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How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud

If you delete or lose precious photos from iPhone or iPad, you have to retrieve photos from iCloud directly from iOS device or 3rdparty tools. iCloud makes it possible for iOS users to share stunning photos between friends and family members. Just learn more detail about how to retrieve photos from iCloud backup from the article.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud

Part 1. Retrieve Photos from iCloud on iPhone

When you want to recover the deleted photos from iCloud, the first choice should be retrieve photos from iCloud on iPhone directly. Before you use the method, you have to update iOS to the latest version first. And then follow the steps to get the deleted photos back.

1. Head to Settings, tap on iCloud to select Storage & Backup. And then you can access iCloud photos backed up.

2. Tap Settings of General, you can select Erase all content and settings option from Reset

3. Find setup assistant, tap on Set up your device and choose Restore from a Backup to retrieve photos from iCloud backup to iPhone.

As for the solution, you have to remove all photos before downloading photos from iCloud. It should be an embarrassing situation if you have taken some new photos after the last backup for iCloud. What’s more, further actions of your iPhone will delete the photos permanently.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud on iPhone

Part 2. Retrieve Photos from iCloud with damaged iPhone

What should you do if the iPhone is damaged or some photos might not be retrieved? As for the case you can try some 3rd party software to retrieve the deleted photos from iCloud. There are many data recovery programs that can help you out.

1. Just select an iPhone data recovery program, and then install the program on your computer.

2. Connect iPhone to your computer, and then you can choose Recover from iCloud recovery mode.

3. Login iCloud with Apple ID and password, and then you select one iCloud backup file.

4. Click Download to retrieve photos from iCloud. It takes a period of time to recover all photos on iCloud serve. When the photos are downloaded, you can click Next to analyze and access content in it.

5. You can preview the recovered photos from iCloud before selecting the wanted pictures. And then you can click Download to save them to your computer.

In order to protect the photos in your iPhone or other iOS device, you have to remain the iPhone untouched. Or else, you might not able to retrieve photos from iCloud.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud with damaged iPhone

Part 3. Retrieve Photos from iCloud without iPhone

It should be a pity if the iPhone is lost or fell into water with complete damage. And what can you do to retrieve photos from iCloud without iPhone? If you have already uploaded photos to iCloud, you can recover them from iCloud with any browser. Here is the information that you can restore photos from an iCloud backup to iPad or other devices first.

1. If there is any picture in your iPad, you can make a backup of the device to iTunes first.

2. Reset your device to factory settings and retrieve photos from iCloud backup with Apple ID and password.

3. You can use either Image Capture or Photos App to import the photos to your iPad.

4. Reset your iPad to factory settings and restore iTunes backup.

5. Copy the photos back to your device.

For Photo stream and iCloud are separate, you can also check the iCloud Photo Stream to find the photos as well. Unless you delete them from your camera roll, you can always get some precious photos back.

Login iCloud Account


It is a good habit to backup photos to iCloud frequently. You can always retrieve the photos from iCloud backup any time you want. But iCloud only provides limited space. You might have to delete photos from iCloud, some duplicated or unnecessary photos should be removed to free up more space for your iCloud.

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