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Top 8 Instagram Photo Viewer to View Instagram Profile Picture

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You can find tens of thousands of photos from Instagram. It should be difficult to view one image at a time when you downloaded the files.

What should be the best Instagram photo viewer to browse Instagram photos outside the iPhone App?

There are different types of photo viewers, such as photo viewers for Android phone, iOS device, PC, Mac and web. Instagram has already changed the way people browse photos.

When you need to learn more detail about the top 5 Instagram photo viewer alternatives, you can get the information from the article now.

Instagram Photo Viewer

Top 1: Instamap – Instagram Photo Viewer App for Android

Instamap is a free to use Instagram photo viewer compatible with Android devices. It is a new and interesting way to view all of your photos available in Instagram feed as well as the subscriptions you make in Instamap.

Here are the features of Instamap you should know.

1. My favorite feature of Instagram photo viewer is actually opening the photo. When you press on a photo to enlarge it, view its description, add a comment or like the photo.

2. Instagram has an interesting way of refreshing. Once you pull down far enough a vintage camera will pop out from the back and flash the screen to refresh your feed.

3. It is a quick and easy login to access your Instagram account. The Instagram photo viewer takes a minute or two to get up and running with a new app.

4. Once you have your subscriptions you can view them all on a map similar to the map in iPhoto on the Mac, or just a simple stream of all the pictures.

5. You can use Instamap you can easily view public Instagram photos that have been geotagged; you can check out images based on their locations and see what is going on in other parts of the world.


Top 2: Retro – Instagram Photo Viewer HD for iPad

Retro is the Instagram photo viewer for iPad. The program has most of the features that you would expect from an Instagram photo viewer. It is always the beautiful and fast photo viewer for iPad.

Just learn more detail about excellent features of Retro as below.

1. It enables you to view your newsfeed, photo and video download, smart gesture, view photos you have liked, powerful search and browsing history.

2. Retro allows you to quickly switch between different accounts, both business account and personal account. It is the best Instagram photo viewer for all Instagram accounts.

3. There are multiple viewing modes, including bird-eye view, immerse in every single photos or get the best of the world. You can always get the desired browsing mode.

4. The program provides different themes based on your time zone. If you want to browse Instagram at night, you can check out the option in the Settings section.

5. In addition to the list of trending photos, Retro maintains a curated list of celebrities, interesting artists and famous travel destinations on Instagram.


Top 3: Flipboard – Instagram Photo Viewer for iOS

Flipboard is a your personal digital magazine. It also does let you plug in your Instagram account and view your photo stream through the beloved social magazine application for iPad.

Now you can see what the Instagram photo viewer can do for you.

1. The Instagram photo viewer lays out your photo streams much like a digital magazine. And then you only need to flip by swiping your fingers to get the desired Instagram photos.

2. It is a nice touch for an app that already does so much and the Flipboard UI is an especially pleasant way to view photos.

3. What is more important, the integration supports liking, commenting and sharing images via social media and email. You should find the related topics with ease.

4. The mobile news recommendation service of Instagram photo viewer is famous for its ability to recommend a plethora of fresh content that covers both general and specific categories.

5. You can always pick up the desired one from a range of topics. It asks them on the topics that they are interested in and provides them a number of suggestions.


Top 4: – Instagram Photo Viewer Online is one of the most attractive web based Instagram photo viewer. Rather than trying to mimick the full-fledged Instagram viewing experience, the photo slideshow maker simply lets you view your photo streams in a Cover Flow-style horizontal slideshow.

1. is a fantastic Instagram gallery app for viewing, browsing and interacting with Instagram photos.

2. The website that gathers the most popular and most amazing Instagram pictures. The site offers a very simple interface, as all you need to do is to hit left/right arrows to browse the pictures.

3. The Instagram photo viewer is able to group pictures based on the filter used in the app, the user who posted the pictures and so on.

4. To narrow your search to a specific theme, simply hit the down arrow key, and you’ll be able to drill into groups of similar images, in order to discover gems otherwise almost impossible to find.

5. You can find beautiful minimal design and animation blends perfectly with the Instagram theme.


Top 5: Private Instagram Viewer – View Private Instagram Photos Online

Instagram Private Photo Viewer is private profiles viewer which can help you see locked or blocked profiles easily and most importantly without downloading the software.

How to use private Instagram viewer to view hidden pictures?

Step 1. Go to the tool page using the above button and enter the Target's Username.

Step 2. Confirm the User by looking at the details and choose what you would like to view.

Step 3. Confirm the User by looking at the details and enjoy.

Private Photo Viewer

Check more private Instagram viewer here.

Top 6: Instadp – Check out Instagram Profile Picture at full size

Instadp is an Instagram Profile and Dp viewer website aims to provide uses to view any instagram Profile picture and timeline pictures. It helps users to save time viewing anyone's profile.

Instadp is an online tool, which helps you to view anyone's Instadp and all his profile images without any hassle. You will get his profile picture and all his photos, which he/she has uploaded. You can also download the images without any limit in full resolution.

Instadp is free to use tool and will be always free. Using this tool you can view any public, private or business profile's profile pictures and other pictures available on their timeline.


Top 7: Pikdo - Online Instagram Web Viewer

Pikdo is an Instagram metrics that offers metrics for Instagram content. It is completely free. It analyzes the Instagram data and make cool metrics for every profile, cool lists for its visitors, better design experience to browse all Instagram content.

Its key features include:

1. Show you the most used filters by the profile you open in Instagram.

2. Show you the check-ins made by the profile you click.

3. Show you the most used hashtags by that profile you open.

4. Show you the most mentioned users by that profile you click.


WidsMob Viewer – Instagram Photo Viewer for Computer

WidsMob Viewer is another excellent Instagram Photo Viewer for computer. It has 5X speed to browse photos in both JPEG and RAW files. When you have hundreds of photos, you only need to add one photo or load the whole folder to the program.

What is more important, you can also view the photos in Retina screen in high quality.

Download for Mac Version

1. Super fast photo viewing with wonderful experience. The program loads images and RAW files 5X faster than Instagram Photo Viewer.

2. Access photos in one folder or subfolder by opening one photo only.

3. Maintain the same zoom ratio while viewing photos.

4. Support for all photo files as well as the most popular RAW formats.

5. Batch process to convert, rename and resize a large number of photos and RAW files.

6. Different viewing methods, including the full screen, thumbnail, library and slideshow mode.

7. Pick up the favorite photos, share photos to social media and send pictures to others.

View Photo with WidsMob Viewer


Download for Mac Version


When you have multiple photos from Instagram, it is important to find a photo viewer to browse images with ease. The article shares the top 8-photo viewer for different platforms. If you have any other query about the Instagram Photo Viewers, you can share your information in the article.

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