Anniversary Gift Ideas in 2023 – 10 Creative Inspirations You Should Know

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How to choose a one-year anniversary gift? It is an important time to toast the wonderful beginning of a lifelong adventure together. The future should be full of love as well as difficult for both. What are the best anniversary gift ideas to commemorate this important date? If you do not want to choose a random gift for an anniversary milestone, you can learn more about the top 10 tips related to anniversary gift ideas to celebrate this important day.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tip 1: Make a One-Year Anniversary Photo Mosaic Gift

Just collect all the photos for love and experience important moments to make an anniversary mosaic photo. You can share it on the social media websites, or print it out as wallpaper. WidsMob Montage is one of the best photo editors to achieve your anniversary gift idea. It enables you to create a shape mosaic photo with different tiles. Moreover, you can also customize the mode, column count, and tile size.

  1. Create an anniversary gift with a favorite shape, including the name.
  2. Personalize the tile mode, column count, tile size, and more others.
  3. Choose the desired photo frames and apply the match color filter.
  4. Support a variety of photo formats, such as PNG, JPG, and more.
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How to Make a One Year Anniversary Photo Mosaic Gift

Step 1: When you want to create a special mosaic photo or collage photo for your one-year anniversary, you can design a special shape, such as the name of your boyfriend. Launch the program and click the Select Background button and open the main picture.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Click the Select Tiles button at the bottom and open all tile photos from your computer, which including all the love and experience important photos. As long as photo loading is done, click the Next button to begin making the one-year anniversary gift idea.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Here are several custom options, which you can explore and monitor the result on the preview panel. It enables you to personalize the frame, stitch mode, column count, tile size, or even use the matching color to personalize the mosaic photo.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Step 4: If you need to print the mosaic photo as wallpaper, you can zoom in on the photo to check the details for the photo. Click the Save button if you are satisfied with it. Then set the filename, format, and even location folder on the popup dialog, and click the Save button to export the file.

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Tip 2: DIY a Cute Coffee Cup with the Favorite Photo

Just add a favorite photo to a coffee cup is one of the best anniversary gifts ideas. You can make fun by printing your favorite photo on it economically. Moreover, it manages to bring some availability into the mix. Imagine that whenever your boyfriend drinks water, he will see your face and smile on the mug. Of course, you can also order one from Etsy, Amazon, and more other platforms.

Customize Coffee Cup

Tip 3: Customize and Design a One-Year Anniversary Card

A personalized card is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the anniversary, but not simple at all. The card can be made of paper shell, plastic, wood, and more. Paint the background, then write down the important message, and draw on it. Finally, apply a coat of varnish. This is a great logo and will last a long time. What makes this anniversary gift idea is that you can customize it as you wish.

Personalize Gift Card

Tip 4: Design a Keychain for the New Car of Family Member

Keychain is another great anniversary gift idea for your family members. Bear in mind that you won‘t go wrong with this. You can browse on Amazon and more other platforms. Pick a matching set of pendant key chains. Several online stores that offers customizing services. You can add a personalized logo on the keychain and more. Moreover, the price is affordable even if you are a student.

Keychain for New Car

Tip 5: Make a LED Light to Decorate Your Cozy House

LED is an illumination technology full of creativity. If you want to showcase your appreciation to your husband, the gift should come in handy very well. The idea behind this anniversary gift is that it enables you to bring in great value for money. You can just buy some LED lights online and then fix them into various shapes. It symbolizes that you illuminate each other and guide the way forward.


Tip 6: Rose Flower for the Traditional Anniversary Gift Idea

No girl will refuse flowers, but the withering of flowers will make others sad. The alternative anniversary gift idea is the handmade preserved flower. It usually comes in many colors. The main reason that lists this delightful gift is that it comes in various colors to choose from. Moreover, you can also design itself is iconic and unique. It might take time to create the flower, but it is worth your effort.

Rose Flower Gift

Tip 7: Carve Anniversary Stone with Engrave Sentence

No one can live forever, but stone can. It is a good idea for an anniversary gift. You can pick a round stone outside of the door, sand the surface until it becomes smooth, and then engrave the sentence or the logo essential. Everyone loves the idea of having a gift that lasts forever. Of course, nothing is more relaxed than an engraved rock. Just decorate the anniversary stone, especially some colorful stones.

Stone Anniversary Gift

Tip 8: DIY a T-Shirt with Logo, Stickers, and Words

Suppose you want to make a fun shirt for your wife. You can purchase a black or white shirt and DIY with logo, stickers, and words. It will become by far one of the coolest items you can buy. It sounds great anniversary gift idea and brings a fun set of inspiration for you to explore, especially for people who like designs that are different and full of creativity.

DIY Shirt Gift

Tip 9: Unique Anniversary Journal to Share with Others

The first anniversary is both a milestone as well as a new beginning. One of the best anniversary gift ideas is to make a journal. It lies all with custom pages. You can design the first page with an important moment in the first year. The other pages can be used for second years, third years, and so on. Just take more photos for the journey, which you can share with others.

Anniversary Journey

Tip 10: Create a Wooden Clock for Anniversary Gift

All about the anniversary is about time. A personalized, modern clock marks a very special moment in time. Moreover, you can design it by yourself and your wife or husband with a range of different appearances. Moreover, you can also use a special icon or sharp by searching the Anniversary gift idea from Etsy, Pinterest, and more.

Wooden Color Gift


Based on our sharing above, you should learn the top 10 ideas about anniversary gifts. All of them are not expensive but full of personalization, creativity, and love. The recipient will be happy to receive such a gift and keep it forever. WidsMob Montage enables you to makes digital photo mosaic gifts with all your best memories.

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