How to Access Your iCloud Photo Stream on PC/Mac/iPhone

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When you turn on the backup option, the photos will be uploaded photos to iCloud automatically. If you use photos in iCloud as backup, you need to access iCloud photos first. The article explains the different methods to access iCloud photos backup. Moreover, you can also learn more about how to retrieve iCloud photos from your computer when once you have deleted some photos by accident.

Access iCloud Photos

Part 1: What is iCloud Photo Stream

As an important feature of iCloud, Photo Stream can automatically sync images across different devices. When you registered several Apple devices under the same iCloud Photo Stream account, iCloud Photo Stream will automatically sync images you take across all iOS devices. When you turn on iCloud Photo Stream on your iPhone, the new photos will be uploaded to iCloud if your device is connected to the Internet. Compared to the iCloud Photo Library, you do not have a storage limitation. You can push all your photos to the Recently Added album or My Photo Stream album on iPhone or computer, and manage them efficiently.

What is more, you do not want to delete photos from iCloud from a certain device. You can disable Photo Stream, and then the photos currently in My Photo Stream will be removed from the particular device. The latest version of iCloud Photo Stream storage supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and most RAW formats, but does not support video format.


Limitation of iCloud Photo Stream

If you want to use the iCloud Photos Stream service, you need to know the iCloud Photo Stream limits. The cloud service only supports holding 1,000 images or pictures from the last 30 days. When you reach the limitation of iCloud Photo Stream, the old photos will be automatically deleted.

Another restriction is My Photo Stream resolution. On your new iPhone, your photos are delivered in an optimized resolution that speeds downloads and saves storage space. Dimensions will vary, but an optimized version of a photo taken by a standard point-and-shoot camera will have a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution when pushed to your devices.

There are some other limits of My photos stream, such as does not work with videos, degrading quality when saving photos to iCloud online. You can only access iCloud photos between different devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac, but cannot find them online automatically.

Part 2: How to Access iCloud Photos from the browser

Access iCloud Photos from browse are the most frequently used method. For the method, you can get the backup photos with any device by visiting

Step 1: When you launch iCloud, you can log into the account with your ID and password.

Step 2: Select the Photos App to access iCloud photos from the web. You can search photos by date, description, and tags.

Once you find the photos, you can take further action. You can delete photos from iCloud or share them on social networks.


Part 3: How to Access iCloud Photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

When you need to access iCloud photo stream with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can follow the process to enable the feature. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. And now you can set up My Photo Stream on iCloud with the following process.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your new iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the Photos & Camera option.

Step 3. Turn on the Upload to My Photo Stream option.

Just after you turn on the option, your last 1000 photos or last 30 days' images will get uploaded to My Photo Stream. You can access them on multiple iOS devices, PCs, or Macs with the same account. Make sure you enabled Photo Stream on these devices.


How to Turn Off iCloud Photo Stream

If you sign out of iCloud or turn of My Photo Stream on your new iPhone, all of the photos in the My Photo Stream album are removed from the device. Any photos from My Photo Stream that you imported to the All Photos tab will also be removed. Just follow the same procedure to turn off iCloud Photo Stream.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your new iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the Photos & Camera option.

Step 3: Turn off the Upload to My Photo Stream option.


As previously mentioned, the photos from My Photo Stream on other devices are not affected. You can sign in to iCloud with Apple ID and password on another device to download the photos automatically.

Part 4: How to Access iCloud Photos on PC/Mac

Access iCloud photos with a PC, you can download iCloud on the computer first. As for Mac users, you can launch iCloud directly from your Mac to view iCloud photos.

How to Access iCloud Photos on Windows

Step 1: When you download the iCloud for Windows, you can enter the verified Apple ID and password to log in to iCloud.

Step 2: And then tick the Photos option to enable the photo on the screen. And then click the Options button to select the Photo Stream option. You can access iCloud photos shared by your friends with the option.


How to Access iCloud Photos on Mac

Step 1: Select System Preferences to choose the iCloud option. Click the Photo Stream checkbox on the screen and click options to enable Photo Stream and Share Photo Streams.

Step 2: Launch Photos at the top of the screen and select Preferences. Now, click the Photo Stream tab and select the option of Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams.

Step 3: Select Photo Stream from the main Window with Photos to check photos of iCloud.


When you use your computer, you can manage photos, video files, and other data with ease. If you want to access iCloud photos from another computer, you have to remember the password and ID first.

Part 5: Access iCloud Photos with iCloud Data Extractor

To protect the privacy of the photos, even if pictures are automatically uploaded to iCloud, you can only access iCloud photos with the same Apple ID. If you access iCloud photos remotely, you might forget your password of iCloud instead. iPhone Data Recovery and similar iCloud Data Extractor is a great help for the occasion.

Step 1: Choose the Recovery Mode. Usually, you can find a recovery mode as Recover from iCloud Backup Files. And then you can enter the password and iCloud account to log in.

Step 2: Download iCloud backup files. Once you log in to the account, you can get everything you back up to iCloud, including the photos. The program enables you to download photos from iCloud.

Step 3: Preview and Recover your data from iCloud Backup files. After you scan the iOS device, you can access iCloud photos with the detail. Just click on the Recover button to save them to your computer.


Just download the trial version of the iCloud Data Extractors to find whether it works for you. If the program empowers you to access photos as desired, you can place an order accordingly.

Part 6: How to Extract and Retrieve the iCloud Photos

Is there a method to retrieve the deleted iCloud photos? If you cannot find the iCloud photos, need to download your backup file, or choose the deleted files you want to restore from backup, iPhone Data Recovery is a versatile method to view iCloud photos. It provides 3 different methods to retrieve the photos with the original quality from iTunes, iCloud, and computer.

  1. Recover photos, videos, and up to 19 file formats from iOS devices easily.
  2. Preview HEIC photos and convert HEIC to JPG for your Windows and Mac.
  3. Provide the highest speed and success rate when recovering iCloud photos.
  4. Browse and view the iCloud photos within a few clicks in the original quality.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed iPhone Data Recovery, you can launch the program on your computer. You can select the Recover from iCloud Backup option from the left menu. Sign in to your iCloud account.

FoneLab Sign into iCloud Account

Note: If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you should tap the Trust button on your iPhone, and then Apple will send you the verification code to your iPhone. Enter the received verification code in this software.

Step 2: Select the Photos app to locate and view the iCloud Photos. Click the Start button to scan iCloud data. When the scan process is done, just click the photo files from the left sidebar and deleted photos will show on the right.

Fonelab Select Photos from iCloud

Step 3: It enables you to view the thumbnail of the iCloud Photos. Select the desired iCloud photos you want to recover and click the Recover button to save the deleted files on the computer.

Win Download Mac Download

Part 7: FAQs about How to Acess iCloud Photos

This is the title

1How does iCloud photos work?

Once you have enabled the iCloud Photos option on your iOS device, it will sync the photos to the cloud service automatically. When you make a change to your photo collection from any device, it makes the same change on all the devices synced with the same iCloud ID. When you access the iCloud photos, you can also make some changes.

2Why cannot I access iCloud Photos?

Here are something you should do to access iCloud Photos. Just update the iOS running on your iPhone to the latest version and make sure you are using the same account for both devices. You can access iCloud photos from all devices only when they are synced with the same Apple ID. After that, you can have another try to find whether it works.

3How to download and upload photos from iCloud?

Once you have signed in on, choose the Photos option to view the iCloud photos. Now, select the photos you want to download and tap the More button. After that, you can click the Download option and confirm the action. iCloud automatically uploads all the photos present in the Photos app on your iPhone/iPad.


When you need to browse the photos from iCloud, you can freely select any method to access iCloud Photos. If the above method fails to work or you need to retrieve the iCloud photos, iPhone Data Recovery is one of the best alternative methods to solve the problem. You can share your comments if you have two cents about the topic.

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