Spotify to iTunes

How to Convert and Transfer Music from Spotify to iTunes Library with Ease

When you want to transfer the music from Spotify music to another iPhone or iPad, you should transfer Spotify music to iTunes Library instead. iTunes is more than a music manager, but also enables you to sync the files between different devices. Just learn more details about the concrete guide to transfer the music from Spotify to iTunes. What is the most important, you should make sure the transferred Spotify music is playback on the iOS devices from the article.

Spotify to iTunes

Part 1: How to Capture Spotify Music as iTunes Formats

Since Spotify does not offer an option to save music to iTunes, you should save the music from Spotify to a compatible format beforehand. Moreover, you need to take the DRM protection of the Spotify music into consideration. How to capture Spotify music to iTunes compatible formats?

WidsMob Capture is a versatile screen recorder to capture music files from Spotify with ease. It enables you to tweak the audio and video settings, add annotation/mouse cursor/watermark, edit the recording audio files, or even manage the files with ease.

1. Download any music from Spotify and other online streaming to computer.

2. Tweak the audio settings, such as audio codec and sample rate for iTunes.

3. Provide an easy toolbar to pause, resume, and manage the recording.

4. Preview, edit and share the downloaded songs to social media directly.

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How to Download Spotify Music for iTunes

Step 1: When you locate a song or album on Spotify and want to transfer it to iTunes, download and install the Spotify music downloader to your computer. Then launch the program and click Record Screen option to capture the audio files from the Spotify.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: You can go to the Preferences dialog and set options related to hotkeys, output, mouse display and more. Just choose the desired audio format, sample rate, audio channel and more other settings to capture Spotify to iTunes compatible format.

General Capture

Step 3: To record Spotify music, click the Record Area option and disable the option. Enable the Audio Recorder option and select your built-in or external microphone, and adjust the volume until you are satisfied. Open a browser or Spotify app and find the desired song.

Customize Capture

Step 4: Click the REC button to start the music downloading process. When the music playback finishes, click the Stop button within the Spotify to iTunes converter to save the music recording to your hard drive. Then you can find the music in the location folder in the Media Library window.

Media Library Capture

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Part 2: How to Transfer Spotify to iTunes Library

iTunes is not available on the latest Mac system now. The major reason is that Apple has introduced much functionality for transferring the files. Another reason is the design of iTunes. When it comes to transferring Spotify music to iTunes, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your iTunes Library on your computer. If you do not have it, download from Apple’s website for free. Go to the Edit menu on PC or iTunes menu on Mac, and choose the Preferences option. Then check the Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically option.

Transfer Music iTunes

Step 2: Go to the Advanced tab to check the Copy files to iTunes Media Folder option when adding to library. Click the OK button to confirm your changes. This option will add the Spotify music to your iTunes library and organize them by artists and album name once you import them.

Step 3: Click and expand the File menu on top ribbon, and choose the Add to Library option. Navigate to the folder that stores downloaded Spotify music files. Press the Ctrl button and select each Spotify music file to transfer to iTunes on the PC. You can click the Open button to play the music.

Transfer Music Files iTunes

Step 4: To check whether the Spotify to iTunes transfer is successful, unfold the dropdown list at the top left corner and choose Music. Select Songs and click the Date Added column, so that you can view the songs recently added. By default, iTunes relies on ID3 tags to manage songs.

Part 3: FAQs about Transferring Spotify to iTunes

1. Can you Download and Keep Songs from Spotify?

There are two accounts on Spotify, free and premium. The free account just allows you to listen to music through an Internet connection. The premium account lets you download music from Spotify, but you cannot keep them forever. The only way to keep songs from Spotify is the third-party Spotify downloader.

2. Can you Burn Music off Spotify?

The music tracks on Spotify are encrypted, so even if you download them to your computer with a premium account, you cannot burn them straight onto an optical disc. Instead, you should capture the Spotify music as MP3 or other file format before burning it into a DVD or CD.


It is a concrete guide about how to transfer Spotify music to iTunes on PC and Mac. In order to add Spotify music to iTunes, you have to download them to your computer from Spotify with WidsMob Capture. Then you can import and add downloaded songs to your iTunes library following the guide. If you have more questions, please leave a message below this post.

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