Instagram Photo Editors

Top 12 Instagram Photo Editors Before You Post to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms with more than one billion users. Before you share or post photographs to Instagram, it is recommended to further edit the photos with Instagram photo editors to impress your audience. The article compiles a list of 12 programs to make some stunning photos for Instagram.

Whether you need to edit the landscapes with special effects, or touch up the portraits, you can always get a satisfied Instagram photo editor from the article. Just learn more about the special features for these programs and choose a desired one according to your requirements.

Instagram Photo Editors

Part 1: Top 10 Instagram Photo Editors for iPhone/Android

Top 1: VSCO

VSCO is one of the most popular photo editors of Instagram. It has the standard features to fix exposure, contrast, straighten and crop pictures. Besides the basic features, you can also add filters, X-Skew/Y-Skew, clarity, tint, skin tone, fade and more other features.

1. 13 free preset filters with additional free filters available on the shop section.

2. Modify the photo focus and angle of photo with both Y-skew and X-skew.

3. Adjust the clarity, tint, skin tone, fade, shadows tint and highlight tint.

4. Apply the stunning filters in the filter section automatically for the photos.

VSCO Cam Filter

Top 2: Layout

Layout of Instagram is able to create photos with stunning effects. You can always get the similar styles and effects as all the other Instagram photo editors. Layout means the process of calculating the position of subjects in space subject to various constraints.

1. Provide basic editing tools like mirroring, flipping and making cool collages.

2. Mix up to 9 photos at a time to create personalized layouts and collages.

3. Advanced face recognition with Faces tab to quickly find photos with people.

4. Photo Booth with a countdown and capture photos with instantly effects.

Instagram Layout

Top 3: Lapse It

In order to capture amazing time lapse and stop motion videos, Lapse It is the Instagam photo editor you can take into consideration. It is able to capture stunning shots using the full potential of your camera for Instagram. Moreover, you can also import image sequences from DSLR and GoPro cameras.

1. Import pre-recorded videos to create slow motion and fast motion versions.

2. Take advantage the songs from library as the sound track of Ins video.

3. Speed up time lapse, stop motion and clay animation mode with onion skin.

4. Schedule the capture to start and stop automatically for Instagram videos.

Lapse It

Top 4: Snapseed

Snapseed is another great Instagram photo editor for touching up your photos. You can tweak all styles with fine and precise control. It is well known primarily for its filters, such as Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and other cool effects free of charge with no ads.

1. Provide basic editing, like brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance.

2. Automatic correction features to get photos all for you in one fell swoop.

3. 29 tools and filters, including: healing, brush, structure, HDR and perspective.

4. Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.

Snapseed B/W

Top 5: Camera+

Camera+ is another excellent Instagram photo editor for beginners. It offers some handy features to help you take better pictures, such as manual control, RAW capture, depth editing, different shooting modes, best photo library integration and more others.

1. Provide basic editing tools like exposure, filters, sharpen, white balance, etc.

2. Grid line on the smartphone screen, which can greatly make your layout.

3. Advanced manual controls to select the precise settings for the photos.

4. Enable RAW capture to get the exact image captured at its full precision.

Camera Plus Screenshot

Top 6: Aviary

Aviary has some basic feature like rotating, cropping, correcting, and auto-enhancing. The Instagram photo editor also has focus functions (tilt-shift), text input, cosmetic corrections (red eye, make-up) and a meme generator. The most importantly, it applies a number of different effects onto your photos.

1. One-touch enhance mode to touch up portraits and landscapes with ease.

2. Manual adjustments to brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, etc.

3. Twelve Instagram style effects that give pictures a very modern touch.

4. Add frames, funny stickers, draw on the photos and insert texts.


Top 7: Pic Stitch

Photo collages plays an important role in photo editing, it not only can show your full message, but also strengthen the layout. Pic Stitch is one of the best Instagram photo editors for photo collage. You can combine multiple photos onto one beautifully framed image with different types of frames and filters.

1. There are more than 245 different layouts to create your own custom layout.

2. Multiple photo filters and effects to personalize the desired photo effects.

3. Customize photo border with the Borders Add-on Pack with ease.

4. Share to social media, Dropbox, Evernote and other applications.

Pic Stitch Screenshot

Top 8: Afterlight

As a classic Instagram photo editor, Afterlight has a large number of basic tools such as brightness, clarity, contrast, exposure, saturation, toning, temperature, grain, vignette, shadows and highlight. Moreover, the app also possesses a wide arrange of filters to choose from.

1. Provide 59 different filters, 66 textures, 15 adjustment tools and more.

2. Fusion allows the user to combine their favorite filters into one blended filter.

3. 77 different simplistic and adjustable frames paired perfectly with Instagram.

4. Crop the photos with 15 different presets and transform photos with ease.


Top 9: PicsArt

PicsArt is an Instagram photo editor with effects, a camera app, drawing tool, and a social platform. In addition, it has an excellent design program for editing photos with filters and decorations. There is a large community of creative people to share stuff with the stunning photos.

1. Thousands of masks, fonts, frames, filters, text, stickers, and collages.

2. More than 100s of fonts for adding text to your pictures & creating memes.

3. Remix chat features to edit with friends to make awesome pictures.

4. Share masterwork to popular social platforms via text messaging or e-mail.

PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshot

Top 10: Quick

Just need to add some special fonts to the Instagram photos, Quick is the Instagram photo editor to add stylish texts with a super slick, streamline experience. It should be a smart photo editor to decorate photos with fonts before sharing them to social media websites.

1. 16 different curated and dramatically different fonts for any occasions.

2. Real-time font selection to choose the desired fonts with a click of finger.

3. Adjust size, color, placement and others without any difficulty.

4. Share to social media sites or simply save output to camera roll.


Part 2: 2 Best Instagram Photo Editors for Portrait/Landscape

How about the photos taken with your digital camera or GoPro? What should be the best Instagram photo editors for computer? Here are 2 excellent programs to touch up JPEG and RAW files for Instagram with ease.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

In order to touch up portrait images or selfie for Instagram, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the recommended Instagram photo editor. Whether you need to edit the portrait images manually for all the details, or simply apply a preset, you can get the desired result with ease.

1. Customize and apply the portrait presets to touch up portraits with ease.

2. Skin management to choose and touch up the desired part of skin.

3. Detailed portrait enhancements, for eye circles, blemish, shine removal, etc.

4. Portrait makeup with this professional portrait editing software.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Add the portrait image into the program

Click the “Select Photos” to load the portrait images into the program. It will detect the portraits automatically. Choose the “Preset” to apply effects within one click or choose “Edit” to manually enhance the portrait images.

Step 2: Choose the “Skin” to manage the skin area, smoothing skin and brighten skin. “Enhancements” to touch up eye circle, smile, lift cheeks, slim face, whiten teeth, and enlarge eyes. “Makeup” option to do a make up for blush, lipsticks, eyes and more others.

Step 3: Click the “Export” option to touch photo imported with a batch process, you can also choose the “Resize to”, “Format”, “Quality” and choose the presets to export photos.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

WidsMob Retoucher

Is there a similar Instagram photo editor as PicArt Photo Editor or VSCO? In order to apply a special filter and edit the photos in a batch process, WidsMob Retoucher is the photo editor to reduce noise, adjust color parameters, apply analog film effects and more.

1. Minimize image grain, reduce noise, JPEG artifacts and other imperfections.

2. Basic portrait touch up to whiten skin and smooth faces within clicks.

3. Dozens of revolutionary camera profiles to rediscover the magic of effects.

4. Tweak the saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Load the photos into the program

Once you have installed the program, you can click the “Open” button to load the photos into the program. Of course, you can drag-n-drop multiple photos into the program to beautify in a batch process.

Step 2: Touch up the photos with desired effect

Whether you need to adjust the color parameters, beautify the portraits, reduce noises of images, apply vignetting, or add analog film effects, you can choose the desired effects with ease.

Step 3: Share the photos for Instagram

Moreover, you can combine several effects to get a satisfied result with ease. Then you can click the “Share” button to export the photos with a high quality to Instagram directly.

Retouch Portrait on Retoucher


When you have some photos taken with iPhone or Android, you can simply use the Instagram photo editor application to touch up the desired photos. If you have taken some photos with a high quality with GoPro or DSLR camera, it is recommended to use professional photo editors for Instagram, such as WidsMob Portrait Pro or WidsMob Retoucher. If you have any query about how to edit the photos for Instagram, you can share more details in the comments.