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What is The Instagram Photo Size

Instagram is a special social network that focuses on telling stories with pictures and photos. And since it rolled out, Instagram has attracted millions of users around the world. According to a recent survey, while this social network is still predominant among young people, more and more X Generation and Baby Boom internet users visit Instagram. For many Instagrammers, Instagram photo size is still a puzzle. Although this platform is able to crop your photos, resolution and photo size issues are pretty much taken care of. So, we will talk about Instagram photo size in details below.

Instagram Image Size

Part 1. What is Instagram photo size?

In the past, Instagram had used square photos in 640 x 640 pixels. But it supports for high resolution images now. Of course, you can use smaller images; however, the larger ones look better than small photos. And as Smartphone lens technology improving, we can take high resolution pictures with our iPhone and Android phones.

To catch up such technology trends, Instagram starts allowing users to upload high resolution photos and rectangular pictures. When it comes to the photo size, you can look at the templates and their details.

The square photo size should be at least 1080 x 1080 pixels.

If you want to upload a vertical image, its size should be 1080 pixel in width by 1350 pixel in height.

And the horizontal picture should be 1080 pixel in width by 566 pixels in height.

You should remember that Instagram will display the pictures at a maximum of 1080 pixel on Smartphone. Even if you can use smaller photos, such as 640 pixel, the app will stretch the photos automatically.

Although Instagram is a mobile dedicated social network, it has a web app that still uses the 640 x 640 pixels dimensions. So, if you expect your photos look sharp, you’d better use large Instagram photo size.

Instagram had announced that the maximum image size you can upload is 2048 pixel. As the minimum size increased, you can upload Instagram image size much larger than 2048 pixel currently.

Instagram Photo Size

Part 2. What is Instagram profile photo size?

Besides the pictures you uploaded to Instagram, profile photo is another important element for Instagrammers. And Instagram profile photo size is more complicated, because it displays in different shapes on mobile app and website.

On Instagram website, the profile picture shows as a square in 152 x 152 pixels; while in its app, the profile picture will display in a circle. According to Instagram, the profile photo should be 110 x 110 pixels minimum. To make sure that the profile photo shows perfect on both mobile app and web app, you should the logo or your face appears in the center of the image.

Another thing you should know about Instagram photo size is that you can only change profile image in mobile app. The silhouette of a person at the bottom right corner of Instagram app is used to change profile pictures at any time.

Instagram Profile Photo Size

Part 3. Create Instagram photo size correctly

Although we prefer to take photos on Smartphone, it is not a good idea to edit high resolution pictures on Smartphone, because of the smaller screen. If you want to create a correct Instagram photo size, you’d better go to your PC and use a powerful photo editor, such as WidsMob ImageConvert.

This utility is not only a photo converter, but also a photo editor that allows you to resize photos in batch. Moreover, you can add watermark on Instagram multiple at once within Photo Converter.

As Instagram image size updated, copyright becomes a new concern. The high resolution pictures look better and are more suitable to print. If you are worrying others steal your Instagram images, you can add watermark on them.

WidsMob ImageConvert

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How to create Instagram photo size

1. Download Photo Converter from official website and follow the on-screen instruction to install it on your computer. When you want to make Instagram image size, run Photo Converter.

Open ImageConvert

2. Press the Import button on bottom left to import all the pictures you want to upload to Instagram. When the pop-up dialog appears, choose an Instagram supported format from Format drop-down list.

Import Photo to ImageConvert

3. Go to the General tab on right side and check the box of Resize. Choose the By Custom option from the Mode list and input Instagram photo size in the fields of Width and Height.

Resize by Width ImageConvert

4. Then locate to Watermark tab and check the Watermark box. You can decide to add Text or Image as watermark from the list next to watermark box. Once you customize the parameters about watermark, it will show you the results to left preview panel.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

5. If you are satisfied with the results, click on the Export button and then hit the Save button to complete creating correct Instagram photo size.

Convert Images ImageConvert

You can transfer the pictures to your Smartphone and post on Instagram at any time.


In this article, we have discussed about Instagram photo size. Since 2015, this popular social network has updated its photo size. And now you can post the photos at 1080 pixel in width by 1350 to 566 pixel in height on Instagram. And we also introduced the necessary things you should know about Instagram profile photo size. As Instagram allows users to post higher resolution photos, concerns about picture stolen have increased too. Therefore, we shared an all-in-one solution, WidsMob ImageConvert, to help you resize pictures to Instagram photo size and add watermarks on your pictures. You will surprise this photo editor’s ability of creating highest quality outputs.

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