Capture Audio from YouTube

Capture Audio from YouTube – Here are 3 Best Methods You Should Know

When you discover some stunning audio files on YouTube, how to extract or capture audio from YouTube to your computer? Whether you need to use the audio files as background music, or enjoy the music offline, you need to extract the files with high quality. The article share 3 frequently used methods to record the audio or music YouTube with ease.

Capture Audio from YouTube

Part 1: How to Record YouTube Audio via Free Audio Recorder

Audacity is an open-source audio recording program for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is more than an excellent program to capture audio from YouTube, but also provide multiple editing features to edit the recording audio files and apply real-time effects.

Step 1: Download and install the YouTube audio recorder from the official website. After that, you can run the setup file and follow the onscreen guide to install program.

Step 2: Launch the program from your desktop. Click the “Edit” option and choose the “Preferences” at the top menu bar to set up the recording. Go to the Recording section, and make sure the “Stereo Mix” is enabled.

Step 3: You can also turn it on in “Control Panel” > “Hardware and sound” > “Sound”. Select the “2 (Stereo)” in the Channels drop-down list. Customize other options and hit the “OK” option to confirm the settings.

Step 4: Open the YouTube video that you want to record in a web browser. You’d better to wait for the video to fully load. Then start playing it and click the “Record” button to capture audio from YouTube.

Step 5: When the recording is done, you can click the “Stop” icon. Then you can click the “File” > “Export”, and select “Export as MP3”. Choose a specific folder to store the audio file, drop a file name and click the “Save” option.

Note: It should be a little complicated when you want to further edit the recording audio files via Audacity directly. If you just need to capture some simple audio files from YouTube, you just need to export it to other audio editor for further editing.


Part 2: How to Record Audio from YouTube with Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is another simple method to capture YouTube audio. It provides multiple audio output formats that you can playback on any device with ease. In addition, it has a built-in audio editor for cutting and splitting audio after recording.

Step 1: Run the YouTube audio recorder and click the “Gear” icon in the home interface. Select the “Settings” option from the menu and set the “System sound” as the input audio source.

Step 2: Find the YouTube video that you wish to listen to offline and play it, turn to the recorder program and click the red record button to begin capturing YouTube audio.

Step 3: Hit the Stop button when the YouTube video finishes. You can find the YouTube audio will go to the destination that you set. All you need to do is pre-listen to the audio file before saving.

Note: Streaming Audio Recorder is a good starting point for beginners since it does not have many custom options. But if you are advanced users, it seems too simple.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Part 3: Best Method to Capture Audio from YouTube with High Quality

What should be the best method to capture audio from YouTube with high quality? Is there a method to capture audio and video from YouTube or other online streaming sites? WidsMob Capture is a versatile YouTube audio recorder that enables you to capture audio, record video and take snapshots with the original quality.

1. Capture any audio/music from YouTube with the original quality.

2. Support a wide range of audio format including M4A, MP3, etc.

3. Optimize audio quality using advanced algorithm automatically.

4. Pre-listen to the recorded YouTube audio before exporting.

5. Offer extensive custom options for further audio editing easily.

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How to Capture Audio from YouTube

Step 1: Download and install the YouTube audio recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Screen Recorder option and choose the record screen option to customize the recording area for the YouTube. Of course, you can also choose the full screen option or a preset.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 2: If you do not want to record the video, you can turn off the record screen option and enable the audio recorder option. You can choose a desired channel you want to record, such as system audio, microphone, soundflower and more other according to your requirement.

Record Audio File Capture

Step 3: Start playing the YouTube video that you wish to capture in your browser, switch to the recorder program and click the “REC” button to initiate capturing. It will automatically record the audio and music from YouTube online automatically.

Customize Capture

Step 4: When the YouTube video is complete, click the “Stop” icon to save it to your library. Then you can listen to the YouTube audio and decide to share it with your friends. By default, the YouTube audio recorder will save your audio files in M4V format on Mac.

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The article shares the 3 different methods about how to capture audio from YouTube and save it as music files for playing on computer or mobile devices. Audacity is a good option to extract audio from YouTube videos, but it is not designed for beginners or average people. Streaming Audio Recorder, on the other hand, is a good starting point of YouTube audio recording. If you are looking for the best YouTube recorder, WidsMob Capture is worth to try. It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce high quality audio files.

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