MP4 Viewer – Best Video Players to Open and View MP4 on Windows and Mac

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MP4 is one of the most popular video formats, which is compatible with most media players. It is easy to find an MP4 viewer to playback the MP4 files on your Windows and Mac. What should be the best choice? If you need to play the MP4 videos, you can use the default MP4 player like Windows Media Player or QuickTime.

If you have some special requirements, you need to use other MP4 viewers for your computer. When you need to check the files from iPhone, QuickTime and Windows Media Player might not be enough for you. Here are the 11 best MP4 viewers you should know.

Best MP4 Viewer

Part 1: How to View and Play MP4 Files

To access all the media formats include photos, videos, and audio files, you can choose WidsMob Viewer Pro. It is the MP4 player to view, edit, and manage the media files. Moreover, you can also make the desired slideshow according to your requirements.

1. Support MP4, MOV, AVI, and most video, photo, and audio formats.

2. Full control over the MP4 as well as the different viewing modes for photos.

3. Organize and manage media files between folders within your computer.

4. Create a slideshow based on your favorite files with different parameters.

5. More other bonus features, such as batch conversion, rename, etc.

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Part 2: 11 Best MP4 Viewers for Windows and Mac

If you need to play the MP4 files, here are 11 more MP4 viewers you can take into consideration. Learn more about the features and choose the desired one accordingly.

Top 2: VLC Media Player

Whether on Windows or Mac, VLC Media Player is always a free and open-source MP4 viewer for most video formats. If you need an All-in-one video player, consider it.


1. Playback the MP4 files and most video formats without an extra codec.

2. Support and view the online streaming videos and audio tracks directly.

3. Convert MP4 to other videos/audio formats or vice versa with ease.

4. Lightweight program and does not require much memory or processor power.


1. The graphical interface is bare bones and not easy enough for a newbie.

2. Do not contain the media library feature necessary for MP4 viewers.

VLC Media Player

Top 3: QuickTime Player

When using a MacBook, QuickTime Player is the default MP4 viewer to play video files. It is not only a simple MP4 player but also includes more other excellent features you should know.


1. Record the desktop of your Mac computer as well as the connected iOS.

2. Provide some basic video editing features, such as split and merge.

3. More advanced sharing features to sync the MP4 files to social media sites.

4. Export the video or compress the files to the desired size.


1. Compatible with limited file formats, lack of DivX, WMV, MKV, and more.

2. Cannot play SRT subtitles and limited in video editing features.

QuickTime Player

Top 4: Real Player

RealPlayer is a free MP4 viewer that is available for Windows PC. It supports the MP4 files from the local folder. There are also enhanced options to share the MP4 videos through the cloud service.


1. All-in-one video solution MP4 viewer, video downloader, converter, etc.

2. Share and sync the MP4 files into a big screen, such as the HD TVs.

3. The built-in media library makes video management easy and quick.

4. Allow you to share your favorite videos for social media sites with ease.


1. Only a pack of a toolkit. And you cannot use the video viewer separately.

2. It is large and may slow down your computer and Internet speed.


Top 5: KM Player

KMPlayer is another versatile MP4 player that supports MP4 and other media formats. If you need some MP4 player to take control of the subtitle and customize the user interface, you can choose KMPlayer.


1. Support MP4, MKV, and other media files, including DVD and VCD.

2. Capable of decoding damaged AVI videos and locking media files.

3. Great picture and audio quality to have an audio-visual experience.

4. Support the 3D video files from the local folder and online streaming.


1. Slow in loading and playing video files compared to the other MP4 viewers.

2. Download extra programs on your computer, such as OpenCandy to PC.


Top 6: BS. Player

BS. Player is an MP4 Player with advanced features, which you can adjust the video, audio, subtitle, keyboard, and more other parameters to enjoy the MP4 video files with high quality with ease.


1. Utilize hardware acceleration technology with smooth video playback.

2. Support the capture and tuner device to capture the video files.

3. Sync MP4 videos on a larger screen via the Chromecast functionality.

4. Play the YouTube online streaming or even save the files to a local disk.


1. The Chromecast support is still experimental and contains minor bugs.

2. Limited playback features and others for the MP4 viewer free trial version.

BS. Player

Top 7: 5K Player

As the name of the 5K Player, the media player supports most media files with a high-quality MP4, whether a file from the local folder or the online streaming sites.


1. Contain a set of excellent features, like media library, downloader, and more.

2. Video editing features to rotate the MP4 videos and add desired subtitles.

3. Allow 5K, 4K, VR360, Ultra HD videos, and various audio files.

4. Built-in with free AirPlay and DLNA media wireless streaming solution.


1. It is a complicated MP4 viewer to manage the files with ease.

2. The fast-forward and rewind buttons do not very well as desired.

5K Player

Top 8: Splayer

Splayer is an open-source featured-rich MP4 viewer with GPU acceleration. It supports some key features, including auto-matching subtitles, GPU usage optimization, startup speed, ease of use, and elegant interface.


1. Excellent MP4 video playback with a pretty smooth speed and control.

2. Adjust various custom options to get personalized visual experiences.

3. Compatible with many media formats covering video and audio.

4. Optimize and enhance the start-up speed to playback the video easily.


1. It will install some extra programs, such as the Open Candy with the tool.

2. Has some issues with the audio playback related to the hardware.


Top 9: GOM Player

GOM Player is another free MP4 viewer for Windows PC. It can play the broken media file and find the missing codec with a codec finder. Peer-to-peer video streaming is another add-on service you can try.


1. Play MP4 and other video and audio files without extra codec packs.

2. Support to playback the broken AVI files and find the missing video codec.

3. Make playlists for your favorite music and movies according to your needs.

4. Allow adjusting audio channel, aspect ratio, screen size, and others.


1. The popup ads are annoying for the free version MP4 viewer and player.

2. The latest version is a bit bulky and difficult to manage with ease.

GOM Player

Top 10: ALLPlayer

When you need to get the desired subtitles for the MP4 files, ALLPlayer is an MP4 viewer you can consider. It supports the movie search, radio, computer reader, and parental control.


1. Play any media files of videos, audio files, and others.

2. The built-in subtitle engine will search for subtitles automatically.

3. Use your codecs for movies by resetting custom options with ease.

4. Search for the desired movies and TV series within the MP4 viewer.


1. The standard setup of the free MP4 viewer includes extra software.

2. Some menus do not translate fully for the auto-searching method.


Top 11: Total Video Player

Total Video Player is an MP4 viewer for most media files, such as 1080P videos, CDs, and DVDs. It is a relatively lightweight application with some advanced and useful features.


1. Integrates hardware acceleration support to play MP4 files with ease.

2. Full control video and audio, DVD, and CD playback completely.

3. Offer extensive configuration options to adjust the video playback.

4. Capture the desired screenshot for the video playback process.


1. The free version does not offer some advanced features.

2. It is a little hard to manage the program with the old-style interface.

Total Video Player


The article shares the 11 best MP4 viewers for Windows and Mac with audiovisual experience. You can choose your favorite media player to view your MP4 videos according to your requirements.

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