Make and Change YouTube Profile Picture

Make and Change YouTube Profile Picture on Windows/Mac/Online

Compared to the photo, the video is a more popular method to show personality online. And YouTube is the most prevalent video-sharing platform around the world. According to the latest data from Global Web Index, 93% of Millennials and more than 70% of Baby Boomers have visited YouTube in 2016. It cannot be denied that YouTube is attractive to any ages. If you want to show your character on YouTube, you should start with creating profile picture. Therefore, this article will provide the guidance to make and change YouTube profile picture.

Make and Change YouTube Profile Picture

Part 1. How to Make YouTube Profile Picture

Way 1. Make YouTube profile picture on Windows

There are many professional photo makers on Windows. And I will take Photoshop as the example to introduce how to make YouTube profile picture. You can choose other photo makers to make YouTube Profile picture as well. And the process is similar.

1. Open Photoshop on Windows and create a profile picture by click File and then New….

2. In the setting window, make sure that the Width and the Height of the new picture is both 800 Pixels. And set the Background Content to.

3. Click Ok button after setting to continue.

4. Select the Gradient tool on the left toolbox; then the setting menu of Gradient will show below the top menu. Set the colors in Color Picker. There are some pre-selections. You can also set your preference here. Then select the Radial Gradient Mode.

5. After setting, click the center of the layer and drag to the edge. Then you get the background for creating YouTube profile picture.

Make YouTube Profile Picture on Windows

How to add text in YouTube profile picture

1. Select Text tool on left toolbox and customize the text settings. We usually use Boldface in profile pictures. You can download other art fonts and install it on your Windows computer. Photoshop will detect these fonts. You can type any text in creative YouTube profile picture. I will type in the first character of my first name F. Then select the characters and change their size until satisfactory.

2. Select the text layer in Layer window and right-click it. Select Blending Options.

3. Check Shadow option and customize the settings: set the value of Distances to 0; Spread to 44%; Size to 33; and Opacity to 100%. And you can set other options as you like. After setting, click on OK to confirm the settings to make YouTube profile image.

4. And you can also set the Opacity, Hue and Saturation to make the characters highlighted.

5. Right-click the text layer and select Convert to Smart Object. So you can use some filter effects on the text. For example the filter of Lens Flare could make the text fantastic.

6. Finally, click on File and then Save to save your made YouTube profile picture as PNG.

Add Text to YouTube Profile Picture

Way 2. Create YouTube profile picture on Mac

Mac users have pre-install photo editor, so they do not need to install third party tools. I will introduce the simpler process to make YouTube profile picture with Preview on Mac computer. Just check the detail process to create YouTube Profile pictures on Mac as below.

1. Open Safari or other browsers on Mac computer and search background picture in Google search engine.

2. Download a background you like among the searching results to your Mac computer.

3. Launch Preview and open the picture you just download.

4. Then you have to resize the background picture to 800 pixels * 800pixels. You can resize the picture by Adjust Size option belongs to Tools menu, or crop the picture by Select tool on the toolbar.

5. Then click on Text Tool to add some text on the picture to create YouTube profile picture. Select the character and customize the color and font with Color Picker and Font settings on the top.

6. Adjust hue and saturation until you get the result you need; then click on Save As to save the picture as PNG file.

Make YouTube Profile Picture on Mac

Way 3. Produce YouTube profile picture online

If you want to make a cool profile picture for your YouTube channel without installing third party photo editors, some professional photo tools online can meet your demands as well. If you enter profile picture maker, you will get hundreds of websites. I will use Profile Picture Maker as the example to show you how to make a customized profile picture for YouTube.

1. Type in the address bar of your browser and click Enter on your keyboard.

2. The most useful feature of this profile image-maker is to offer hundreds photo frames. Once you click on Photo Frame button on the top, the photo frame page will open. You can browser one by one or search a theme.

3. If you do not like any frame on the website, just select No Frame to continue.

4. In editing page, you can upload your photo from your computer on the background. It also has the ability to add filters on your photo, like Sharpen, Blur and Sketch Effect. You can explore these functions to make a really cool profile picture.

5. Once you get the perfect YouTube profile picture, click on Download Profile Picture button on the bottom right corner. Then Profile Picture Maker will ask you where do you want to use the picture. Select YouTube, it will be saved on your computer as a PNG file with the right dimension.

Make YouTube Profile Picture Online

As you can see, making YouTube profile picture is not a difficult task, no matter your computer runs Windows or Mac. You can utilize Photoshop to create a customized profile picture for your YouTube channel on Windows; or use Preview to make a simple YouTube picture. Of course, the online profile maker is another good choice.

Part 2. How to Change YouTube Profile Picture

Recently, Google released the virtual reality version of YouTube, so users could post 360-degree videos on YouTube now. Therefore, I will introduce how to change YouTube profile picture in the following.

Way 1. Change YouTube profile picture within YouTube App

YouTube is not only a video sharing site but also a social network; so it provides many options to users to customize, including changing profile picture. When it comes to how-to, you can follow the steps below. If you have YouTube app on your smartphone, you can change YouTube profile picture within the app.

1. Open YouTube app on your smartphone. YouTube is supporting iOS and Android now.

2. Navigate to Account menu that is an icon shaped like a person on the top of the screen.

3. Then you can find out that your account. If your account has not been there, you have to log in first. Once click the current profile picture to change, you can go to setting page.

4. Click on the Settings option that looks like a gear.

5. Tap on the profile picture covered by a camera icon on the top. Then the pop-up box will ask you the source of the new profile picture.

6. Wait for a few second, you will find out your YouTube profile picture updated.

Change YouTube Profile Picture with App

Way 2. Update YouTube profile picture on mobile browser

If you do not have the YouTube app, you can also update YouTube profile picture by any browser on your mobile device. I will use Safari and iPad as the example here.

1. Launch Safari and access the The home page is similar with the interface of YouTube App.

2. Sign in your Google account and select My Channel on the left side. If you cannot find it, click on the options button in the upper left corner of the page.

3. Click on Sign in on the top right corner and log in your account.

4. Locate to your current YouTube profile picture and click it to open the editing page. If the mobile version does not allow you to set profile picture, select Desktop in the option menu on the top right corner to turn to standard YouTube interface.

5. In editing page, you can touch the profile picture; then the edit icon that looks like a pen will show up.

6. Click on the edit icon and select Edit, your Camera Roll will show up.

7. Then you can select a photo to change YouTube profile picture.

Change YouTube Profile Picture with Browser

Way 3. Refresh YouTube profile picture on PC

Compared to handsets, many YouTube users prefer to access the platform on their computers, for the larger screen and higher speed. So we can also change YouTube profile picture on our computers.

1. Open your browser on computer and visit YouTube website.

2. Log in your account and locate to Guide icon with three horizontal lines on the top right corner.

3. Click on My Channel to open the setting window of the selected channel.

4. Then you can discover that current YouTube profile image is covered by an icon of a camera.

5. Hover on and click the icon of camera, then you can upload the new profile picture from your computer or Google cloud services. You can also set YouTube profile picture by your computer’s built-in Web Camera.

6. After a few second, you will discover your YouTube profile picture has been refreshed when you access your YouTube channel.

Change YouTube Profile Picture on PC

Way 4. Vary YouTube profile picture by Gmail

When you log in YouTube, you will discover that Google will ask you to sign in a Google account. Actually, users could use one Google account to log in all Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and Google+. Once you update YouTube profile picture on one service, the other will change together. So you can refresh the profile picture of Gmail to change YouTube profile picture.

1. Visit the website of Gmail and log in your account.

2. Click on settings menu that looks like a gear on the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select Settings in the drop down menu and locate to My picture.

4. Click on Change Picture to activate the upload box.

5. Tap on Choose File to upload a new profile image from your computer.

6. Crop the image and click on Apply Changes to confirm the settings and vary profile picture.

7. Then the profile image of this account will be varied, including the linked YouTube channel.

Change YouTube Profile Picture with Gmail

As you can see, you can change YouTube profile picture within App, with mobile browser, or on computers. You can reset the profile image of other Google service; then YouTube will update together. Google lets users to visit all its services with one account. That is convenience. But it also means that any changes within one service will affect others. So when you decide to change your YouTube profile image, you have to understand that you are changing the settings of other services at the same time.