Convert DNG to JPG on Windows/Mac/Online (Batch Conversion Support)

Last Updated on November 23, 2021 by Peter Wood

DNG (Digital Negative) is a RAW image file format, while JPG is a compressed image format. There are many differences between DNG and JPG formats, such as file size, popularity, quality, compression, and more. Is DNG better than JPG? Or is JPG better than DNG? Well, it depends. If you want to get images with smaller file sizes and better compatibility, you can convert DNG to JPG. At this moment, JPG does a better job than DNG in photography.

This article introduces 4 online and offline ways to convert images from DNG to JPG format. No matter how many DNG images you want to convert, you can get a satisfying result here.

How to Convert DNG to JPG

Part 1: How to Convert DNG to JPG with Online Image Converter

If you don’t want to install anything on your phone, using a DNG to JPG online converter is a good choice. Just check the maximum file size limit and Internet connection. If your DNG images are overlarge, or you need to convert multiple DNG images to JPG, you had better switch to other DNG to JPG converters.

This section will show you the detailed steps to convert a DNG file to JPG online with You can replace it with other popular online DNG to JPG converters, such as Zamzar, Online-convert, FreeConvert, Aconvert, etc.

Step 1: Open an online DNG to JPG file converter, like

Step 2: Click Choose Files to upload DNG files from the local drive, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive. The total DNG files should be no more than 100MB.

Step 3: Set JPG as the output image format.

Step 4: Click Convert to convert DNG to JPG for free online.

Step 5: You can also save the converted DNG to JPG file to Dropbox or Google Drive within

Convert DNG to JPG Online

Part 2: How to Convert DNG to JPG with Batch Image Converter

If you are looking for DNG to JPG batch converter software, WidsMob Viewer Pro can be your first choice. All DNG files can open within one window. You can batch convert DNG files to JPG with 5x faster speed. There is no maximum file size limit or Internet connection required. You can convert DNG to JPG files offline in batch quickly. Moreover, you can open and organize RAW DNG images on Mac with different viewing modes.

1. Batch convert DNG to JPG image files on Mac.

2. 5x speed with hardware acceleration technology.

3. Resize and rename DNG files in batch.

4. Crop, rotate, flip, apply parameters, and preset effects to your DNG images.

5. Preview and manage DNG images with full screen, thumbnail, slideshow, EXIF, and favorite model.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Put all DNG images that you want to convert to JPG into a new folder. Run WidsMob Viewer Pro on Mac. Choose Open from the File drop-down list. Or you can click + next to Library to add a folder with DNG images contained.

Open Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: Double-click on any DNG picture. You can enlarge it to view the detailed information. Unfold the Edit list on the top toolbar. Choose Batch and then select Batch Convert from its submenu.

Batch Process Viewer Pro

Step 3: In the popping-up window, select JPEG from the Format list. Set the image quality from the least to the best. You can move the slider besides Quality. Then click the Open Folder icon to set a destination folder.

Batch Process Viewer

Step 4: Click Convert to convert DNG files to JPG on Mac in bulk. The entire DNG to JPG conversion progress will show on the interface directly.

Part 3: How to Convert DNG to JPG in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom can also be your DNG to JPG image converter software. It is easy to convert a DNG to a JPG file in Adobe Lightroom. When you want to batch convert DNG to JPG files in Lightroom, you can do as below.

Step 1: Open your DNG images with Lightroom. From the File list, choose Export to get a new window.

Step 2: Choose Burn Full-sized JPEGs under Lightroom Presets in the left panel. In the Export To list, select Hard Drive as the output folder.

Step 3: Customize image converting details, including Export Location, File Naming, File Settings, Image Sizing, and Output Sharpening.

Step 4: Click Export on the lower right corner. Now you can convert multiple DNG files to JPG in Adobe Lightroom.

Convert DNG to JPG Lightroom

Part 4: How to Convert DNG to JPG in Photoshop Elements

If you have Photoshop Elements, you can convert RAW DNG files to JPG on your computer. To convert a DNG file to JPG, you can export it in Photoshop Elements directly. It is supported to batch convert RAW to JPG. So this section will show you how to batch convert DNG to JPG in Photoshop Elements.

Step 1: Open DNG files with Photoshop Elements. Choose Process Multiple Files from the File drop-down list.

Step 2: In the Process Files From section, choose Opened Files.

Step 3: In the Converted Files To list near the bottom, choose JPEG High Quality or other options.

Step 4: Click OK to save the Photoshop Element preset. The converted DNG to JPG images will close in Photoshop Elements automatically.

Convert DNG to JPG Photoshop Element

Using the above DNG file converters, you can convert DNG to JPG in batch or individually based on your need. For iOS and Android users, you can convert DNG to JPG online for free. Sometimes a free online converter does a better job than DNG to JPG converter app. As for desktop users, you can batch convert DNG to JPG files on Windows and Mac with WidsMob Viewer Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements. Just read and choose the one you like.

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