Photo Gift Ideas – 10 Creative Gifts for Photographers with Golden Memories

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How to make a memorable gift with photos? Whether you need to have a gift for a photographer, or make a product with best photo memories, here are 10 creative gift ideas you should know. The unique photo gift ideas are the best ways to take and display more of those precious moments. Learn more details about ideas and choose the desired one accordingly.

Photo Gift Ideas

Part 1: 10 Creative Photo Gift Ideas You Should Know

Top 1: Combine Multiple Photos into Mosaic Photography

If you want to make a mosaic blanket or wallpaper with multiple photos, you should create a mosaic photo beforehand. WidsMob Mosaic is one of the best photo gift ideas that create stunning mosaic files. It enables you to tweak the stitching mode, customize the column count/tile size, and even manage the mosaic color.

  1. Tweak the column count and tile size to make printable mosaic file.
  2. Remove the color to create mosaic file for a shape with match color.
  3. Create a mosaic blanket with dozens of tiles and background image.
  4. Custom the mosaic image with photo frames, file size, and more.
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How to Make a Mosaic Photo Gift for Blanket

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Mosaic on your computer, you can launch the program. Click the Select Background button and open the main picture. Select the desired shape you need to create a mosaic photo. Click the Next button to move on.

Add Background Collage

Step 2: Click the Select Tiles button and add the tile photos of the memories into your computer. Once you click the Next button, the mosaic maker will create a mosaic photo automatically. You can also edit the photo gift with the custom options at the right side.

Add Tile for Collage

Step 3: When you need to create a printable mosaic, you can customize the column count and tile size. To make a mosaic photo with a heart or other shape, you can uncheck the Match Color option and choose the desired stitching mode according to your requirement.

Export Mosaic Collage

Step 4: Click the Generate button to achieve the photo gift idea. Enter the filename, location folder, format and more. After that, you can click the Save As button again to export the photo gift. Go to the File menu and choose the Print option to print a mosaic blanket.

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Top 2: Camera Shutter Remote Control with Bluetooth

As for the photo gift idea for a photographer, a remote control camera shutter is another choice you can take into consideration. It enables you to take shoot with the camera via an iPhone or an Android phone from up to 30 feet. Just take CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control with Bluetooth as an example, costs $6.99 on Amazon and supports tablet, smartphone or digital camera with Bluetooth connection.

Camkix Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Top 3: uHome Camera Lens Travel Thermos

The professional camera lenses are expensive that no everyone can afford. Fortunately, there are some choices with affordable price, such as uHome Camera Lens Travel Thermos. It costs only US$19.99 on Amazon, but this Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens is actually a well-insulated mug with a fine stainless steel interior, so it will last through many outings. It should be a photo gift idea that the recipient will like.

Camera Lens Mug

Top 4: Custom Mosaic Puzzle From Your Photos

If you want to make a unique photo gift without much cost, photo puzzle is a good idea. Of course, you can make mosaic photo by your own after printing the photo. Moreover, you can also ask help from professional teams, such as BlissByBravo, for instance, will turn your photo into a high quality puzzle with different sizes. More importantly, all you need to do is to upload your photo and pay US$22.

Customize Mosaic Puzzle

Top 5: Family Tree with Hanging Picture Frames

A single photo frame might be too simple as a photo gift idea. There are a few unique designs on market. A family tree picture frame is a good idea for photo gifts. Just put each family member into one frame, and then hang the frames on the family tree. This kind of photo gift is available on Amazon and eBay with different number of frames. You can pick an appropriate one or custom a family photo collage accordingly.

Family Tree Frame

Top 6: Make Photo Collages with Photos and Videos

Photo collage is another unique photo gift idea. It allows you to collect several moments into a single picture. There are multiple photo collage makers and editors for different devices. If you are not confident about photo gift making, there are also a few online services. Etsy is one of best online photo gift maker services that you can customize photo collage with some professionals that you need to send your photos to the service.

Photo Collage Gift Idea

Top 7: Design Photo Album with Personalized Cover

When you want to have a special gift for your children, another good idea of photo gift is a photo album. The recipient can put many photos into the album. Moreover, there are a lot of albums allow you to design a special cover. You can purchase package from Amazon and customize the cover with photos, pictures, stickers and more. It should always be a surprise for your family members to recall the memories.

Design Photo Album

Top 8: Explore Creative Photos with Natural Feel Pen

Wacom Intuos Tablet is a graphic drawing tablet with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It gives you perfect and precise control when drawing and editing photos. If the recipient prefers to edit photos, it is a good photo gift idea. The small compact size and portable design make it a perfect choice to work with any software on computer and mobile devices. You can get the most out of every project within clicks.

Wacom Intuos Drawing

Top 9: Share Digital Pictures on the Go Easily

Find that the memory card in your camera is never large enough to store photos. Therefore, Eye-Fi Card is one of the most affordable photo gifts. If you give this gift to someone who is taking a digital camera, the recipient will be happy since he or she can shoot photos at any time without worrying about the storage. It makes sharing pictures on the go even easier by using WiFi to transmit digital camera pictures on the go.

Eye Fi Share Photo

Top 10: Take a Better Photo with a Tripod

No matter taking photos with a smartphone or a digital camera, a stable tripod enables you take a stable photo. Of course, a tripod should be a nice photo gift idea, which helps the recipient to take unique photos with the best quality. As an important accessory of photography, you can find a lot of products on Amazon with a variety of cost. Moreover, you can always get the desired one according to the camera.

Tripod for Taking Photos

Part 2: 3 Tips and Tricks about the Photo Gift Ideas

1What is Important to Get the Desired Photo Gift?

It is important to have a special photo gift idea. But how to achieve the desired effect is the essential skill. When you need to DIY the gift, you should prepare everything beforehand. To customize one from an online service, the skills for communication are helpful.

2What Kinds of Photos are Best for a Photo Gift?

Whatever the photo gift you want to make, the high-resolution photos are always the initial choice, especially when you need to print the files. The files should be at least 3 MB and 300 DPI, and keep in mind that the larger the photo is printed it may get pixilated.

3How to Choose the Services to Preserve Your Memories?

If you want to choose the online services to preserve your golden memories and achieve the photo gift ideas, you can find the desired services from Etsy or Amazon. Moreover, you can also go to the local store to get the desired services with a good communication skill.


Here are top 10 photo gift ideas with affordable price you should never miss. Some can be bought on Amazon or Etsy directly, others require DIY further. For digital photo gift, WidsMob Mosaic can help you simplify the job. It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce high quality photo mosaic easily. If you have any query, you can leave a comment in the article.

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