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How to Backup Photos to iCloud from iPhone/ Mac/ PC

Backing up photos to iCloud is a wise choice for iPhone users. If you had used iOS devices before, you should be familiar with iCloud. iCloud is the default storage space among iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can use iCloud to sync images among all Apple devices, such as iPhone, Mac and iPad, or even PC. Once you had opened an Apple account, you can get 5 GB for free to save photos. If you need more storage room from iCloud, you need to purchase per mouth. The popular choices are $0.99/ month for 50 GB and $9.99/ month for 1 TB. That’ s pretty considerable to use iCloud, as the security of iCloud is powerful. Thus, if you have any important images to duplicate, you can choose to backup photo to iCloud drive.

Backup Photos to iCloud

iCloud Photo Library VS Photo Stream

There are two main choices for users to duplicate photos to iCloud, which is iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream. Once you have set to backup images to iCloud automatically, you should figure out differences between iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream. iCloud Photo Library is the place to store all images and videos as long as possible. You can save full resolutions with many photo formats, like JPG, TIFF, RAW and so on. However, if you sync images to iCloud Photo Stream, you can only store the recent 1000 images for 30 days, not including videos. Moreover, the image quality will reduce, because Photo Stream only support to store web-optimized image formats.

iCloud Photo Library Stream

Actually, if you backup photos to iCloud Photo Stream, these images will not cost any storage of iCloud. In addition, iCloud Photo Library cannot transfer photo albums, while Photo Stream is able to sync. The common point of iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream is that you can both sync images between Mac and PC. Therefore, before backing up all images to iCloud from iPhone, you need to consider the above factors to access iCloud photos.

Backup Photos to iCloud from iPhone

As iPhone is easy to take in daily use, people prefer iPhone to save pictures during browsing funny photos or self-portraits. As time went by, iPhone storage space will be smaller and smaller. Thus, you can backup photos to iCloud and delete from iPhone to accept new images.

1. Connect your iPhone with Wi-Fi.

2. Go to settings to get iCloud.

3. Find Backup, and then turn on iCloud Backup.

4. Click “Back up now” below to start to copy photos to iCloud from iPhone.

Backup Photos to iCloud from iPhone

The above process is to sync images to iCloud Photo Library. Thus, you need to go to iCloud Storage to manage iCloud photos. You can also duplicate images to iCloud drive from iPhone without any storage space. If you just need to copy images within a month, backing up photos to iCloud Photo Stream without deleting is better.

1. Click “Upload to My Photo Stream” to duplicate new images automatically during Wi-Fi connection.

2. Go to Camera Roll to delete iPhone photos after backing up to iCloud.

Upload to Photo Stream

If you choose “Optimize iPhone Storage” selection, iCloud images will replace the full resolution originals automatically to optimize. Thus, it is also a nice choice to backup photos to iCloud then delete. iPad users can also try this way to backup existing photos to iCloud from iPad.

Copy Photos to iCloud from Mac/ PC Computer

There are many methods to backup iCloud photos to PC or Mac. If your wireless connection is super fast or you do not need to sync too much images to iCloud, you can login your Apple ID in the iCloud website. After that, go back to your iPhone to choose files from iCloud drive. Click download icon on your Mac or Windows computer to download backed up photos to iCloud. However, things become a little different when you need to backup photos to iCloud from PC or Mac.

1. Connect your iPhone or other devices and computers with the same network.

2. Download and open iCloud on your Mac computer.

3. Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.

4. Login iCloud with your Apple ID.

5. Select services you want to duplicate images to.

6. Launch Photos (iPhoto) on your Mac to turn on Photo Stream.

Login iCloud Account

After that, you can backup photos to iCloud from MacBook. As for syncing photos to iCloud from PC, you need to operate more steps than backing up on Mac.

1. Download and install iCloud on your Windows computer.

2. Choose Photos and then select whether to sync by My Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Sharing.

3. Right click iCloud Photos to add to quick access by choosing “Pin to Quick Access”.

4. Open iCloud Photos from the start menu to choose location and click “Choose photos or videos”.

5. Fill in the “New shared album” to create the place to collect windows images to iCloud.

Backup Photos to iCloud from PC

The final step is to click “Done”. After that, you can backup photos to iCloud from Windows. Thus, duplicating images from PC to iCloud is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to install iCloud on Windows computers, with which you can backup photos and videos to iCloud from PC.


If you need to backup Android photos to iCloud, you need to connect your Android with Mac or Windows computer. And then, pick out Android photos to the new photo album. After that, follow the above methods to sync pictures to iCloud from PC or Mac computer. iCloud is the transit station to accept and share all photos from different devices. All Apple users can upload photo to iCloud to backup in case. Moreover, you can share iCloud images with families and friends just with the same wireless network. Therefore, even if you delete iPhone photos by mistake, you can still get backed up photos to iCloud drive to apply.

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