks.

2. Lack of some editing tools or text previewing features for GIF animation.

3. URLs from social media websites to animated GIFs do not always work.

Make A Gif Online GIF Maker


When you need to make some simple animated GIFs, Myspacegens is the desired choice. It has an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use interface. You only need to upload images to the online free GIF creator, and even adjust quality/frame delay. It will maximize the compression of images and export GIF animations with only 2MB size.


1. Upload more than 50 images from a computer for making animated GIFs.

2. Adjust the speed of the animation, arrange the order, and select the size.

3. Provide fast photo-to-animated GIF conversion with a relatively small file.

4. Create some simple animated GIF with 3 steps only without a watermark.


1. Need to install Adobe Flash to playback the animation file and conversion.

2. Cannot observe the motion picture playback instantly or add watermarks.

3. It has not been updated since 2014, which does not work well for new files.

Myspacegens Online GIF Maker


GIFPAL is a very user-friendly free online GIF creator that allows you to make GIF animations from photos taken from your computer and webcam. When editing GIF animations, the files will play back in real-time so that you can see what the images are showing and you can make changes directly. It enables you to reverse the animations.


1. Apply mirror, invert, ripples, and filters before making photos into GIFs.

2. Provide easy and smooth image sequence editing and re-arranging online.

3. Create an animated GIF on a phone or a computer with an instant preview.

4. Set the time delay between frames with a single click of your mouse.


1. Cannot add and edit text and lacks some essential editing features.

2. Do not support multiple images to upload online at the same time.

3. Limited file size with a maximum of 480 pixels for the animated GIFs.

GIFPAL Online GIF Maker


GIFGear is a powerful online GIF animation maker and editor. Besides the basic features to make animated GIFs from videos and photos, you can also use it to scale the GIF files. There are multiple effects and filters to render the GIF animations without the need to install any software. Moreover, you can always customize the GIF output size.


1. Custom the frame duration for each frame or apply it all in one click.

2. Upload photos with the batch process, fast processing algorithm, and more.

3. Add callouts, bubbles, stars, explosions, and other elements with text.

4. Import the photos from computers, URLs, and webcam for making GIFs.


1. Require installing Adobe Flash to edit the photos without instant preview.

2. Cannot convert videos or animated files to GIF, or limited photo formats.

3. Provide limited file size with a maximum of 800 x 600 for small GIF only.

GIFGear Online GIF Maker


Picasion is another free online editor dedicated to GIF animations. Besides the basic GIF-creating features, you can also find limited editing features, like Webcam to GIF, GIF resizer, split a GIF, and more. It provides a very simple and fast principle of keeping the focus when editing GIF animations and even creating animated avatars.


1. Provide an easy-to-use interface to make animated GIFs without Flash.

2. Tweak the GIF file size, adjust the speed, resize the files, and edit them.

3. Resize GIF animations, split an animated GIF into multiple photos, etc.

4. Upload images via a URL, Flickr, Picasa web, computer, and webcam.


1. The interface is too outdated without updating for a long period of time.

2. Can't make GIF animations from videos or animated files, only images.

3. Lack of high-quality GIF files, which you can only save to 400 pixels.

Picasion Free Online GIF Maker


Imgur is more than a social sharing media site. It provides additional editing features for GIF animations. Besides the video-to-animated GIF function, you can also use the free GIF maker online to search for some funny GIFs as the source file. Of course, you can use the platform to share your animated GIFs with your audiences.


1. Provide a very powerful content database for creating GIF animations.

2. Determine the duration and length of your GIF, as well as other settings.

3. Create high-quality GIF animations of up to 60 seconds online for free.

4. Share different animated GIFs, videos, and photos with audiences directly.


1. As an additional function of social software, the editing function is limited.

2. Supported limited photo and video formats for making animated GIFs online.

3. The loading time should be different depending on the editing content.


Part 2: The Best Online GIF Creator Alternative for GIF Making

WidsMob GIF is one of the best online GIF creator alternatives that enable you to make animated GIFs without limitation. Whatever the online GIF maker you are using, there is one major restriction for the file size and output GIF quality. It enables you to make GIFs from photos, videos, and animated files without limits for video size, output files, frames, effects, etc. Moreover, you can also tweak frame duration, add watermarks/stickers, apply reverse/loop effects, and more.

1. Create GIFs from videos, photos, and animation files with most file formats.

2. Apply stickers, texts, filters, frames, backgrounds, adjustments, and more.

3. Make GIFs without file size, quality, duration, or even loop count limitation.

4. Provide editing features to rotate, mirror, cut, crop, and combine GIFs.

Win Download Mac Download

Photo to GIF

Besides the generic photo formats, you can upload RAW, WebP, AVIF, GIF, APNG, and more files to the GIF maker. It enables you to adjust the HSL of the photos, add stickers/watermarks, adjust the sequences of the images, adjust the duration time, custom output size/background color/ file quality, and tweak the loop count for converting photos to animated GIFs.

Photo to GIF WidsMob

Video to GIF

To make videos into animated GIFs, you can take advantage of the editing features, such as HSL enhancements, stickers, watermarks, and more. It provides layers, opacity, shadow color, curve, and shape for adding them to your videos before conversion. It enables you to save animated GIFs with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 10 frames per second.

Photo to GIF WidsMob

Edit GIF

Even if you need to edit the animated GIF without conversion, you can simply upload GIF files, APNG, AVIF, WebP, or others to the program. Besides the above features for making animated GIFs from photos and videos. It enables you to combine different animated files, insert a certain frame into the GIF, and choose the presets for social media sites.

Edit GIF WidsMob Win Download Mac Download


When you need to find a suitable free online GIF maker, it is a simple review you should read. But there are lots of restrictions, especially for the file sizes and output quality, when you need to find the best free GIF maker online alternative, WidsMob GIF is the all-in-one GIF maker for Windows and Mac you should try.